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  1. yeah, same with Yetti. many people claim to have seen it, but zero real proofs, you know.
  2. nice list. I like to see it from a bit different perspective, while still being strictly chronological. my internal OCD likes this
  3. First time CD tracks were played

    yeah. and also if you told me in February 2006, when Better first leaked, that it will have 450 live plays in 2019 and a huge number with Slash, I'd be laughing hard.
  4. First time CD tracks were played

    yes, but interestingly, Rhiad was only played during 2001 and 2002 shows, not in later years, unlike all other ChiDem songs.
  5. First time CD tracks were played

    correct. https://www.setlist.fm/stats/guns-n-roses-7bd69e24.html
  6. Lots of old Recordings

    good. so that means Izzy and Duff were in 1995 writing both for GNR and Izzy solo album, correct?
  7. First time CD tracks were played

    it was the first show. so GREAT! "wait wait say that again..." - "I'm having a really good fucking time, are you?" - "You have no idea how much that meant" one of the most intense GNR moments ever.
  8. Lots of old Recordings

    I'm not really sure if exactly *for GNR* but he was definitely writing with Duff. (remember Duff was featured on most Izzy solo albums, and definitely on all of them in the 90's) from wiki: In 1995, Stradlin began recording material for his second solo album, 117°.[6] Released in March 1998, the album was recorded in fits and starts over a period of two years and featured his former band mates Duff McKagan and Rick Richards
  9. Lots of old Recordings

    I don't remember, it must have been some old interview with Duff about Izzy (?), maybe @SoulMonster will be the right guy to ask. and damn, demos with Steve Stevens and Billy Idol - that must be the original "Neurotic Boy Outsiders" demos, before the lineup changed to the "classic Neurotic Outsiders" lineup. fuck. oh well. I guess these tapes are as lost as Beautiful Disease (yeah, I know that it eventually got out as a promo copy, but still - it's not an official release).
  10. Lots of old Recordings

    I only had "10 pieces including DBTO/DBTS" included, so I added the other two titles with more accurate date April 18 1995 - I think here I can safely assume that those were the same sessions.
  11. depends on how intensively you use Pro Tools, Auto-Tune and other "stuff"
  12. Lots of old Recordings

    @Slapshot61 I wonder if you at least made a thorough list of all that was written on the reel labels and probably can share that. would be nice to have such list of stuff - that's not really considered copyrighted or anything, right?
  13. Lots of old Recordings

    @Blackstar & others: are there some GNR related sessions in the labels, that could fit into the recordings sheet? I'm looking at the photo that was removed from here, but I can't really find anything relevant, all the stuff looks like side projects... or not?