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  1. what "new album"? am I missing something? what "current lineup"? the nostalgia cabaret where mainly Slash and Duff are covering their former selves (while doing mostly a horrible job at it), while their singer can't sing anymore, never gets anything done and instead prefers threatening and suing everyone around? meh... the question is legitimate though, because there are huge differences between every single GNR album - Suicide vs AFD vs UYI vs ChiDem vs whateverwillgetout. so it's kinda hard to tell where the "real GNR" started and possibly "ended". in the end it all depends on creative input included in the material and its quality - and in this case I have very serious doubts it could be any better than some forgettable generic mediocre stadium rock - altough I'm confident that it would sell billions and profits would go skyhigh, no matter what stuff is actually there.
  2. yes, but understand that Moby had no idea how things were in he GNR camp, he just jumped in to help with the current state of things. so he probably assumed that they were working on stuff for some time already.
  3. I guess he just counted years since the last record was done - and in 1997 it was 6 years since UYI was recorded, so that's it. I'd not try to see more in it than what there is
  4. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    that's because this legacy nostalgia rip-off "act" only deserves to be treated the same way as it treats its most faithful fans - like utter shit and without any respect. many and many fans spent huge part of their life doing enthusiastic wok in their free time in doing free promotion of the band. all they got for that was threats, lawsuits, takedowns and loony tools in the wild, trying to destroy all they did, with official approval of the band, its management or the record label. so fuck them and their attitude. I can only 100% support the brewery, because what they're doing, is just a mirror image of how GNR acts toward its fanbase.
  5. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    1987: And I don't worry about nothing. no, Cause worrying's a waste of my time. 2019: FERNANDOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! GET MY LAWYEEEEEEEERRRR!!!!! PLEEEEEEASEEEEEE!!!! QUICKLYYYYYYYY!!!!
  6. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    at this point, GNR in fact became a patent troll. zero own creative output, just living off stuff they made 30+ years ago, starting lawsuits wherever they can. sad.
  7. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    yup, people just have no idea what they are drinking, thinking that the shitty mass produced pale lager is the only way to go. actually, I really like Oskar Blues stuff, it's quite rare here in Europe but sometimes someone manages to import it. especially their Death By Coconut coconut porter is extremely good. so they have my full support in their poking of the GNR sellout shit with a stick
  8. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    so it seems the brewery is gonna get some... uhh... takedown?
  9. it's even funnier if you consider we're talking history that happened more than 40 years ago
  10. I'd also like to hear what Johnny Kreis has to say about all the history things. after all, he was the only drummer HR had (before in later stages he got replaced by Steven Adler and Rob Gardner). his dad is known to have reacted under YouTube vids, the HR rehearsal vid to be exact. I believe it's been taken down later, but hey, I remember a guy reacting there saying "hey, that's my son Johnny on drums playing!" mesmerizing.
  11. yes, I also think it was Izzy who suggested the name, but my memory is absolutely vague on this topic.
  12. Axl talked about that in MTV Rockumentary, if I'm correct
  13. nah. LA Guns have some cool tunes too, it's way too simple to dismiss all their stuff. do yourself a favor and check that
  14. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I like DJ Ashba's version of Better.