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  1. Bring back Pittman! Go three keyboards or go home!
  2. A new Duff album? I can dig that.
  3. Absolutely this. One of the reasons I like Chinese Democracy is that it feels that I still, after 10 years, hear new things when listening to it. I have really started to appreciate the production on CD during the last couple of years.
  4. Everytime she posts something the same moaning commence
  5. I don't particularly like Jesse Hughes (or the music he makes), but that's kind of funny
  6. Way before Chinese Democracy was released there was a soundtrack to a John Carpenter movie called Ghosts of Mars. It has songs that combine elements of industrial, metal, rock, blues and movie scores. Buckethead and Robin Finck play on some of the songs. It isn't exactly like Chinese Democracy, but some of the songs are a bit similar to Oh My God, Rhiad and the Bedouins, Scrapped and Shackler's Revenge. Never seen the movie, but the soundtrack is really enjoyable. At least in my opinion.
  7. I would kick a child for bitchen Gn'R tennis attire. No fucks given!
  8. Duff To Play Charity Event

    I don't know why you quoted me, because I specifically said I don't care either way. As in I don't care if he plays with Chris Martin or not. Maybe I wasn't clear enough or my post was poorly written. And personally, I think it's good to be open to different genres.
  9. Duff To Play Charity Event

    Duff's Punk As Fuck -t-shirts were the last straw. Since then, to me, he has been a dinosaur and a sell-out. And that's his right, but can't take him seriously anymore. He seems a bit weasel-y these days. Like Slash. At least Axl's always been honest about himself being a bit of a dick. But yeah, this? Don't care either way.
  10. Well, that was a whole lot of nothing.
  11. I always thought Axl was nailing Slash. That would explain a lot.