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    Arjen Robben should be tied to a tree and every man, woman and child in Mexico should be allowed a free kick at his baws. Dishonourable diving bastard .

    I was happy after 2014 that the Netherlands didn't make it, but Mexico did. A bit of justice.
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    Not sure I get it...

    36 is too young for anyone. Hope he pulls through.
  5. Happy Veterans Day To All Who Have Served!

    Pretty much, this. It's impossible to divorce war from politics. War is intrinsically political. However, in the First and Second World Wars, millions of ordinary people were killed, irrespective of their personal politics. Remembrance day is not about the glorification of war or putting the participants of war on a pedestal. It's fundamentally about mourning the losses that more or less every family in the affected countries endured, and keeping younger generations aware of the horrors in order to ensure as best we can that a conflict on that scale never happens again.
  6. Describe a forum member with one gif

    Everybody after discovering God is not real:
  7. Catalonia Declares Independence From Spain.

    That's literally what self-determination means. Many modern nation states gained independence from other nation states who resisted, some of them tragically had to have wars to do it. Now, under the UN Charter, under international law, all such territories have a right to vote for it and decide their future peacefully and democratically.
  8. Catalonia Declares Independence From Spain.

    Unless they can find a settlement with the border whereby there's still freedom of movement between the North and the Republic post-leaving the EU, they'll be in breach of the Good Friday Agreement. Frightening thought.
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    I remember when Kellogg's changed the recipe for Honey Loops from the most delicious cereal ever to the current polystyrene-textured monstrosities, to comply with Ofcom regulations about advertising cereal with a certain quantity of sugar, I could still buy the old ones in Sainsbury's, Lancaster for a few weeks. Then one day, the inevitable happened and Loopy the bee had his sex change and went from the Duke of Deliciousness: To the Duchess of Disappointment:
  10. The unhealthy American patriotism

    Up here, plenty of homes have Saltires, if you fly a Union flag it's more typically a marker that you're a right-winger/loyalist.
  11. Using the USSR and North Korea to criticise socialism is a bit like trying to use Friday by Rebecca Black to illustrate that all popular music is terrible.
  12. Catalonia Declares Independence From Spain.

    Under the right of all peoples to self-determination, written in international law, all regions in Spain SHOULD have the right to vote on their independence IF they elect a government that wants to hold a vote. If Spain is that confident that the majority of Catalans don't want independence, let them vote legitimately, like most of them want to do. Your side will win and, though I don't imagine you'll end the independence movement, you'll have a legally binding decision from the people of Catalonia to remain part of the Kingdom. Also, unless you're arguing for the dissolution of all nation states and a move to a world without borders, you're a nationalist too, you're just saying that Spanish nationalism is in some way morally superior to Catalan nationalism.
  13. If that's what you were up to in '06 then fair play to you...
  14. Aww yeah... *Disclaimer, I'm a proponent of Nordic-style democratic socialism and think Stalin and Kim Jong-Un are terrible.