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  1. Axl should do a solo acoustic piano tour (maybe with Fortus and Reese, for example) and play ballads and covers. Perhaps singing with his lower range. Reinvent himself a bit. I would pay a decent amount to see/hear that.
  2. I don't know... I wasn't old enough to be a fan of the old Guns, so I always thought Slash and Duff were more grounded, punk-ish musicians than Axl. I was always curious what they had to say and I read a lot of their interviews and whatnot. But now when you've seen the video of Duff yacht shopping and read about Guns hiring models to stand in the front row during shows, I've realized that they are millionaire rockstars that I have nothing in common with. So my illusion of them being this dangerous rockband has vanished. They are more of theater act at this point. And it's all good, they've earned that place in their careers and their money with hard work. And now I get to just enjoy the music without concentrating who they are as persons. It's great. Should've understood that years ago. Tl;dr: Yes, I guess.
  3. Using "F'n" instead of just writing "fucking" is so lame. Either you have that attitude or you don't.
  4. It's so sad they only have one truly classic album they can milk money from. Every goddamn merch they put out has AFD-shit on it. I love the album, but come on... Fuck those knick-knacks.
  5. I'm just happy Ozzy is releasing new music. Takes me back.
  6. Cool news. And a nice song. Dig that melody, sounds like classic Ozzy. Curious to hear how the rockers sound with Duff and Chad.
  7. Setlist for 2020

    They should play just Velvet Revolver songs, maybe throw Seattlehead in there somewhere. Enough of this horsin' around shit. Guns N' Roses: The Velvet Revolver Experience.
  8. Terminator - Dark Fate

    I really, really wanted to like the movie, but it was just so boring and basic. Too much CGI, not enough plot. Too much pointless action, not enough suspence. Linda Hamilton was amazing, though. She carried the movie. She was badass, she was funny. She brought emotion and sadness. Just perfect. Mackenzie Davis was also good and believable. And there were some cool nuggets of interesting ideas and ways to explore the coming of A.I. in modern day and how it already affects our lives, but they just dropped the ball and chose to focus on action. All in all...meh. Bummer. If they ever make a Terminator movie again, they should scale back and focus on the story and horror elements instead of action. Feels like they always try to top T2 and it can't be done, but a simplistic movie à la T1 is doable.
  9. Duff's issues after alchohol

    I've never read or heard that Duff is insulin dependant or that he has any other lasting effects from his pancreas bursting. In interviews he has said he had third-degree burns inside his body though. I think he is fine and that incident didn't cause any lasting complications.
  10. All I know is that I've seen KISS five times (my girlfriend is a huge fan) and I've never been bored at their shows. Sure, they are a bit hoaky, but their live shows have always been a blast. Sometimes I take my rock'n'roll very seriously and sometimes... not so much
  11. Cool that they played it and cool that they were kinda lost with it. That's what live performing sometimes is.
  12. 10/18/19 - Guadalajara, MX - Estadio Jalisco

    I mean... I would be over the moon hearing that setlist. Old Gn'R, new Gn'R, Velvet Revolver, a few deep cuts... Something for everyone. I know it's been a few years already, but the fact that they play Coma and Slither regularly still makes me happy.
  13. Based on my diet and values, I guess I am what some knuckledraggers call a soy boy, but I don't find that song offensive or even controversial. Offensiveness isn't only about the words used, it's more about the intention and delivery of the words. Pretty Tied Up has always sounded like it tells an honest story without trying to shame anyone.
  14. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    I see your point, but each time they play it it's special to the crowd that's seeing them that night.
  15. Back in 2006 after Better, There Was a Time etc. leaked I thought we would never hear anything new again. There will be leaks (or new music) eventually. It just takes time.
  16. Banning a fan for life? I understand a little slap on the wrist, but this is just so lame. TB is power tripping balls.
  17. I kinda see a live gig as a movie or a theatre performance, meaning it should keep me engaged the whole time and needs to have this certain flow. 3 h 40 mins would be way too much. On a side note: a Finnish music magazine made a short article of Guns playing Locomotive for their website. That was neat. Some people obviously care.
  18. They sound really great on that PC video. Damn!
  19. He is doing two and a half hour shows. You can't just phone that in. Singing like that is hard. So, obviously he cares what he is doing. And yeah, after this tour he doesn't have to work, but he is working now, putting on entertaining shows, making a lot of fans happy. I don't get how that's a negative thing. We forum people over-analyze everything.
  20. This changes from time to time, but as of now, in no particular order: - Patience - Rocket Queen - There Was a Time - Oh My God - Estranged
  21. Twenty As It Begans to sooth your soul my son. Via con Buckethead.
  22. Axl Rose going to a strip club, prolly drunk as a cool rock'n'roll recluse he is, adamant about playing his god damn jams nobody has heard... I can dig that. I always thought it was a bit too convinient when Axl mentioned Better* on that RS interview from that Korn party and then, whammo, the song magically leaks a month later. *If I remember correctly nobody even knew about that title before that interview.
  23. I disagree. Every good band needs to experience the release of at least one shitty album. That's the only way to go and evolve as a songwriter. I mean, Guns would be so much cooler if they had released a shitty album in '95 and then came back swinging with a masterpiece in '99, for example. I love the band and I like that they are timeless, but they haven't basically said anything artistic since who remembers. But nostalgia is cool too. And they do that really well. I just like to have my bands less succesful and making music rather than just riding on their past achievements, as amazing as they are. But what do I know. Best regards, Guy who once thought Bon Jovi's Crush was the tits and who LOVES Aerosmith's Nine Lives.