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  1. Wasn't part of the story that Hetfield wanted Faith No More and Axl wanted Body Count to open (not sure if it's mentioned in the video). I also thought I read years later, oddly enough, that Slash had asked Mike Patton to front Velvet Revolver after Scott left, which Mike turned down
  2. I like it, it sounds like his 93 solo album but better. I didn't care for Loaded but like this
  3. The Dirt (Motley Crue)

    I thought it was a fun movie-I liked it a little more than I thought I would-the ending is totally different from reality from the book, and how they got back together with Vince. I figured they would do that-they kind of make it seem like Vince was out of the band 6 month when it was really 5 or 6 years-they really don't show how much they didn't get along in the 90's-especially Tommy and Vince-they basically have a group hug and tell Vince how much they want him back. I can only imagine how a GNR movie would be lol. I'm not even sure if they mentioned Pamela Anderson in the movie, for instance, but it was a 2 hour movie, so I understand. You watch it and are reminded about why Motley Crue were so huge. My gut feeling is that they tour again btw
  4. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    I loved the 2002 Vma's, but I can understand at the same time people watching it and thinking "wtf is this". I always felt things were never right after Philly and the long break until 2006. I liked the lineup, but I went with my older brother to a 2002 concert, who said it "was good, but its just not the same without Slash and Duff".