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  1. Has Izzy retired?

    he probably just doesn't give a flying fuck about anything, especially about a nostalgia act with all its laundry bags and yo-yos.

    no, the difference is that KISS openly admits they are a sellout act, and while I don't really listen to KISS, I have no problem with that. at least they are honest.

    you bastard, I wanted to fix that myself but you were faster

    "THE MOST DANGEROUS BAND IN THE WORLD" (for your wallet and your sanity)
  5. Mr. Bailey appears to be very heavily sedated for sure.
  6. Copyright Strikes....

    oh, hi Mojo, good to see you here thanks for sending takedown to that funny aXXL vid! too bad it was mirrored and kept spreading further.
  7. depends on how do you define "original content"
  8. European Leg

  9. European Leg

    LOL. fuck their fat cash grab nostalgia act tour.
  10. @username you forgot Tracii Guns in the list, I think. but he probably fits into the bag with all guys in numero 10.
  11. a psychopath always thinks he's right in what he's doing.
  12. nobody really "works" in the cheap merch brand called GNR. and what @Flake wrote was "primary", not "only".
  13. Bumble knew how things were going and where they were going. he left for good and doesn't want to have anything to do with that pathetic bunch of fat cash grab jerks. no wonder, I would also run away as fast as I could. this is pretty much the same situation as if you spend some time together with a psychopathic girl/boyfriend and after this experience you better forget everything and erase that era from your memory for good, never to return again. (let me use this opportunity and say "thank you, Bumble!")
  14. feel free to proceed. this topic just showed another proof of what you can expect.