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    So that crazy Libertadores final ends in Madrid for some reason today.
  2. If they win, it validates everything.
  3. Greta Van Fleet

    Funny enough Led Zeppelin also bombed with the critics. But how relevant are critics anyway? Some of they stuff they've hated has stuck around longer than their platform has, and is now legendary.
  4. On the other hand, you can get too on the meter and suck all the swing and the dirt out of the song. And I feel Sorum does on this album. Works for Estranged and Coma, but not so much for Raw Power or Attitude.
  5. I thought it was going to go down as that, but then Bridge School benefit happened.
  6. Brent & Todd were in town with Toque earlier this month, did a Q&A + acoustic set at a place I've gigged at before. They drop into Winnipeg every now and then for shows, usually charity stuff.
  7. I think it would have flowed better with someone else on drums, Sorum was very meter-accurate, and polished as a player. And that doesn't really work for punk covers.
  8. I remember that gig ending with "round one" but was there ever a round 2?
  9. It was a strange one, but I enjoyed most of it.
  10. It really can't. Especially now that there's real members back in the band.
  11. Not for me. I don't listen to the album, but I'll listen to the songs live if Slash and Duff play them.
  12. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Could see Vince demoting her for getting injured like they did to Bayley and Sasha. Nia meanwhile has a title shot vs Ronda after Survivor Series BUT, Becky is not slowing down one bit on twitter. Savage vs both Ronda and Nia.