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  1. Classic Rock GN'R special mag

    That's not a bad trade TBH
  2. Forever, And A Day [CD Songs Live From The Forum]

    Slash is the only way they got me to listen to these songs again.

    Making a statement today so far. Loving it.
  4. I really hope they filmed this one and release it.
  5. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    NXT War Games knocked it out of the park
  6. Slash is the reason he goes on time. When that stops, it's over.
  7. Yeah Pump is fun, one of a lot of folks' favorites.
  8. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Good on them throwing up all the reaction videos from everyone involved
  9. AoA was not prog metal was it? And even if it were, it didn't have Portnoy, therefore infintely inferior.
  10. I feel like some of the bands that opened during the bootleg nugnr era should get a chance to open for the close-to-real thing this time around.
  11. Last full album you listened to?

    BCCIV - Black Country Communion
  12. Chances of “Free Fallin” live?

    The range with which he sang Free Fallin back then, is completely gone from his voice now.
  13. Die hard fans are a teaspoon in the ocean of a stadium crowd. But regardless if they do the same show or not, you can only play the same places so many times. During UYI era they changed the setlists more, but still had to downscale from stadiums to arenas by 1993 because they'd tapped North America pretty much dry on their 3rd pass.
  14. In the end the drums are really not the first thing the people at the shows notice. There was noticeable change in the band's sound going from Steven to Matt, but it didn't bother that many people rocking out at the shows.