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  1. it is That Something here's a compilation of various quotes I gathered back in the day on various forums. credits probably go to Limulus and Dark Globe if he still lurks somewhere out there. ================================================================================================================ That track is a fake [note by zombux: this quote is not related to "Taxi Driver"]. The only legit Hollywood Rose songs available besides those on the Roots album are "That Something" and "Cold Hard Cash." There are actually two versions of "That Something" out there, but one does not feature Axl. It is unclear whether it is Hollywood Rose with another guy singing (perhaps Izzy) or a completely different band. Likely it is HR with another singer, as that version appeared months before the Axl version surfaced. === As far as I know (and this includes information passed down from drummer Johnny Kreis, bassist Rick Mars and guitarist Chris Weber), the only HR songs currently out there are: Killing Time My Way-Your Way (AKA Anything Goes) Rocker Shadow Of Your Love Wreckless (AKA Reckless Life) That Something Cold Hard Cash Other HR song titles include: Hollywood Girls Beat On My Head Back Off Bitch (used by GN'R) International Boys Rock 'N Rose! Those titles are taken from the setlist photo in the Roots album liner notes. Chris Weber spoke of Beat On My Head in an interview available at http://www.geocities.com/rattlesnake_suitcase/rsshock89.htm and that is likely the full title of "--at On" on the setlist. International Boys has been a title circulating for years and that is likely the full name of "International" on the setlist. Correct me if I'm wrong rockerroller, but you are just giving titles, not claiming to have recordings, right? === Just to clear up the confusion regarding Hollywood Rose recordings, the following is a summary of what is out there, compiled by myself and Limulus (mostly Limulus). Anything else currently out there is fake. The first indication of a Hollywood Rose recording came when HR drummer Johnny Kreis posted a picture of a demo tape on his website at http://www.laserfire.com/hollywoodrose/images/tape.jpg and suggested he may release some audio from it. The tape is titled “Rose” (HR’s original name) and the track list includes: My Way-Your Way; Shadow Of Your Love; Wreckless. Next, in late summer 2002, an eBay seller claiming to be Kreis sold a CD with four tracks on it. The tracks included: My Way-Your Way; Shadow Of Your Love; Wreckless; Taxi Driver. Initially, Taxi Driver was thought to be a Hanoi Rocks cover. After it was discovered to be a different song that did not feature Axl, the track was assumed to be a fake. It was later confirmed to be a recording of That Something, although it is unclear whether it is another singer with HR (perhaps Izzy) or a completely different band on the recording. When confronted about the eBay sale in late summer 2002, Kreis denied being the seller. He made a CD-R of his tape and a 128-kbps MP3 rip of it was circulated. The quality of this rip was significantly better than that on the eBay seller’s CD. This rip included only the three songs listed on the tape pic. Next, bassist Rick Mars appeared on eBay selling an eight-track version of the demo, including: My Way-Your Way; Shadow Of Your Love; Wreckless; Rocker; Killing Time; Killing Time; That Something; <untitled track>. On July 4, 2003, he sold it for $114.50 and shortly thereafter relisted it. On October 4, 2003, the second auction brought in only $27, and the buyer then auctioned it on a Japanese auction site where Aces High bought it and immediately began marketing the demo as “Hairspray Heroes: Early Works Of Guns N’ Roses – Hell Revisited Part II,” which was released in December 2003. The quality of these recordings was worse than the prior two releases. The second recording of Killing Time was a 1:09 clip of a different recording of the song. The version of That Something, which includes only guitar and vocals, did in fact include Axl and is the same exact song as "Taxi Drive" from the first eBay seller. The untitled track, also featuring guitar and vocals only, was later confirmed to be Cold Hard Cash. The fourth source of HR recordings came from guitarist Chris Weber, who took the sixteen-track masters and remixed them in 2003-04 for release as “Hollywood Rose – The Roots Of Guns N’ Roses.” The album, which was released on June 1, 2004, in the U.S., included: Killing Time; Anything Goes (formerly My Way-Your Way); Rocker; Shadow Of Your Love; Reckless Life (formerly Wreckless). The album also included two remixes of each song, one by Gilby Clarke and one by Fred Coury. The Japanese release of the album included a bonus interview DVD with Chris Weber (recorded December 17, 2003) and Tracii Guns (recorded January 21, 2004) that was 71:52 minutes long. The DVD featured 2:18 minutes of HR video footage, including an eight-second live clip (27:12-27:20) and clips from demo videos for Shadow Of Your Love (27:21-28:53) and My Way-Your Way (28:54-29:14 and 29:15-29:30). The demo videos were recorded in a back yard and feature the band playing along with a cassette of their demo. The audio from all of these video clips was overdubbed with the Chris Weber interview and subtitles were inserted all over the place. (Note that in the introduction to the DVD, there are some heavily manipulated still shots that are also likely derived from one of the demo videos.) This release is by far the best quality of all the HR audio recordings out there. In July 2004, VH1 finally aired Behind The Music: Guns N' Roses. During the HR segment, the show featured three clips totaling twelve seconds of footage from the demo video for My Way-Your Way. The clips were cut with other period footage from L.A. (possibly also from an HR bootleg, but more likely from canned news footage). While there were no subtitles on the clips, the audio was again overdubbed, this time by the show’s announcer, former manager Vicky Hamilton and Steven Adler. Note