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  1. British Politics

    Hang in there, hopefully we'll become an independent EU nation and it'll all be fine.
  2. Who's going to Glasgow on Sunday?

    What the fuck, no we won't .
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    Fantastic for your sis, and she's a braw-looking lassie to be sure, but I don't know what the fashion industry's obsession is with giving really good-looking people really weird haircuts (admittedly hers is one of the better ones I've seen). There was a lassie in my year at school who got into modelling as well, and she was naturally drop-dead gorgeous, but the elaborate fringes and angular haircuts they gave her just did nothing for her, weird the way joining an industry associated with enhancing beauty made her less attractive.
  4. The 6 Nations thread.

    It is the traditional use of a wooden spoon, I guess...

    At least Old Trafford is in line for a lovely set of new windows...
  6. British Politics

    Hard Brexit isn't really an option either as it will ride roughshod over the Good Friday Agreement and could realistically see a return to civil war in Northern Ireland.
  7. Scouser Smashes up a Travelodge!

    I love the direction this thread has taken... (That was supposed to be in Comic Sans, but for some reason it doesn't work when I copy/paste from word).
  8. British Politics

    That's what the sporran is for, put something else with hairy tassels in front of it to distract the viewer.
  9. Axls teeth (I know... but really!)

    And the award for random bump of the year goes to...
  10. British Politics

    Do you think it's quite ironic that the forum's arch atheist has a daughter whose name literally means "of the gospel"?
  11. Scouser Smashes up a Travelodge!

    I hope Rangers don't stop paying Stevie G's wages at any point... He could probably afford a much bigger bulldozer.
  12. British Politics

    Thank fuck I grew up in the days after porn was like this...