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  1. What has leaked since 2013?

    supposedly the HOB 2001 DVD was scrapped at the last minute and the media were destroyed. about 1985 shows, those are actually known to exist, because excerpts were included at the Reckless Road video book.
  2. REQ - The Blues/SoD Studio Edit (Demo?)

    the only real versions besides the official one are 2007 MSL leak and 2008 Antiquiet leak. everything else is either live version or fanmade.
  3. Guns N' Roses - 2002-12-02 - Fleet Center, Boston, Massachusetts [Cotis](right) https://mega.nz/#F!wVUhwAxQ!2cwilib028sPm0JffRpZIg Guns N' Roses - 2002-12-02 - Fleet Center, Boston, Massachusetts [JohnM](3cam mix) https://mega.nz/#F!0Q0iRLbQ!Vv6hJIw-_fmOaFF8Hvx5VA Guns N' Roses - 2002-12-02 - Fleet Center, Boston, Massachusetts [JohnM](center) https://mega.nz/#F!MUl1GRiS!SxdD-Q35QHmDCs9MF2C6NA Guns N' Roses - 2002-12-02 - Fleet Center, Boston, Massachusetts [JohnM](screen) https://mega.nz/#F!NIsxFKzQ!LLdsHHFI9MBllOXVHA24EA in case you need it, I've also uploaded two FLAC audio sources - the original soundboard (also mastered by JohnM) and a soundboard-audience matrix (made by FeX-) https://mega.nz/#F!UdEWHb5S!WdAwwZubOQ4L7k06xKWuIw
  4. well, it's gone for good. I can upload those for you via Mega, if you want to
  5. I think I have all available Boston 2002 DVDs, but I'm not sure which authoring is the best for every source... I guess JohnM's 3-cam mix is only mix, I also have his center and screenshot, and then there's the right shot, I guess Cotis authoring is the only one?
  6. great! I'm just thinking about Boston 2002... because it might be cool to have 4 angles at the same time (one of them being 3-cam mix)...
  7. REQ: Bucharest 21.09.2010

    DVD https://mega.nz/#F!AIcCkBLa!g1xXLbx3KfcjIAHHvsdqXQ MP3 https://mega.nz/#F!1d81QQAQ!VNIrTUW_w1SqCpZOBf8UKA
  8. REQ: Bucharest 21.09.2010

    I have a DVD authored by Bloodbath, and MP3 audio which seems to be a DVD-rip, but I'm not sure if the source is Bloodbath's authoring, or some other authoring. which one of these are you interested in? edit: okay, so those MP3s are in fact indeed ripped from Bloodbath's DVD, or more specifically Grassu075 source http://www.noremorse-trading.com/modules/recordings/public/video.php?details=3604
  9. Requested Tokyo 09

    reuploaded. https://mega.nz/#F!sRUHCJrY!6CuojctoD69Jacnl2XdYkw this time with a bonus - TWAT video excerpt. enjoy!
  10. to be fair, this year was still better than that dreaded 2011 RIR4 "Yellow Raincoat Incident?"
  11. in fact, not only the brazilian Rock in Rio exists, but also other ones, like Rock in Rio Lisboa, which GNR also attended: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_in_Rio so GNR appearances at RIR: 2 (1991), 3 (2001), 4 (2011) and 7 (2017) and RIR Lisboa: 2 (2006). the band was also scheduled to play at RIR Lisboa 1 (2004), but later cancelled it due to Buckethead's departure.
  12. not a bad guide, very close to reality in terms of involved people, a bit messy during the early years and also during 93-2002 era, where the chronology is a bit unfortunate in the article, but otherwise definitely nice. + Fred Coury's temporary replacing of Adler in 1987 should have been mentioned, too. it wasn't an one-off, but a certain number of shows. and if I remember correctly, Duff wasn't considered a GNR member during 2014, so those two situations were quite similar. except Fred Coury has never been a member of the band, Duff was and was going to return permenently again, yes. + maybe they could have included one or two paragraphs about other guys who for example temporarily replaced some GNR member on shows (like Kid Chaos in 1988 etc.), and also some info about guys who left, but joined the band onstage someday later (Izzy, Robin Finck, Adler).
  13. Tokyo 2009 VS Los Angeles 2017

    yes, but overall that show was weird, it lacked something... hard to describe what. maybe it was quite sterile, lacked much of RnR power and feel... was more like some classic rock band show. of course, 1991 US shows top this all, that was proper Guns N' Roses at their best
  14. Tokyo 2009 VS Los Angeles 2017

    easy question. Inglewood 2017 = Mickey (altough to somewhat lesser extent than earlier this year) = no, thanks. Tokyo 2009 = rasp all over it = hell yeah!
  15. Tokyo 2009 VS Los Angeles 2017

    (I've uploaded the Tokyo 09 bootlegs into the Download section, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to put the link here as well https://mega.nz/#F!MQFQRSQb!DczcBGjNC9LxjKrZMjgnvg)