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  1. [Sons Of Apollo] 'Psychotic Symphony'

    I think those were my exact words about DT's The Astonishing. Listened to it only once.
  2. It's fine because Slash has discussed it very publically already.
  3. The Jazz Thread

    More of a fusion thing, but I'm really digging Tony Williams Lifetime songs. Went down a Miles Davis rabbit hole on Spotify last week, that was cool.
  4. gibson guitars isnt doing well financially

    The guitar game has evolved, you can't Djent on a Les Paul or Explorer.
  5. Roberta Freeman news

    I really liked that last Pretty Reckless album. Don't know Roberta sang on the studio songs though.
  6. Axls guitar playing

    He ain't no Steve Vai or Duane Allman that's for sure.
  7. What Are You Listening To 2017

    Saw Halestorm on Monday, they're as amazing live today as they've always been.
  8. Greta Van Fleet

    They're good, I like the music they make on their own. The irony being when it comes to actually playing Zeppelin covers, they're not that great from what I've heard so far. Singer's got the voice, but not a fraction of Percy's vibe, and for the band the music is like 10 or 20 per cent above their playing abilities at the moment.
  9. Ozzy Osbourne appreciation thread

    It's been that way for over a decade, I wouldn't pay money for that. Even free I'd be 50/50 on it.
  10. I think there's this sort of thing, that after enough time passes, people tend to open up more about how they truly felt about stuff, since it was ages ago it doesn't matter anymore if they offend whoever they're talking about.
  11. But it wasn't even peak true GNR, it was just Axl and randoms. I'd say the Chili Peppers tour probably helped them more. They've stuck around for 20 years now, in an era where music doesn't sell that much, nevermind rock becoming obsolete, they've done not too bad for themselves. Rock bands don't have that many true mainstream hits anyway unless they're Nickleback these days. Yeah, it's very likely a lot of guarantees had to be put legally in place for this whole current operation to even get off the ground.
  12. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    It was time after the 2 HHH Mania matches.
  13. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    There's nobody that can grow to the level they need to, to compete. At least not anytime soon.