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  1. Slash and Gilby

    This is something small and of course they worked together not long after, but I remember Gilby was touring for Pawn Show guitars and Slash had said in an interview he wasn't happy that he was doing Guns n Roses songs in his set. It sounds odd now, but I remember the only thing Slash did for Snakepit back then was a snippet of My Michelle. In Gilby's set he would start out doing the beginning of WTTJ but would go into It's so Easy. I actually think Gilby was still in the band at the time. This was in 1994
  2. Teddy "Zig Zag" Andreadis update

    Actually I had forgotten he was on the Col. Parker album with Gilby and Traci Guns which was an excellent album btw. I think he played piano on Gilby's Hangover album also
  3. Teddy "Zig Zag" Andreadis update

    I bought a ticket to see Billy Bob Thornton and The Boxmasters here at the Kent Stage in Ohio-it's coming up in July, and I could not remember the date, so I googled his tour dates to double check, and brought up an article, and Teddy is in his band (it's just Billy Bob, Teddy, and one other guy)-I didn't noticed it was Teddy before in the pic on the venue website lol. I always liked Teddy, especially from the Making of Videos, he had a lot of parts in them. He played on some of the Gilby records and side projects in the mid to late 90''s, and I kind of lost track of him after that. The funniest moment of him was Slash and Duff calling him on the phone at the end of the Making of Estranged, wanting him to go out drinking or to a strip club or something, and he didn't want to go, and Duff and Slash were bummed out lol. He also always had the big moment in Bad Obsession during the UYI tour in the early 90's. It will be nice to see him play. Funny enough, The Bacon Brothers are playing at this same venue a few weeks before or after, I think. The Billy Bob show doesn't seem to be selling that greatly-I wonder if he has a fan base of people who like his music, or it's just people wanting to see the guy from Sling Blade. His music doesn't sound too bad
  4. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I was pricing a flight and hotel coming from Cleveland to Vegas for a few days, on average it would be about 300 bucks-no doubt my ticket to the concert would be a lot more-I think I'll pass lol. So much for that idea
  5. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I will say the Venue in Vegas is great-there are no bad seats, IMO-it holds 4,000, so I would not stress out about trying to get something closer for more money. The stage itself is massive btw. Most venues in Vegas are that way, and people pay more for a closer seat when it's not necessary-a lesson I learned.
  6. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I paid 250 for Elton John at Caesars about 10 years ago lol-I cant remember what the cheapest was, around 100-I decided to splurge. FWIW they are on stubhub for 250 rn
  7. Duff's solo album Tenderness: OUT NOW

    Not bad, I like it better than Loaded-it's different than what he's done in a while. I agree Duff's voice can be a bit much over an entire album. I haven't bought the latest Slash album just because it sounds the same as the last few. Duff releasing this and doing the Illusion cuts takes me back to the Illusion days and when he released his first solo record I can't believe how many solo record and side projects I've listened to compared to official GNR albums from current and former band members.
  8. Play is a great album. I can't remember where I read it, but I think Axl was a fan of Animal Rights (The Moby Album)-it came out in 96-I bought it at the time after reading Moby was going to produce GNR-I really didn't care for it that much.
  9. I think he was quoted in the Spin magazine article back in 98 or 99. I remember Moby saying also that he didn't want to put his own career on hold for 2 years to produce Guns. Axl also shot back I think in the Rolling Stone article "while I appreciate all the publicity, shut the fuck up already". I think Moby was talking about it a lot back then.
  10. If they hire another keyboard player, are people suddenly going to watch him instead of Axl, Slash, or Duff? Probably not. David Bryan has been in Bon Jovi forever-people aren't going to see him either, but both are brought back for every tour.
  11. I remember Blind Melon was going to play here in Cleveland on the tour where he died, I almost was going to go-I think either the venue had a cancellation notice on the door, or it was in our local weekly magazine which always listed upcoming concerts-I can't remember which. It was so sad and shocking to see that. The No Rain video was on MTV all the time when it blew up, probably as much if not more than the Guns videos at the time from the Illusion records, or it at least felt like it. I was just watching the Woodstock performance of No Rain-it actually wasn't too bad-I know a lot of people hate it because apparently he was on LSD at the time, and he was getting out of control. Don't Cry would not be the same without his voice.
  12. Totally agree. I hate the long sing a long versions. If they dropped it from the setlist I would never miss it. I know very casual fans want to hear it and sing along tho
  13. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    This, and Contraband was a much better record than Chinese Democracy. I still think CD is good, but Contraband is better than any release by Axl, Slash, or Duff since the Illusion albums.
  14. I was at the Eagles of Death Metal show in Cleveland in 2006. Sebastian Bach came on, and after he finished, a lot of people assumed Guns were next. We sat through EODM and Suicide Girls. You could just feel the crowd groan. Some people left, a few were saying "never again" as far as going to another GNR concert. One lady was taken out on a stretcher, not sure why. We left the arena between 2 :30 and 3 am, I wasn't sure we would get a cab home. Funny enough, I went to the Ford Field NITL tour kickoff, AIC finished, not long after the lights went down-people were going "no fucking way". You could see people running to their seats not expecting Guns to go on so early. I think I did see Del James walking around on the floor for the 2002 Detroit show before the band came on.
  15. I was at the Detroit concert in 2002 lol-I remember this is when they messed up Patience, and Axl just threw his mike up and walked off, the lights came on after that, or soon after. I honestly wondered if Axl was going to pull the plug on GNR after that. I came back in 2011, it seemed like they came on just as late. Bumble was standing on the stage for what seemed like 15 or 20 minutes with his guitar. I think that concert finished at 2:20 a.m.