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  1. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    I remember reading this was indeed an issue back then-I think he may have been going through a divorce also.
  2. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    Same. I would have liked to have heard songs more in a direction of Oh My God, Silkworms, Shackler's, Madagascar. While I loved Velvet Revolver, I was kind of getting sick of "rock" music, in general. I would have liked to have heard a Moby produced album from this lineup.
  3. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    Agree. I thought it was interesting. Axl didn't hire some backup band that stood in the background. For most of the world, the first look was at the 2002 MTV awards, I'm sure most people were like "wtf is this". I know a lot of people were turned off by it, but I loved it.
  4. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    I totally forgot about this.
  5. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    I have read Chinese Whispers, which is an amazing read-didn't know about this Robin quote. Interesting. I mean, Robin joined when Duff was still in the band (and I think Matt)-so he started out in a totally different band than the one he left. I think to be in the band at this time just had to wear some of these guys out. Even as Brain said, as far as Axl going on late all the time, it got to be pretty old-he said he just wanted to play the gig, eat his pizza, and go to bed, and these guys were probably leaving the arena at 3 or 4 in the morning. Tommy has a lot of interesting stuff to say-it sounds like he hated Roy Thomas Baker. I would love to read a Paul Tobias interview someday.
  6. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    I for sure remember reading Bumble talking about that. I think Fink and Fortus didn't want a 3rd guitarist after Bucket left. I guess this is what happened when you hire guys and kind of throw them together-I think I read on a post last year even Paul only talks to Axl once every couple of years now? Even Matt and Gilby seem to have kept on good terms with Slash and Duff all this time, but you get the feeling some of these lineups will never talk to one another again. It's a business.
  7. I've been watching a lot of clips from the 2001 Rock in Rio-does anyone remember an interview Tommy did years later trashing Bucket? I think it even had the quote where Tommy said Bucket thought Axl would basically be singing over songs only Bucket would write, or something like that? There were also stories that Fink and Bucket hated each other, and of course that no one really liked Paul, because he had never really toured before, been in a band long. I always thought it was odd Axl brought Paul into the band, which was a big reason Axl and Slash were fighting-then after 3 shows, suddenly is out because he isn't into touring? I just found it strange, I wonder if he just wanted out of the whole Guns experience. We haven't heard Robin, Bucket, or Paul talk about those years at all really.
  8. 2006

    I've always believed 2002 was the year to release CD-right after MTV awards, and the start of the North American tour. The Philly fiasco, then nothing for 4 years hurt things-I thought 2006 was kind of the second chance-I remember Axl appearing at the Korn party, you thought something was coming soon....
  9. Great article, and actually Eddie Trunk nails it on the head when describing Chinese Democracy as far as I view it. I'll always love it but I have friends who could not tell you one song from the album. I wish Axl would write a book about recording the album and Guns overall from 1994-2008. I think it would be a great read
  10. VR, Tommy's stuff, Gilby's Pawnshop Guitars=his solo stuff after Hangover wasn't that good IMO. Loved Neurotic Outsiders. I remember loving It's 5 O Clock Somewhere at the time, listening to it now, it does not sound that great. I might be the only person in the world that liked the Rockstar Supernova album Gilby did-also really liked the Col. Parker album. The Dizzy and Matt solo stuff does not sound that good at all to me
  11. Fortus Interview KSHE

    Do movies even use new music from bands anymore? And that franchise had become a joke
  12. I like Duff, but outside of Guns fans, no one is really going to buy it. He's not doing this "for the money".
  13. Guns N' Roses rehearsal 2002 VMA

    Me. It was something new and different, they were getting ready to tour the U.S, I thought CD was getting ready to come out, followed by a couple albums, videos. It was a great time imo
  14. I remember Slash saying they paid him a lot of money, then the company just went away, or went out of business