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  1. Weird dreams/Nightmares

    I don't think any dreams really make sense to be honest. It's one of the things I hate about television/film depictions of dreams, they can't show them realistically because the normal rules of reality don't apply, like when you're talking to someone you know, but they're actually someone else, or they can transition into being someone else midway through your conversation... Or when you're in a 'familiar' place, but it's some sort of bizarre alternative version that your mind's come up with.
  2. British Politics

    But that would only be funny if it advertised itself as Socialism, whereas in the countries that operate the Nordic model they're entirely aware that it's Social Democracy. The only people the cartoon could really claim to be mocking are people from the US who think that anything left of the Republican party is 'Socialism'. I also don't really understand the lesson that the cartoon is trying to give us. Is it arguing the beloved mantra of Neoliberal Capitalism "There Is No Alternative"? If so, that's a pretty blunt and unhelpful generalisation that ignores the profound differences in both functionality and outcomes between the heavily deregulated version of Capitalism that operates in the US and the Nordic model.
  3. It's completely banned in Scottish football. We can't be trusted to behave apparently.
  4. Not to mention the horrendous amount of suffering and death that has gone into constructing the stadia.
  5. British Politics

    I resent (resemble?) that remark!
  6. British Politics

    The Nordic Model is Social Democracy, not outright Socialism, and everyone who has even a rudimentary understanding of political science is aware of that.
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I think the maker of that particular banner was a Texan woman living in Glasgow... I just thought it was funny .
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Trump's currently not very far away from me at all. Typical that he decides to spend his weekend in Scotland, moreover in my own county... I have been enjoying the response though.
  9. The New Workout Thread

  10. British Politics

    ¿Hablas español? No sé de dónde eres. De nada .
  11. British Politics

    What Cameron and May voted for is irrelevant really. All that matters is they both (Cameron especially) consented to putting the referendum in the 2015 manifesto, and that makes what she says true.
  12. I still can't believe you all stayed on board with the sequel trilogy after they killed Han. That was the moment for me where I was just like "Nope, done here."
  13. It can be used that way, but in football, it tends to be used to describe a team who frequently make dangerous tackles/challenges or otherwise attempt to break the rules. I think that's how he meant it.
  14. I think he meant in terms of footballing discipline, rather than the hygiene of Latin American people...