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  1. and what would be the actual point of bringing back some 20 years old songs everybody forgot and even nobody of the band gives a shit? besides trying to monetize everything possible, while admitting own creative death.
  2. Why the negativity towards Axyl and GNR?

    the peak of what the "managumunt" can do, besides taking down fan videos from youtube and threatening other fans:
  3. Why the negativity towards Axyl and GNR?

    there's never enough dosage of Axyl!
  4. Why the negativity towards Axyl and GNR?

    does it still work for impatience if you keep listening to the same BS for over two decades straight? OP really must be new here.
  5. LOL. if you think so, feel free to tag your YT vids and let me know how much time it took for it to be taken down.
  6. they know perfectly what they're doing - they are asking us to help them with takedowns of fan vids. fuck them.
  7. I'm still puzzled about how to integrate the old Razz leaks and Catcher. on one hand, IRS seems to be the exact same take as the one at Rough Mixes 3, also Checkmate leak seems to be the same as Hardschool at Rough Mixes 3. on the other hand, TWAT and Catcher are somewhat different and both noticeably lack one background guitar line, which might make them more "primitive" or just older. on another hand, if we check Rough Mixes (160) disc, the TWAT there again doesn't include that additional guitar line, so that one might just have been used and not used as neccessary. and on even another hand, I think both Razz leaks, old Catcher, March tracks from Rough Mixes and also some later tracks are old Beavan mixes taken as they were (proof? just check the TWAT "Old Beavan Mix" which is exactly the same as TWAT from Rough Mixes 1, which has October 2000 mixing date - weird as hell), and only some newly added Buckethead-influenced tracks are RTB job, plus the stuff from October seems to be newly mixed by RTB (as noted by those Ver.1 etc. notes) - those seem to be the first mixes at Village to me, as I understand the timeline as they only moved to Village sometime in September or October. either way, what a fucking mess.
  8. the google docs sheet linked somewhere above is always the "live" last version, the table in first post of this topic is updated regularly (OK, it's out of date at the moment LOL)
  9. OK so I slowly (very slowly) started the update work on the sheet. I'm still not sure if I should keep IRS by Razz - the track seems to be identical to the Rough Mixes 3 one, but still I kinda feel like I should keep it together with other Razz files... massive thanks to @username for his sort-out job!
  10. 01.01.01 - House Of Blues, Las Vegas, NVattendance: 1,800soundcheck: Welcome To The Jungle, November Rain set: Welcome To The Jungle, It's So Easy, Mr. Brownstone, Live And Let Die, Oh My God, My Michelle, Think About You, You Could Be Mine, Sweet Child O' Mine, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, November Rain, Out Ta Get Me, Rocket Queen, Rhiad And The Bedouins, Chinese Democracy, Patience, The Blues, Nightrain encore: Chicken Binge [Buckethead], Silkworms, Paradise City audio/video recording?: audio, video [pro-shot]notes: Playing his first GN'R show in 7 1/2 years, Axl Rose does not disappoint the sold out crowd of 1800. At 3:32 a.m., a short animation intro is shown on the video screen behind the stage. An animated Axl introduces himself as ‘Uncle Axl’ and the clip is almost a mock of all the press about him in recent years. Robin Finck comes out on stage first and starts strumming the opening chords to 'Welcome To The Jungle' very slowly. The band breaks into the song and so does the athletically-clad Axl. Sporting silver sunglasses, Adidas jogging pants and a Chinese dragon shirt, this older and wiser Axl is better than ever. His vocals are crisp and he still can control a crowd with passion. During songs he is running to the side of the stage to watch the band perform. The band, consisting of Dizzy Reed on keyboards, Paul Tobias on guitar, Tommy Stinson on bass, Robin Finck on guitar, Buckethead on guitar, Bryan 'Brain' Mantia on drums and Chris Pittman on keyboards, prove their validity as a unit throughout each song. They were tight and menacing to the ears of all in attendance. The highlight of the show was a ‘Welcome Back’ chant that started while the band was getting ready to play ‘Patience.’ A smiling and almost-about-to-cry Axl told the crowd that he was “embarrassed.” Consisting of mostly Appetite For Destruction tracks, the set was blistering. ‘Think About You’ was played, which hasn’t been documented as being played since 1986! The new tracks, played for the first time, were full of new sounds that were ready for public consumption. ‘Oh My God’ was reworked and has a new, hard edge that makes you cringe. 'Chinese Democracy' was written by Axl after he saw the movie Kundun, he told the crowd. 