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  1. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I was not ready.
  2. Hard to say, who else has made these kind of lists? I only see watchmojo do these all the time and they're out to lunch too.
  3. Any list by Rolling Stone is bullshit. That's always been.
  4. Last full album you listened to?

    This is so fantastic.
  5. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I pictured Goldberg walking thru everyone with Hogan Flair DDP and Sting behind him. What we got was not that.
  6. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    let's see how long they can keep it up
  7. The Joker

    No it's Axl's deeper voice saying it
  8. Sons of Apollo Live Album Coming, 08/2019

    The version of Diary Of A Madman on this with the orchestra and the choir is epic. Gates Of Babylon too. And Kashmir. One of the best concert vids.
  9. freddie mercury / Queen

    I'll never hear anything he did without Brian May and the guys.
  10. Did he have a lot before?
  11. The Joker

    Saw this today, the hype is well deserved.
  12. Melissa on lead vocals?

    She's a good singer, but I'm not sure for rock. She's more of an rnb pop sounding singer.
  13. Always separate the music from the person. A good song is a good song.
  14. You wouldn't believe the amount of people that are there just for November Rain, Jungle, PC, Patience and SCOM. And everything else is a deep cut.