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  1. British Politics

    Jo Swinson's accent is horrific...
  2. Member Picture Thread

    Sunset overlooking Loch Katrine from the summit of Ben A'an.
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    Y'all can call me Dr. Graeme now, if you want...

    For a second there, I was thinking "But you won..." but then I read the date on the posts .
  5. British Politics

  6. British Politics

    I didn't reject it at all: "Many of the impacts of Tory policy may have been similar in Scotland and England's North East (as in other places in England like Liverpool, or in Wales)". But, I highlighted that, democratically, Scotland has responded differently to Wales, Northern Ireland or any of the regions of England - not just as a matter of my personal opinion, but a matter of fact, demonstrated by the greater enthusiasm in Scotland for devolved government, and the substantial independence movement that has grown out of that. Scotland has rejected the impacts of Tory Britain by seeking a greater degree of self-determination, than Wales, Northern Ireland and the regions of England. So, to address your original complaint about me wanting Scotland to govern itself because I broadly agree with the Scottish electorate on most things, and generally disagree with the outcomes of UK-wide votes by highlighting that the North East puts up and shuts up - it seems we're less inclined to do so up here and I'm sorry that bothers you but it's just the way it is. "We have a history of resistance..."
  7. Well, fuck. It got unceremoniously trampled into the dust by the reunion, but I really loved the late 2000s version of this band. It's shite that it ended that way, with so much untapped potential.
  8. Haven't heard that one, is there much more to it than what you've written here?
  9. British Politics

    The two aren't really comparable. The North East of England is a region of England, it is not one of the two countries party to the treaty of Union, it isn't a separate legal jurisdiction. Furthermore, there seems to be little-to-no appetite for any form of self-government in the North East of England, which rejected a devolution proposal by 78%. Scotland, on the other hand, voted in favour by nearly the same margin (74%), has consistently elected a majority of pro-independence political representatives for most of the last decade, and ongoing opinion polling suggests roughly half of the Scottish population now believes in independence (sometimes just under, sometimes just over). Many of the impacts of Tory policy may have been similar in Scotland and England's North East (as in other places in England like Liverpool, or in Wales) - but Scotland's democratic response has been very different, and this is probably largely due to the apparatus of statehood that Scotland has, giving us a greater sense of autonomy and a stronger platform to manifest our opposition and resistance to the current direction of British politics.
  10. British Politics

    I have broadly agreed with the outcome of every plebiscite in Scotland since I became a voter, apart from the 2014 independence referendum. I have disagreed with the outcome of every plebsicite at UK level since I became a voter. Cameron, May, Johnson, Brexit, Austerity etc. etc. You can understand why I am beyond fed up with being part of the UK.
  11. British Politics

    I've heard some other pro-remain people say the same thing, that they're tired and just want it done, but I don't really get that point of view - if you believe it's going to be a disaster then surely you shouldn't want it to happen at all.
  12. Absolutely. Hugely disappointed that this never happened, to the extent that I basically gave up on GN'R when Ron left.
  13. For me, Bumblefoot was one of the best things about '06-'10 (even onward to 2014). His playing was dynamic, exciting, fun, faithful to the spirit of the band and he went above and beyond (in spite of the limitations Axl's inflexibility placed on him) to play what the fans wanted to hear and advance things creatively. I don't really know what logic marks him out as the weak link in the band.
  14. '87-'89. '06. '10. Overall, '06-'10 is my favourite, good to see that period getting some love.
  15. Live Era '16 - '20

    It has the best Welcome to the Jungle opening ever. Axl sounds like a plane coming in to land.