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  1. What the fuck, man? No we're not . I agree with most of the other shit you're saying, but arguing that most, if not all of the people you know in your life are actually evil seems like crazy hyperbole to me. I can only speak for myself, but my life's full of people I think are brilliant, and the world would be a pretty miserable place without them.
  2. Your favourite sitcoms

    Chewin' The Fat's a sketch show rather than a sitcom though... Father Ted Blackadder Parks & Recreation Still Game Red Dwarf The Mighty Boosh Peep Show The Vital Spark
  3. Atheism to be Included in UK RE Classes

    You mean English and Welsh schools, Dazey... I got taught about atheism and agnosticism in Scotland (statement of fact, not a dick-waving "my country's better than yours" thing). Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies was one of my favourite subjects at school, because I feel it really opened my mind and exposed me to a lot of ideas, without trying to indoctrinate me. I used to be very religious as a teenager, but actually through studying that subject, I entered a long process of questioning my faith and ended up concluding that most religion nowadays is just an accident of Geography, and therefore unlikely to have any value beyond a fairly outdated moral code, with no truth to the underlying metaphysics.

    Come on the Rangers! Back in Europe for the first time since 2010!
  5. Mass Shooting at Madden 19 Tournament in Jacksonville

    Insofar as I can tell from a bit of cursory research, Canada's had 24 "mass shootings" (four or more victims at once) in the last 50 years, whereas the US has averaged one per week in 2017. Not really comparable in my opinion.
  6. Mass Shooting at Madden 19 Tournament in Jacksonville

    Do we copy and paste the same shit from the last American public shooting thread? There's actually not even any point in debating it. The chances of any political or social action which will have any impact whatsoever on reducing the number of these incidents is zero under the current US administration. Every beautiful, unique life, every bond of love, every set of hopes and dreams undeservedly snuffed out for absolutely no reason whatsoever may as well be worth nothing. It doesn't have to be this way, it's not this way in any other liberal democracy. But it will continue to be this way. Nothing to talk about here that we haven't talked about before.
  7. British Politics

    Lol, no worries, it was when Padme implied I apparently have the face of a serial groper, I was like "ooft, seems a bit harsh, even if it's a joke" .
  8. British Politics

    If you were to use allegations of sexual misconduct to justify a viewpoint on independence, there have been far more unionist politicians in the UK parliament accused of sexual harassment and assault in recent years, so I guess, by that logic Scotland should have already begun to unilaterally negotiate independence. If the allegations are true, it's awful and he should be subject to the same legal process and outcome as any other sex offender, but supporters of independence don't really have anything to justify in terms if their political stance. Supporters of the SNP perhaps, (I'm a supporter of the Scottish Green Party), but even then, these allegations only came to light a couple of days ago and he's not an SNP Member of Parliament nor a Member of the Scottish Parliament, he's just a private citizen now. Also, what the fuck did I do to deserve comparison to a sex offender? Seems a bit harsh...
  9. British Politics

    Wow, ouch .
  10. They're melting the top part of the ice to make it easier for the polished stone to slide further over it.
  11. I grew up round the corner from an Olympic gold medallist Curling skip, I think she might have a thing or two to say about that .
  12. Curling's Scottish anyway . I kinda think of Canada as the Scotland of North America... Mountainous and beautiful, fairly lefty in comparison to its larger, more obnoxious and assimilationist southern neighbour.
  13. He's from fucking England .