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  1. Way before Chinese Democracy was released there was a soundtrack to a John Carpenter movie called Ghosts of Mars. It has songs that combine elements of industrial, metal, rock, blues and movie scores. Buckethead and Robin Finck play on some of the songs. It isn't exactly like Chinese Democracy, but some of the songs are a bit similar to Oh My God, Rhiad and the Bedouins, Scrapped and Shackler's Revenge. Never seen the movie, but the soundtrack is really enjoyable. At least in my opinion.
  2. I would kick a child for bitchen Gn'R tennis attire. No fucks given!
  3. Duff To Play Charity Event

    I don't know why you quoted me, because I specifically said I don't care either way. As in I don't care if he plays with Chris Martin or not. Maybe I wasn't clear enough or my post was poorly written. And personally, I think it's good to be open to different genres.
  4. Duff To Play Charity Event

    Duff's Punk As Fuck -t-shirts were the last straw. Since then, to me, he has been a dinosaur and a sell-out. And that's his right, but can't take him seriously anymore. He seems a bit weasel-y these days. Like Slash. At least Axl's always been honest about himself being a bit of a dick. But yeah, this? Don't care either way.
  5. Well, that was a whole lot of nothing.
  6. I always thought Axl was nailing Slash. That would explain a lot.
  7. Lyrics on CD are generally more open to interpretation than the lyrics on AFD. I don't know Axl's every thought behind every lyric on CD, so I interpret them based on what I have experienced, which leads to better relatability. The lyrics on AFD are pretty straight forward and my life don't revolve around those subjects so I relate to them less.
  8. Musically AFD still kicks ass, but the lyrics are losing their appeal the older I get. Sure, they are good and the melodies are great, but I just can't identify with them anymore like used to when I was younger. Lyrics on Chinese Democracy, on the other hand, keep getting more interesting as time goes by. They aren't about sex and partying and living on the streets, they are more timeless. Sure, there's some crap on CD too, but for the most part, in my opinion, these days CD has more interesting lyrics than AFD. Musically neither record dissappoints me, though. Feels like there's always something new to hear when listening to them. So, I can see how one can think they have buried Appetite. For me, like I said, they are on par. But for most people, I think AFD will always be THE Guns N' Roses album. I would love to hear a new record that is a kind of mixture between AFD and CD.
  9. Motley Crue's Sixx/Lee and Bob Rock in the studio

    All they need is Mick Mars and John Corabi to join them.
  10. That Velvet Revolver gig in the original post is from 2007. They were on their way out then. But in 2005 they were on FIRE! Can't really say which one is better, Guns in 2006 or VR in 2005. Gn'R has better songs and Axl was on the top of his game, but Velvet Revolver was new and exciting and they felt more like a cohesive band than Guns at the time. But if I really had to... Guns.
  11. What is Axl up to these days?

    I don't obviously know what he is up to, but he should release an instrumental album under his own name. Like a soundtrack to a non-existing movie. Would buy.
  12. That cancer ward visit was a pretty cool thing to do.
  13. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    Those shirts are lame as fuck. Ugh. Always thought that at least Duff would be above that kind of shit, but no. He never seemed like a poser, but now, to me, he seems like the biggest poser of them all. I mean, "punk as fuck"? Get out of here. Still dig the guy and love his musical contributions, though
  14. Well... In 2015 we got confirmation that Slash and Axl were speaking from a Swedish TV interview, so anything is possible. Very unlikely though.
  15. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    Nah, brand is right too. Guns N' Roses have been a brand at least from 1991. That's what huge arena/stadium bands are. Brands. It doesn't automatically dilute the intergrity of the music or the musicians. On topic: Pros: - Seeing them last year. Never thought I'd see Axl, Duff and Slash performing together. Hearing them play Coma was a dream come true. - Duff and Slash playing Chinese Democracy songs. I love those songs to begin with, but they made them sound even better. - Axl singing Slither and the symbolic meaning of it. Watching the latest video of it and seeing him really into it, is heart warming. (Also, kind of bittersweet. R.I.P. Scott Weiland.) Cons: - No new music. - The cringey box set.