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  1. British Politics

    Politically speaking, Scotland's another country now with another set of political ambitions and the course of politics on either side of the border isn't going to magically realign under a Boris Johnson-led Brexit. I see no way in which the union is sustainable (or desirable) in the long term.
  2. British Politics

    That doesn't make Boris any less of an arsehole and wanting Scotland not to be governed by him is in no way an endorsement of Alex Salmond.
  3. British Politics

    If/When Johnson becomes PM, Scottish independence has to be a matter of urgency. Fuck being governed by that reprobate.
  4. Black Woman Cast as New 007

    Well, yeah, this is the problem that James Bond as he was conceived, written and portrayed in the mid-to-late 20th Century doesn't really have much relevance today. I loved those movies as a wee boy and always looked at Bond as a hero, but when I grew up myself, I realised he's actually not that great a guy and I still don't think they've adequately addressed his attitude to women as completely disposable in any of the more recent films.
  5. Black Woman Cast as New 007

    Seems fine to me, it's not like they're saying "James Bond has biologically transformed sexually and racially" (in which case, I would be like "this is a load of shite"). If he's retired as part of the plot (which basically he threatens to do after every mission, reluctance is a bit of a hallmark of his character), his number could be given to anyone, I see no issue.
  6. Member Picture Thread

    Is that how you treat taller people at gigs in the Netherlands? Surely a lot of the population would get murdered then.
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    "Gaff" surely, unless you're suggesting they've heard Len's made a comically-timed mistake and have rocked up to ridicule him...
  8. General Chat / Random Musings

    I reckon the former. I guess we won't know until the coroner's report is out. If you're really interested in the gory details of this stuff, there was an explosion at a volcano called Galeras, Colombia in 1993 where 15 people were caught in the crater, mostly volcanologists there on a conference trip. One of the volcanologists at the conference is a guy called Peter Baxter, who is also a doctor (basically the world's foremost expert on what volcanoes can do to the human body) and tragically he had to do a postmortem investigation on some of the colleagues he'd been presenting to the day before. Anyway, he wrote a paper detailing what he found and I could send it to you someday.
  9. British Liberal Media's Multicultural Fascism Exposed

    Wow a lot of this thread is giving me a headache. I can understand that no culture or belief should be exempt from criticism (the example of Female Genital Mutilation is a very powerful one) but if the basic concept of multiculturalism, of people from different places and backgrounds aiming to coexist peacefully and respectfully is what's drawing your ire in today's world, you probably need to readjust your priorities.
  10. British Politics

    Dude, I love you and all, but what the fuck?
  11. British Politics

    The biggest contribution Blair could make to human society is staying away from it.
  12. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

    I felt like this was, in the overwhelming majority, the movie I've wanted to see since I was an 8 year old, and that's exactly how it made me feel. I've never been at a film where I've turned to the person sitting next to me with this exact facial expression on multiple occasions (it must have been upwards of 10). It was, to all intents and purposes, a Showa-era Godzilla film with a $200 million budget, clearly a love-letter to the classic films written by fans and I felt they treated the mythos of the franchise with incredible respect and dignity. I loved the characterisation of the monsters, it felt very true to their established personalities. Ghidorah was stunningly realised, they made him a really threatening and malevolent presence, his sheer size (both compared to the humans and the other monsters) made him so imposing. Godzilla himself was the star of the show, he was so expressive. I loved when he first burst through the ice in Antarctica and clapped eyes on Ghidorah, the look on his face of "Oh... It's you" radiated pure loathing. Rodan was the great fun cheeky pain in the arse he usually is and Mothra was beautifully done, gorgeously rendered and it was great to see her fight the way she did (she could have had a bit more screen time though). Hearing the classic musical motifs was so good as well... The scene where Godzilla surfaces and breathes fire into the sky while his classic theme plays was an absolute joy. Part of me is saddened that the human story wasn't as 'respectable' as the one in Kong: Skull Island, as I have much more affection for Godzilla and I think he's the character deserving of a movie that can be appreciated by all. I certainly think it could have been quite easily 'tightened' up here and there and more than a few daft plot points. But there were some really good moments too. I think Dr. Serizawa (and of course Ken Watanabe) deserves a mention all to himself, he was the star of this film as much as any of the monsters, his scene with Godzilla in the underwater city had real gravitas for me. Gutted that critics by and large didn't 'get' it, but those same critics probably wouldn't 'get' many of the classic Godzilla films it was trying to be. Not perfect, but my favourite film for a very, very long time.
  13. British Politics

    The Hollywood stuff wasn't really directed at you, it was just because action used it as an apparent example of how terrible discrimination is against white males, because a larger number of films than in the past are starting to have lead roles that aren't white males (despite the fact that, statistically, the overwhelming majority of significant film roles, past and present, have been white males). It's not about denying that there should be roles for white males, of course there should, but there should be roles for everyone else too that actually reflect the way the world is and give a voice to those who are normally marginalised to the extent that hopefully one day we don't have to talk about anybody being marginalised (with the exception of those who choose to try to marginalise people for things about themselves that they haven't chosen).
  14. British Politics

    This isn't a personal attack on you, but saying stuff like that is unhelpful and only serves to alienate people who would probably otherwise be happy to take a stand against Trump. Nobody is evil because of the colour of their skin or who they're attracted to, that's the whole point. Not straight, white men, nor gay black women (and I'm not just saying this as a straight, white man because I'm worried I'll be perceived as evil)... The difference is that straight white men have suffered far less legal and structural discrimination in terms of their rights to vote, to occupy public spaces, to own homes, to marry who they want to, being free from slavery (etc. etc.) and aren't still struggling to overcome the legacy centuries of institutionalised inequality. This notion put forward by (particularly) the alt-right that any effort to redress the systemic imbalance that has (in broad general terms) benefited straight white males to a greater extent than anyone else is just as bad as the discrimination that those other people faced in the first place is pretty ridiculous. In Hollywood movies (the example chosen abover) on average 28% of the speaking roles (not even leading roles) are women, despite the fact they make up 50.8% of the population in the country where those films are produced... Likewise, between 2007-2014, white people played 73% of speaking roles (stats from here https://www.thoughtco.com/diversity-in-hollywood-3026690 ). Does anyone seriously think that offering fewer roles to white males is really the biggest tragedy here?
  15. British Politics

    That doesn't mean that anyone who ever stigmatises someone with a different political view is a Nazi. Shouting at a guy and flinging a milkshake isn't really comparable to putting people in a concentration camp, but that said I'm not really interested in trying to defend the actions of the protesters in the video. It's not something I would ever do. The idea I'm trying to dismantle here is the notion you suggested with the comment "the tolerant left" that left-wing intolerance of right-wing discrimination is morally equivalent to right-wing discrimination.