'The Blues' has a piano intro that after 10 seconds is injected with heavy guitars. ‘Silkworms’ (the title being told to me by Jeremy of the road crew), was heavily infused by keyboards and pure rock guitars. When he introduced the band, Axl went out of his way to thank Paul for helping him live through the past 8 years. After 'Chinese Democracy,' with Brain playing a short drum solo, Buckethead struts the stage and starts playing nunchuks and throws them into the crowd. He then throws out chocolate roses from a KFC bucket to crowd members (one of which was stolen from me by Mark Roulley!!). Towards the end of the set, Buckethead plays a short, country-western style jam by himself, with Axl dancing and laughing at the side of the stage. After ‘Paradise City,’ Axl thanks the crowd and wishes everyone a happy new year. At 5:36 a.m., after 2 hours and 4 minutes of pure rock & roll and chaos, the show is over, leaving the 1800 concert-goers with their jaws-dropped and craving for more. The band soundchecked at the House of Blues at 6 a.m. on Dec. 31. 01.15.01 - Rock City, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazilattendance: 200,000+opening acts: Pato Fú, Carlinhos Brown, IRA! e Ultraje a Rigor, Papa Roach, Oasissoundcheck: It's So Easy, November Rain, My Michelle, Oh My God, Knockin' On Heaven's Door set: Welcome To The Jungle, It's So Easy, Mr. Brownstone, Live And Let Die, Oh My God, Think About You, You Could Be Mine, Sossego [Robin solo], Sweet Child O' Mine, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Madagascar, Guitar Solo [Buckethead], November Rain, Out Ta Get Me, Rocket Queen, Chinese Democracy, Chicken Binge [Buckethead], Instrumental Jam, The Blues, Patience, Nightrain encore: Instrumental Jam, My Michelle, Silkworms, Paradise City audio/video recording?: video, audionotes: GN'R rocks Rio once again, hitting the stage at 1:40 a.m. in the wee hours of Jan. 15th. The show is preceded by an animation intro [read a transcript of the intro], the same as the Las Vegas, NV [01.01.01] animation intro. During 'It's So Easy,' Axl has a fan kicked out who apparently had been wearing a GN'R=Slash t-shirt and had been taunting Axl. After 'Mr. Brownstone,' Axl speaks through a translator to say that many of the fans are disappointed that past band members are not currently in the band. He says the ex-band members did everything they could so that Axl couldn't be there today, to which Axl says "Fuck that!" He tells the crowd that he is hurt and that unlike Oasis, Axl and his former members couldn't find a way to get along. He then introduces the band and gives a special speech about Paul Tobias, saying that without Paul, there would be no more Guns N' Roses. After 'Think About You,' Axl introduces Brain to lead into 'You Could Be Mine.' After 'You Could Be Mine,' Axl introduces Robin so Robin can speak some Portugese to the audience and play a guitar solo. Before 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door,' Axl mentions that this is a new band and it was time to do a version of the song that was more closer to the original. Unlike the Vegas show, the ending of 'Knockin On Heaven's Door' is extended so the crowd can participate. Axl dedicates 'Madagascar,' a song on which he played guitar, to the love that the Brazilian fans have shown the band. After 'Madagascar,' Axl introduces Buckethead so he can play an instrumental for the crowd, in which he jams on his song 'Big Sur Moon' from his Colma album. Axl introduces Paul during 'Rocket Queen' to play the solo. After 'Rocket Queen,' Axl says that they have only done 1 show before this and that they have already been criticized for doing the "old songs." He goes on to say that one of the reasons they play the old songs is for everyone to see that "This new band can play the fuck out of these songs." He then introduces the band, starting with Buckethead. After 'Chinese Democracy,' Buckethead plays a country-western style jam, which leads into a short instrumental jam. Axl introduces 'Patience' by saying "You might know this song!" After 'Patience,' Axl tells the crowd he used to surf the internet, but to him it seems to be a big garbage can. So he doesn't read the garbage that is written anymore, and he goes on to mention a few names of Argentinian fans that post stuff!! Before 'Silkworms,' Axl tells the crowd that it was written by Dizzy Reed & Chris Pittman. Prior to 'Paradise City,' a Brazilian "Samba School" [Escola de Samba] comes on stage to play for a few minutes. After 'Paradise City,' Axl tells the crowd he has been taken care of by a Brazilian family, specifically Beta, his assistant, and her 3 children. He says that she has been a mother & manager to him, and that she has helped everyone in the band. Beta also was the translator for the night. Axl then tells the crowd the band will "Be back next summer with a whole bunch of new songs!" The band soundchecked on the 14th between 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. 