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  1. the interview is "Musique Plus", from around the Verdun Auditorium, Montreal, Canada show that happened 1987-08-17 (just for the sake of completion, there's also another Musique Plus interview from 1993, it's also in 3 parts at Youtube)
  2. it's not very smart to discuss these things openly here. at this moment, someone probably contacted the TV company with a C&D letter, so you will never get anything.
  3. More takedowns?

    of course, but there are other ways. for instance, check ninlive.com - the guy is doing a shitload of work there, with the definitive goal being putting together ALL the available recordings of all shows, with many download options including DIRECT download. and guess what - the band actually supports him and they even met and talked about the site. if that was the case of GNR, the site would probably be taken down in a minute, with the guy being threatened or sued. some other bands take another approach - offer live recordings to fans for some reasonable money (Metallica for example) and it works brilliantly. face it - GNR has just become a corporate whore, a cash machine, which treats the fanbase like shit. I've always wanted to make a site similar to ninlive.com - but under these circumstances, I don't give a fuck and just share my ass of via places that the takedown assclowns can never shut down
  4. yes, good find! I think there might be even more stuff available, but not very known in the public - the bootlegging was quite patchy back then, some very bad cellphone clips were floating. Nightrain audio wasn't included in any audio recording so I didn't list it - thanks for the update
  5. more or less true. considering he was a part of quite a lot bands and projects before he plunged into GNR - shameful waste of talent, time, money, everything. at least he did a decent stint with Daisies
  6. yes, but only small part. same about the first Wembley night - only Sway, Sailing and Back In The USSR are available from that show, and only Sailing is available from Cuckoo club, as opposed to the second Wembley night, which is available complete. I hope I haven't messed the info up, at least by checking the bootleg covers and tracklists it seems I am right
  7. @soon actually, in 2014 he re-recorded Tijuana Jail for 20th anniversary release together with a new music video, but I strongly prefer the original version of both the song and the music video
  8. OK so you're talking about the second night in Wembley, that is 2006-07-30 (there were 2 shows at Wembley - 2006-07-29 and 2006-07-30 + there was a surprise show at Cuckoo Club between them). there are two masters from the second night (fieldsy and anythinggoes78 tapes) - my memory doesn't serve in terms of any difference between them, sorry. if you're looking for a named silver CD, look for The Last Day Of The Tyrant bootleg (I don't remember which master source was this made from, but I remember it was pretty nice listening)