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  1. First three replies to this thread are perfect . (Seriously, go for it).
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Do you subscribe to that "both are just equally misinformed sides of the same coin" argument? I'm not part of the CNN/MSNBC crowd (not being American, I don't have access to, or watch those channels), my perspective on Trump admittedly originates with his purchase of a stretch of shoreline for a golf estate in Scotland about a decade ago and the reckless environmental destruction he caused and the rude and abusive way in which he treated people here. That has admittedly coloured my objectivity with regard to him as a human being, but even if I'd just neutrally observed his Presidential campaign, I think there would have been plenty of things that would have appalled me without my original bias.
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    This'll be like my 5th post in this thread saying this, but I can't help saying it again... Donald Trump, I *still* just can't comprehend not being utterly repulsed by the guy. His rudeness, his ungentlemanlike conduct, his anti-intellectualism, his blatantly obvious complete disregard for the truth (he just makes stuff up depending on the situation, there's an entire video on YouTube of him contradicting himself), the lack of honour that comes with a total disregard of the truth, his unbelievable arrogance... Any of those alone would be enough to turn me off a politician, but the man is a cocktail of awfulness.
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Does he know you're disabled? Also he could have just been saying "This is what things are like where I am from, in case you're interested" rather than "This is what things are like where I am from, they're clearly better than where you are from, haha, sucks to be you..."
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Up here, prescriptions are all paid for by the Scottish Government (I agree totally with the principle, but I think some common sense should be applied with certain things, like people getting a doctor to prescribe them paracetamol when it costs so little). I mean, it's only "douchey" if he knew the context, and if he was indeed bragging about it rather than just making a statement.
  6. After the Steph Seymour cat litter tray thing, I guess getting everyone in the band and entourage to shit in a bin is the logical next step really...
  7. Wow, you sure showed me... (and everybody else in this thread who has used actual evidence to demonstrate why Trump is a terrible President).
  8. I think you mean "those who have received an education".
  9. In fairness, any human being with a brain is against your President.

    Those games where your team are dominant all over the park but just don't convert their chances, then concede a stupid goal to an inferior team and somehow end up losing, those are the worst.
  11. Apu Will Be Removed from the Simpsons

    It fucking frustrates me that instances like this (which, by the way I think is a stupid decision) are used by some right-wing knuckle-draggers to argue that the pursuit of social justice and equality of opportunity are a bad thing.
  12. Your view, right now

  13. British Politics

    It's like poor/struggling Americans formerly employed in heavy industry voting for Trump. Their standard of living is not going to improve under his economic philosophy any more than the post-industrial communities of England and Wales are going to benefit from leaving the EU. Working-class conservatism is a baffling and depressing phenomenon.
  14. Ah, back when this band was still exciting, or even interesting...
  15. General Chat / Random Musings

    For the attention of @spunko12345 (no, nobody gets hit):