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  1. Even worse, no strategy or mind for the game.
  2. Ghost Of Tsushima and Sekiro

    Ghost of Tsushima looks insane. Look at the bugs flying out of the moving grass when he gallops through it. Or how about the fight under that tree dropping all the leaves.
  3. Look at Russia derailing the Salah hype train
  4. It would be hotly questioned if it wasn't given.
  5. was 3-2 I thought
  6. Anti football has always been a popular tactic
  7. Just gotta stay alive another 8 years and the World Cup comes to my doorstep.
  8. Brave from Egypt but once Uruguay decided they wanted it more, it was over. Should've been 3-0.
  9. Greta Van Fleet

    He sounds closer to 70s Geddy Lee to my ears.
  10. Don't know what the Saudi game plan was.