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  1. British Politics

    Sweden, Denmark and Finland are though, so Nordic social democracy is entirely possible independent of EU membership, and all of these countries have a trade relationship and a free movement agreement with the EU. As I said, if Scotland were to have a trade agreement and free movement as part of the EEA then I'd be fine with that. I've been critical of the EU's handling of various issues, the financial crises in Greece, Spain and Ireland, for example, and of the political prioritisation it gives to multinational corporations, but between that and being stuck in a Union where it's clear that Scotland can vote for centre-left social democracy until the cows come home and still end up with the Tories cosying up to Trump's America, independence in the EU or EEA seems very much the lesser of two evils.
  2. British Politics

    Bearing in mind I hope that Scotland leaves the UK and joins the EU (or at least has a Norway-style arrangement with the EU), I find little pieces of rhetoric like this quite interesting. On the face of it you could turn around and apply "fix it, don't abandon it" to Scotland's situation within the UK and there are probably quite a few other statements that would ostensibly make supporters of independence in the EU seem totally self-contradictory, yet it's probably the most popular point of view amongst independence supporters and opinion polling has suggested that independence in the EU is more popular than a no-deal Brexit even among those who voted "no" to independence in 2014.
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    I've been working on a chapter of my PhD for nearly three months, I finally finished it just wanted to share that with you guys.
  4. British Politics

    This thread of late has had me wanting to post "what the fuck is wrong with you people?!"...
  5. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    Do you think having millions of tonnes of plastic floating around is a fine state of affairs?
  6. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    I have a Croatian friend who basically spent three years hiding in basements during the 90s. Probably changes your perspective on what actually constitutes tragic.
  7. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    I think it's sad, and I can understand that it's an exceptionally long-standing part of a city and a nation's consciousness and history, it's a tremendous piece of architecture and construction, it's a world-famous icon, a hugely popular tourist site. I've visited myself and have memories of climbing the spiral stairs, sitting beneath the bells and the view over Paris from its towers. However, I do think that there's a complete lack of perspective on how relatively tragic this is in comparison to a lot of other terrible stuff that's going on in the world. If billionaires could sit up and suddenly pledge hundreds of millions of dollars to famine victims in Yemen, or plastic cleanup in the oceans the way they did for one building in a first-world capital city, that would probably be a far better use of their money. I did feel a wee bit uneasy when that Croatian guy was being lynched for pointing this out a few pages ago, I thought the accusations towards him of being unfeeling were quite harsh when actually he was pointing out that there are far worse things happening with far less publicity and public outcry (although I accept that his way of doing it was quite blunt at a point where people seemed quite emotional and probably weren't ready to try and view the situation objectively).
  8. I mean, it's not really a strict binary choice between having them doing all of the 'heavy lifting' in terms of action and killing them because they've nothing to offer to the story. Han did a pretty good job in participating in the adventure in TFA up until they killed him.
  9. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    Fucking hell, that looks properly infernal. I hope they can at least preserve the stonework.
  10. I didn't, I thought it would give them more adventures and challenges and development (because that was what happened in the novels).
  11. This, their decision to kill off the characters I loved totally put me off their story.
  12. Have three shrines still to find. Haven't used the internet yet, but once you get beyond about 110, it sure does get a bit difficult because the world map is so huge, I'm just kinda wandering about seeing what I can stumble upon at this stage. I'm trying to finish all the shrines before I go to face Ganon, then I might see about the DLC. Overall, I've loved it though. I was sceptical about abandoning a sequential story and doing away with some of the dungeons, but it ultimately worked really well and this is an awesome rendering of Hyrule.
  13. The love/sex/relationship thread

    Well, quite.
  14. Your view, right now

    Technically speaking, those are some watery streets. Len should be impressed .
  15. Member Picture Thread

    I have a mental image of you taking a leathering from an enraged posh boy in a cardigan: