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  1. First, a live package of NITL tour (with a possible 30-min behind the scenes documentary). After that, a new album. Would be a no-brainer for any other band.
  2. I actually have a feeling that there will be a new record. But it won't be out until 2020. Maybe they'll tour again on the summer of 2020 and have a new album out to promote the tour. That's my own personal optimistic wish
  3. I think from the people who appeared on that album, Myles was the best choice in the long run. Even though I can't dig his high register voice. His lower register sounds good. But him and Slash and the other guys look and sound like a band. A bit generic band, but still. But like many of you have already said: John Corabi. He's so good.
  4. New song Don Felder feat Slash

    Yas, yas, the vocals are really fermented, but the play-y, play-y is a really nice!
  5. Really douchey comment from Fernando. He might run some aspects of the brand that is Guns N' Roses, but he doesn't have anything to do with the success they are enjoying these days.
  6. Missing verse in One in a Million?

    Guns N' Roses That's what I'll someday be. Without Saul and Michael, it's Chinese Democracy. Play it backwards and you'll hear it.
  7. He probably thinks that already
  8. Bumblefoot was always cool with fans. He did acoustic sing-a-longs with fans who waited the band outside of hotels. He shared news and stories about the band (everything he legally could). He wanted to perform on time. He wanted to do new music and to take the band forward. Bumblefoot also played while he was having some serious neck/back issues. I'd say he was pretty damn professional.
  9. So, it's Dave Kushner on the second guitar on the 2020 tour then
  10. *fan made* The General?

    A good rule of thumb when it comes to these "leaks": Everything that doesn't have clear vocals by Axl is always fake/fan made. If you need to guess if it's real, it's fake. No exceptions.
  11. Two 10 - 12 song albums without fillers (looking at you My World and Don't Cry [alt. version]) would be the bee's knees. I personally wouldn't mind if the old Axl songs and the new NITL-lineup songs were mixed in together. It would probably work better than if they would be separeted to disc 1 and disc 2. It would be cool if they'd release those albums one year apart from each other. I would also like if there were some lyrical and musical links between the two records. It would be cool to go on a musical journey of somekind.
  12. I guess this might sound a bit weird, but I dig his talking voice. It's kind of soothing. If Axl isn't into releasing new music, he could/should become an audio book narrator.