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  1. Gardening

    After @Oldest Goat's contribution earlier in the thread, I can only view this post as pure innuendo.
  2. So, if they're in an interview and someone asks them about their time in Guns N' Roses, you want them to say "Some guy called Draguns thinks I should never talk about that period of my life again, so I won't be answering your question."?
  3. ...is fucking brilliant. So much fun! Go, get it watched!
  4. Vikings are awesome

    Battle of Largs round two. We'll rout you like we did last time .
  5. Vikings are awesome

    Mainly because in the Nordic nations they don't have a big party every year where they commemorate raiding and pillaging the coasts of Northern Europe, a festival that focuses on the benefits the loot brought to their society and glosses over the suffering that was caused. Also, it happened a much longer time ago such that the effects are far more diffuse, no-one can really point to a modern day governance system and trace endemic social inequality back to a viking raid.
  6. Vikings are awesome

    Those horned helmets were cool as fuck... #HistoricalAccuracy .
  7. British Politics

    Looks like @AtariLegend's vendetta against the Daily Mail (which I've always agreed with anyway) has a basis not only in perception, but in statistics. Source: https://tabloidcorrections.wordpress.com/2018/01/02/statistics-show-that-daily-mail-was-by-far-the-most-unreliable-uk-paper-in-2017/ The Daily Mail transgressed the press regulator rules no fewer than 50 times in 2017, making it by far the biggest offender of the year out of the publications monitored by IPSO. This was more than the combined total of the next three worst offenders (Daily Express, The Sun and the Daily Telegraph) and far in excess of its 2016 total, when the paper also topped the charts. The 2017 figures show an overall rise in IPSO sanctions compared to 2016, which could be due to worsening press standards or greater vigilance among those monitoring and reporting transgressions to IPSO. In terms of overall figures, the Daily Mail chalked up 50 offences. The Daily Express was second worst with 19, then The Sun with 17, the Daily Telegraph with 10, The Times with 8, the Daily Star with 6 and the Daily Mirror with 5. Figure 1 (above): Total number of IPSO rulings 2017 These include breaches of various clauses of the Editors’ Code of Practice, including accuracy, privacy and harassment. Concerning accuracy alone, the Mail breached the code on 37 separate occasions. This is over twice the number of times it breached the code in 2016 (when it was sanctioned 17 times). The Express followed with 17 breaches, and The Sun with 16 (both up on their 2016 totals). Figure 2 (above): IPSO rulings for inaccuracy 2017 This means that the three worst offenders in terms of publishing inaccurate content were sanctioned a total of 70 times between them in 2017, an increase of more than 50 per cent on last year (when they were sanctioned 43 times between them). This is worrying news for the Daily Mail, the most popular daily paper in the UK in terms of online readership, but perhaps highlights why Wikipedia made the decision to classify it as an unreliable reference source in 2017. Regarding subject matter of articles pulled up for inaccurate content, it was a mixed bag for the Mail although slightly more common themes were Jeremy Corbyn/Labour Party and issues relating to immigration and refugees (3 each). There were clearer patterns where the Express was concerned, with nearly half of its inaccurate content (8 articles) relating to the EU/Brexit and a further four concerned with Islam/Muslims. The most common theme of The Sun‘s inaccurate content was Corbyn/Labour (3 articles). Perhaps what these figures show more than anything is that the current IPSO sanctions are ineffective. If they were working, you would expect the number of times these papers were pulled up for inaccurate content to decrease. The very fact that the Mail, the Express and The Sun are committing more offences than ever before does little to instil confidence in the current IPSO model as a regulatory force. IPSO was established in 2014 as an independent regulator of the press but has been criticised for not imposing sufficient penalties when guidelines are breached. Offenders generally get away with printing a small correction notice months after the original offending article was published. Surely it’s time to make papers pay for their indiscretions rather than handing out token ineffective punishments. Some have suggested forcing papers to publish corrections in bold print on the front page. Others have suggested imposing fines to hit publications where it hurts. Another idea could be to impose a ban on papers covering certain subjects for different periods of time if they can’t report truthfully and accurately on them. After all, if a paper has repeatedly demonstrated that it can’t handle a topic responsibly, why should it be allowed into a position where it can influence millions of people? IPSO does have the power to impose tougher sanctions such as increased prominence of corrections notices or even fines for serious or repeat offences. It can be contacted here.
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    A second term? I've said this before, but I just don't understand it, still, so I'm going to repeat it... How anyone can look at Donald Trump and think he's anything other than completely socially unacceptable? An embodiment of the worst excesses of ego and greed with the moral compass of a crocodile... I wouldn't trust him to run a fucking bath, never mind a country. I'm a pretty empathetic person normally, but I can't even begin to put myself on the same wavelength as someone who doesn't think he is one of the worst individuals in the public sphere... whose instincts don't scream "CUNT" every time they look at him.
  9. How did you come up with your forum name

    Definitely an improvement on "FarewellAndGoodNig".
  10. How did you come up with your forum name

    My parents chose it for me...
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    He sure is a very stable genius.
  12. British Politics

    "That's the standard technique of privatization: defund, make sure things don't work, people get angry, you hand it over to private capital." Noam Chomsky KK: read the article Padme posted and note the shock of the professionals at the difficulties being encountered, people who've worked in the NHS for decades saying things like "I've never seen anything like this". Does that not suggest to you that this is out of the ordinary for a system which has historically coped well? Also bear in mind that these surgeries are all "non-urgent" and that all patients' operations will go ahead at a later date. If you're in a life-threatening situation you will still be seen then and there.
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    All we need now are Ratbrain and Rita.
  14. Happy New Year!! 2018!!!

    Bliadhna mhath ur dhuibh uile/A guid new year tae ane and a'!
  15. I've learned a lot, both in terms of my research and general life experience. I've travelled to some amazing places and seen some beautiful things (mostly volcanoes, but other things too). I've bonded with some incredible people from lots of different places and been fortunate enough to share a lot of fun times with them. I can now speak Spanish, which is awesome, I never thought I'd learn a second language. My Gran died in the Spring, she was one of the people I loved most in the world. I visited her once a week usually, she was a friend, a confidant and someone who always supported me 100%. I went to Mexico in February and we knew she was quite ill at that point, so saying goodbye was devastating. She gave me her wedding ring and I cried for the whole train journey home. I got the news she'd had a stroke and was going to die in April. I crossed land and sea to be there with her and my family and I'm really glad I did, to see the look in her eyes when I walked into the hospital ward and to have been there for and with my family at the end. In the past I lacked confidence when it came to my love life (or lack thereof), this year's done a lot to give me confidence in myself, but I've realised the difference between deceiving yourself about someone's flaws because they're very physically attractive, letting lust drag you into a situation in which you're unlikely to ever be emotionally happy and meeting someone who blows you away, mind body and soul. Sadly I lost that person due to circumstances out of our control, but I think after two months I'm beginning to heal and see it as a positive experience.