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  1. Selling a Golden Circle ticket for this one ... looks like I won't be able to attend. PM me for details if you're interested. Cheers.
  2. Getting a technical error for 20 mins now when trying to buy with a presale code. Damn you Ticketmaster. Finally sorted! And they even offer e-ticket which saves a couple of Euros.
  3. Any idea when will Pit tickets for Barcelona become available? All I'm seeing on Ticketmaster are VIP, early entrance, platinum etc.
  4. Got Berlin FOS 1, will also get Barcelona once it's on sale. Also looking at those Scandinavian dates, wouldn't mind going there.
  5. Livenation Germany has them... https://www.livenation.de/artist/guns-n-roses-tickets Top right corner you can switch to English language if it's confusing.
  6. Wooohooo! Definitely going to more than 2 shows this time.
  7. 07/10/17 - Vienna, AT - Ernst Happel Stadium

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1596659477042858&id=148650345177119 ^ few pics I took. Despite heavy rain while waiting for the doors to open, it was a great show. Slightly shorter than in Prague, but we got "Out Ta Get Me" this time... "Coma" was my favorite again, still surreal to hear that song live. All in all I really enjoyed it!
  8. 07/10/17 - Vienna, AT - Ernst Happel Stadium

    So happy right now!!
  9. 07/04/17 - Prague, CZ - Letnany Airport

    What a night! They played over 3 hours, Coma sounds amazing live. Do yourself a favor and go see them live, they put on quite a show.
  10. 07/04/17 - Prague, CZ - Letnany Airport

    Headed to Prague today, so excited for this one!!