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  1. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    "What's an izzy?" Every casual fan ever.
  2. Sorry for condensing your post, but I just wanted to chime in my two cents. I actually think that the Guns' VIP Experience is a lot more 'honest' than a pricey meet'n'greet. You pay for being treated like a VIP, not for meeting some person. Like, you can buy experiences, but not people. But to each to their own
  3. As much as I want new music, I doubt they perform anything new this year. But still, a Guns show is still a Guns show. If 'no new music' is a deal-breaker, there is always the option of not going. I encourage anyone who are able to go, to go. They won't be here forever*. *Who am I kidding, they will tour at least 10 more years.
  4. "Matt Sorum Hangs Out With Axl Rose In New York City". Headline from Blabbermouth. From 2006.
  5. Oh, The Velvet Rose is a novel, not an autobiography... That's actually pretty cool. I don't know why I thought it would be an autobiography. Hope she has success with the book. Especially if she has worked on it for nine years.
  6. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    - I actually dug the handlebar mustache. - My World should be a full song. - The Seeker should stay on the setlist.
  7. Slash and Steven in The Dirt

    It was more like a series of events than a cohesive movie. But it was enjoyable. The actors were mostly good, especially the dude who played Tommy Lee. And the guy who played Ozzy was really spot on! Would've worked better as a short mini series, because there was so much story to tell. It could've been pretty cool, but now it was like... okay, I guess.
  8. Cool song. I liked Tenderness and I like this one. These songs aren't blowing my mind or anything, but I've always like Duff's solo stuff and his voice, so I guess I'm a bit biased. But yeah, I'm digging these, so fuck it. It's cool that these songs differ from the Loaded stuff. It especially validates the "solo" moniker. And it's cool to hear this side of Duff, this Stones-y type of vibe. I'd like to think, or I'm hoping, that these songs work better when you hear the whole album from start to finish.
  9. GNR on Terminator 2 Figure

    Cool. Just watched T2 last week. Such a great movie. The story, the music, the cinematography...Everything works. Especially on the extended version, which has a scene that perfectly explains why the Terminator is different in the second half of the movie. Also, John's friend wears an L.A. Guns shirt on the movie. First time I noticed it. Was it too hard to get a Gn'R -shirt? (Not a diss at L.A. Guns.) The shot where the Terminator carries a shotgun concealed in a box of roses is a pretty nice nod, though.
  10. They also had lengthy lawsuit that took quite a few years to settle.
  11. They most probably will use some of the CD II material, but not in a million years would they call the album that
  12. This thread is too real!
  13. If you are familiar with the phrase "looking less bloated and cracking jokes".