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  1. Fleetwood Mac Fires Lindsey Buckingham

    Glad I got to see the five of them... I know that's somewhat hypocritical given my stance on Guns N' Roses, but fuck it, my logic is arbitrary. I grew to prefer Guns when all the 'original' members had been replaced, but with Fleetwood Mac, there was something really important about having them all there. Maybe it's the fact that Buckingham, Nicks and McVie all sing, so their unique voices were really important, whereas with GN'R the replaced musicians were mostly instrumentalists.
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    He's still a cunt of the highest order.
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    Argh, why didn't you post this in the thread I made about Avicii dying ... It's already sinking miserably through My World as we speak. I mean, I know this is a rock forum, but I thought more people would appreciate good EDM enough to be sad that he'd passed away.
  4. He really was the best. Licence to Kill was what a James Bond film should be, it had grit.
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    Can confirm that is the exact line. I used to have that story on audio cassette when I was a wee yin.
  6. Avicii

    A giant of electronic dance music, dead today at 28. I really loved some of his songs. He had a great ear for melody and rhythm.
  7. Well, Angus has always been a teetotaller so not as boozy as some...
  8. I love AC/DC (and I'm well aware of their roots), they're just not really a band I listen to for their lyrical complexity...
  9. Your view, right now

    I'm on a week's trip to Mexico City for some meetings with volcanologists at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Outside of the meetings, I'm pretty much on my own in one of the biggest, craziest cities in the world. So, I'm currently ensconced in a cafe, writing for my thesis.
  10. I think I could write AC/DC lyrics these days... Write navel-gazing lyrics about about how awesome Rock n' Roll is, or drinking, throw in a few electricity metaphors, maybe some references to hell and some poorly-veiled sexual innuendo and we're basically there.
  11. Member Picture Thread

    Getting all up in the Pacific Ocean:
  12. Ashba maybe, but I disagree with you about the other two. 2006 was kinda the peak of the whole thing in terms of consistency, activity and hype.
  13. I felt there was genuinely more chance of the previous line-up of the band achieving that "creative unit" status... (Naive, I know, I know). It's part of the reason I had no interest in a reunion. I'm kind of amazed at how much of a minority I'm in though... I think there might be two or three on the forum (well, long-time posters) who feel a bit similarly to me, but most got on board the reunion train with gusto.
  14. I'm sure they were really welcoming to him. There's nothing worse than throwing someone's kindness back in their face, especially in public. What a dishonourable embarrassment of a man he is.