that at least some of this footage was NOT included on the Japanese DVD. On January 18, 2006, a poster at Metal Sludge names dr_loaded posted two new HR recordings in MP3 format: a 17-minute rehearsal session in which the band plays Anything Goes/<unknown>/Cold Hard Cash/<unknown> and a live performance of Killing Time. At the end of the live performance, someone says "We're Rose," suggesting the performance was before the official name change from Rose to Hollywood Rose (i.e. April 1984 or before). As for the researsal, dating it is next to impossible, other than to note that the band is working on arranging the songs, suggesting it took place in late 1983 or early 1984 when the band first started. Overall, it appears that the three main tracks on the first three releases of the demo are all the same mix and that the quality differences are attributable to tape generation and condition of the source cassette. The fourth release, which also appears to be the same recording, is sourced from the sixteen-track masters, not a mix from back in the day. So what else is out there? Chris Weber said at http://web.telia.com/~u43120602/mfintervju146.html that "There´s no more of this and in this format. No more high quality sixteen track masters laying around. I do have some songs on video and other stuff, but I really don´t have an intent of doing anything with it." **Edited to include dates and fix the story a bit.** === Redman said... Your Looks Are Gone is NOT Hollywood Rose, it's some other washed up 80's has beens - there was debate on this track years ago and it is NOT Axl or Hollywood Rose. Shadow Of Your Love, My Way Your Way, Rocker, and Reckless are more than likely from the Hollywood Rose CD (There are different versions floating about, but they're all from the same source master) American Band, Rock n' Roll, are just live covers from the early GNR era (Not HR once again) Out of Control sounds like a new title to me, but might be That Something, since you've got Cold Hard Cash Seem to just be missing the short version of Rocker. Here's a great breakdown of the Hollywood Rose stuff that's legit out there; Rose/Hollywood Rose Songs: Unknown ['Rose 1983 Demo Tape' CD] (Summer 2002): My Way Your Way 4:51 - early 'Anything Goes' Shadow Of Your Love 2:52 - not to be confused with B-Side or the two 'Live From The Jungle' versions Wreckless 4:41 - early 'Reckless Life' That Something (w/o Axl) 4:46 - aka 'Taxi Driver' Johnny Kries Demo Tape Rip CD-R (Late Summer 2002): My Way Your Way same as above Shadow Of Your Love same as above Wreckless same as above Rick Mars 8-Track Versions CD (July 2003): My Way Your Way same as above Shadow Of Your Love same as above Wreckless same as above Rocker 3:33 Killing Time 3:25 Killing Time #2 1:09 That Something (with Axl) 5:26 Cold Hard Cash 4:22 dr_loaded [Metal-Sludge mp3s] (January 2006): Killing Time (Live ??/??/??) 4:10 - unknown date & location Rehearsal Tape (My Way, Your Way & Cold Hard Cash) 16:48 - unknown date June 18, 2009 at 10:54 AM === ***note by zombux: For some reason, at some bootlegs, That Something is also called Out of Control, and Cold Hard Cash is also called Cold Hearted.***
  2. I agree with the post slighly above - the late 2006 versions (right after Bumble added the fills and the song returned to the setlists) were the best ones. BUT I also have to say - I love the old Bloody Roses remaster. I'm not sure which TWO performances were used to make this blend - probably Pittsburgh and Boston 2002, but it might have been other shows. but the final mix has TWO Bucketheads in there. mindblowing shit.
  3. Kings Of Chaos Nightrain

    I can't stand the Myles guy, sorry. but of course, these performances are nice. I almost want to say - meanwhile during the 2013 GNR tour that nobody even bothered to bootleg (I think there are 3 audio and 1 video recordings from the whole 2013 tour and besides 2014 Brazil shows and Revolver Golden Gods awars only one more bootleg from 2014, and that is extremely bad).
  4. do it, it's a bit different from the previous ones, not that "rock n' roll-ish", but more laid back, sometimes even a bit darker, and I didn't really like it on first listenings, but it grew up on me. still I consider Make Some Noise the best one, with Revolución a close second, and the debut also close third.
  5. I really like John Corabi and the Daisies! will check this one later, but already it sounds promising! I wonder if you talked about the covers that John was singing on the tribute album called A Rock Tribute To GNR... I think it was Patience and UTLH. Gilby Clarke and Tracii Guns were playing guitars on that, drums were made by Randy Castillo. the album was released after Randy's eath, if I remember that correctly.
  6. this might be a clear miss, but aren't those alternate tracks just the solos and jams? because in 2006, they did some instrumental jam between songs, that later turned out to be ITW. and Axl has been playing piano parts of Prostitute since 2002.
  7. just checked some RIR2 footage by random, it was the RIR2 first night, first ever performance of Estranged. Izzy's camera presence = about 2 seconds. Axl is whispering something into his ear, by watching his lips it looks like "fuck off", and Izzy nods. weird shit
  8. @RONIN, you summed up the whole thing very well! I have one small chip to add - GNR released very little live stuff officially, but on LALD single, you can actually find LALD live version from Wembley 91 - Izzy's last show with GNR (not counting his later returns and guest appearances). not many people seem to know that, altough I'm sure every Izzy fan does
  9. I totally agree with you. Axl hasn't worked on any GNR material since about later 2010.
  10. by implication... ehh... does that also mean that... ehh... Fortus is the old Slash?
  11. so... are they "looking very seriously at things" again, or are they still doing that without interruptions? I'm confused.
  12. yes, if I remember well that Dave was asked but failed to show up multiple times so they weren't interested anymore and got Gilby.