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  1. most great guitarists from the 80's or 90's play like poop nowadays. including Zakk. as much as I adore his playing at Book of Shadows and also like his playing on Ozzmosis for example, I think his stuff since 2000 is shitty.
  2. I knew that. the same mental fucker as in the other cases. but it won't take long muscular inmates will stretch his asshole regularly.
  3. I've been saying already for a week or so - the AFD tracks are nice, but the three bonus tracks from Lies are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!
  4. there's nothing like "Izzy channel" or "Steven channel". there's only (for example) Front Right channel, Front Left channel and so on. all depends on how the mixing guy mixed the thing together. there's a big difference between AFD tracks and the bonus tracks, as each of the mixing guys prefers mixing stuff differently.
  5. updated a little bit, and fixed some terrible bugs made during shuffling up the Lies sessions
  6. yes, and this is one of the reasons (as I already explained elsewhere numerous times), that these "isolated tracks" are NOT purely isolated stems for vocals and other instruments, but just separated channels with whatever the mixing guy included into each of them.
  7. fake advert about fake flyers. bizzarre.
  8. or "See me hit you, You fall down... GET THAT GUY OUTTA HERE! THAT GUY RIGHT THERE! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME MR. SECURITYMAN? THAT GUY - GONE! YEAH, THROW HIM. HAND ME THAT SHIRT. THANK YOU. Ya get nothin' for nothin', if that's what ya do..."
  9. maybe they just didn't consider it "good enough" or didn't fit into HR style (all 5 tracks that ended up on The Roots release have kinda similar style, BOB is very different), or they consider it more like Paul's song and only played it live as a "cover originally co-written by Paul back in Lafayette" (funny!)
  10. huh. I heard the former, at least I vaguely remember so. but that Izzy thing is very "new" to me
  11. if there's a multi-channel version of that, yes. I have some FLAC file, sourced reportedly from Blu-ray, but it's stereo (no idea if downmixed or it was only a stereo track on the Blu-ray itself). so... good luck with that
  12. these are NOT like the Rock Band isolated stems, that is NOT isolated instruments or vocals. this is a different thing, this is an isolated CHANNEL, with whatever mix it has. sometimes there's just vocals, sometimes not. this is a multi-channel mix, not isolated instruments. understand: the surround Blu-ray doesn't have separate instruments in its channel, it rather has differently mixed music in each channel. that's why you can't get isolated instrument tracks from the Blu-ray, but rather separated channels (and that is pretty easy, by extracting the multi-channel audio, you can easily split it into mono channels).