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  1. He wasn't being serious, though. From what I've gathered he has a pretty dry and sometimes weird sense of humor. My guess is he was either making fun of all the people who claimed to have helped get Guns back together or he was just messing around.
  2. As a big Korn fan, I'm excited to hear his thoughts on AFD and how it impacted/influenced Korn.
  3. Marvel fatigue anyone

    Basically sums up my feelings. I'm eager to see the upcoming Spider-Man movie, because Tom Holland just nails that role, and I hope down the line we get Guardians of the Galaxy with Thor, but other than that... meh. Enjoyed the solo movies of Doctor Strange, Black Panther and especially Captain Marvel, which was a fun action movie, a kind of palate cleanser before the Endgame, but I'm not really interested in seeing more of them. I'm quite happy how the Infinity Saga ended and I think this could be a good time to get off the train, so to speak.
  4. Terminator - Dark Fate

    I was excited for this, but not really feeling the teaser. Can't possibly be worse than Genisys, so there's at least that. I just hope that they remember that T1 and T2 were suspenseful movies first, action films second (T1 especially was almost like a horror movie at times). And the story was always the main point. With Cameron and Hamilton back on board, I remain cautiously optimistic about this.  The CGI is bad, but it usually is on the first teasers. There's plenty of time to improve it. I'm mainly worried about the story.
  5. This is a horrible thing to say, but I always forget that he is there, even after all these years. When I think of the 2019 version of Guns N' Roses is see Axl, Slash, Duff, Fortus, Melissa and Frank. But yeah, cool that he is still around.
  6. Duff's solo album Tenderness: OUT NOW

    Loaded's albums Dark Days and The Taking are very good. The EP Wasted Heart is also worth checking out, the song No More is a gem. When it comes to purely solo albums: his officially unreleased record Beautiful Disease is pretty darn good. The album Believe in Me, sans the song 10 Years, is utter shit.
  7. That post about Susan's book show is cool. She seems like a likable person and it's cool that she appreciates and cares for Gn'R-fans. And I don't exactly know why I care about what strangers do, but it's also cool to see that so many members of the "Gn'R family" were there. I guess they really are all friends, more or less. It's nice.
  8. I thought this kind of music journalism (slagging off bands) died in the late nineties...
  9. Yep, on any future recordings they should utilize mainly Axl's middle and lower register. Sprinkle the high voice here and there carefully. Heck, he should sing some of the existing songs from a lower octave. Sure, it's not 'classic Axl', but it would have power and it would sound better (pun intended).
  10. It sure would have! (I'm a sucker for the song Love Siege myself. Also, never seen the movie, but damn do I love that soundtrack!)
  11. Nope. That was a VR original. Still don't understand why they self-sabotaged Libertad by leaving that out and making it a B-side.
  12. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    "What's an izzy?" Every casual fan ever.
  13. Sorry for condensing your post, but I just wanted to chime in my two cents. I actually think that the Guns' VIP Experience is a lot more 'honest' than a pricey meet'n'greet. You pay for being treated like a VIP, not for meeting some person. Like, you can buy experiences, but not people. But to each to their own
  14. As much as I want new music, I doubt they perform anything new this year. But still, a Guns show is still a Guns show. If 'no new music' is a deal-breaker, there is always the option of not going. I encourage anyone who are able to go, to go. They won't be here forever*. *Who am I kidding, they will tour at least 10 more years.