12.29.01 - The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NVattendance: 1,400set: Welcome To The Jungle, It's So Easy, Mr. Brownstone, Live And Let Die, Guitar Solo [Buckethead], Oh My God, Think About You, You Could Be Mine, Sweet Child O' Mine, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Out Ta Get Me, Madagascar, Rocket Queen, November Rain, Chinese Democracy, The Blues, Acoustic Guitar Solo [Buckethead], Patience, Silkworms, My Michelle, Paradise City audio/video recording?: nonotes: A very odd and entertaining show. Unlike the new band’s first show together [1.1.01], GN’R hit the stage early - around 10:52 p.m. and play ‘till about 1 a.m. Axl began the show wearing a #12 Oakland Raiders Rich Gannon jersey. During ‘Welcome To The Jungle,’ Axl gives the finger to some people in the crowd. There were many sound problems early on in the show, with Axl often leaving the stage while the band continued to play. Tommy sang almost all of ‘Oh My God.’ Robin also threw his guitar down during ‘Oh My God,’ obviously enraged by the problems. Axl’s odd presence continued on for the rest of the night, probably since he wasn’t comfortable with his sound-piece. Later on in the show he would yell at his sound guy. Buckethead’s first guitar solo is played pretty much to cover up for the sound difficulties. He played parts of the ‘Star Wars Theme’ and the ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme.’ After ‘Rocket Queen,’ Axl told the crowd about the band’s current status. He talked about how these shows in Vegas were the first ones he wanted to play since the UYI tour. He nonchalantly criticized Doug Goldstein for booking the European 2001 tour without his knowledge, leading Axl to find out about it through the internet! He went on to promise that the band would eventually deliver on the album. All the songs were played straight-through – there was no encore break. The most astonishing thing is that Axl worked through the night’s problems and didn’t let the crowd down by ending the show early. 12.31.01 - The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NVattendance: 1,400set: Welcome To The Jungle, It's So Easy, Mr. Brownstone, Live And Let Die, Oh My God, Think About You, You Could Be Mine, Sweet Child O' Mine, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Madagascar, November Rain, Out Ta Get Me, Guitar Solo [Buckethead], Rocket Queen, Chinese Democracy, Acoustic Guitar Solo [Buckethead], Patience, The Blues, Silkworms, My Michelle, Nightrain encore: Paradise City audio/video recording?: nonotes: Another New Year’s gig in Vegas – GN’R hit the stage around 11:05 p.m. and plays ‘till about 1:15 a.m. The band is in a much more relaxed mood, most likely due to the lack of sound difficulties. Early in the show Axl wore a #44 Florida St. Seminoles football jersey. This show definitely had a harder edge to it – the band wanted to prove that the 12.29 show was a fluke. Everyone was on fire – Axl hitting all his vocals and both lead guitarists shredding every note! One of the night’s highlights was a flawless performance of ‘Oh My God’ – something that hadn’t been pulled off in the band’s previous three gigs. Often during the show Axl would run off to the side of the stage when he wasn’t singing – he was really enjoying watching the band nail every song! At 11:54 p.m. – 6 minutes before the new year – Earl [Axl’s bodyguard] notified Axl that it was close to midnight – the band then launched into an amazing version of ‘Madagascar.’ The song finished exactly at midnight at which point the stage screens showed the Vegas strip live. Confetti was then shot off into the crowd for a few minutes and Axl started to play piano, which eventually led into ‘November Rain.’ During Buckethead’s guitar solo, he played parts of the ‘Star Wars Theme,’ a little of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ and also a little of Van Halen’s ‘Eruption.’ After the solo, Axl came onstage and joked, “I think Darth is in the house tonight!” After ‘My Michelle,’ Axl thanked the crowd for coming. Again he mentioned that these Vegas shows were the first gigs he wanted to play in a very long time. At this point a fan in the crowd – you know who you are Mark Roulley – threw a handmade towel onto the stage that said “Celebrity Deathmatch was fixed!” Axl got a huge laugh out of this, as did Tommy. At the end of ‘Paradise City,’ Axl screamed, “TWO-THOUSAND-FUCKIN’-TWO! LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, GOOD… FUCKIN’… NIGHT!!!” (via gnrontour.com)
  11. the funny or sad thing (depending on from your point of view) is, that if the last option is most likely, it still doesn't make much difference. being permanently abused by mentally ill "so-called fans" or "so-called management" doesn't make a huge difference in the end.
  12. just trying to clear out all the layers of BS which are coming every day from every direction + I've been mislead and shat upon by those persons and my close friends have been attacked and harmed by them, sometimes even in a very serious and disgusting personal way - so I'm just doing what I consider right and doing so that those persons eventually get what they fully deserve.
  13. no, it's just general thing. yes, there are some people particularly targeted because the people who do the takedowns hate them cuz they shared like crazy, but that's about it - anything GNR and GNR related besides the official GNR channel is targeted for takedown.