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  1. Part of the GNR legend/lore is the "what if" aspect to the band's history. People are attracted and pulled to the band because of the "man, they were awesome and it sucks that they split up so fast." If they stick around and put out some above-average albums, does that make the band a little less appealing to talk about and opine with regards to the abstract and purely subjective "greatness" conversation? There's definitely an argument to be made. However, this is purely for the general rock fans sector of the discussion. As diehard fans, we would be much much much happier. Then again, if GNR put out 3-4 more above-average albums and finished with a lengthier discography that was a little more of a slow decline to irrelevance, then it's possible that some of the diehard fans wouldn't actually be diehard fans. Again, part of what makes GNR attractive (to at least some people) is the rollercoaster ride.
  2. Greatest Hits V.2 1. Welcome to the Jungle 2. It's So Easy 3. Patience 4. Don't Cry 5. Mr. Brownstone 6. Paradise City 7. Civil War 8. Better 9. Sweet Child of Mine 10. Yesterdays 11. Rocket Queen 12. November Rain 13. Coma 14. Fall to Pieces 15. Estranged I had a tough time deciding between a Fall to Pieces cover or a second song off ChiDem. Went with the former as something unreleased for fans.
  3. Why are you denying a Saints fan another chance to talk about the travesty that was the NOLA No Call? I kid, obviously. All seriousness: I don't think Axl cares about a national audience. He'll put on an average-to-above average performance and Slash/nostalgia will carry the band to a solid showing. That has been par the course for GNR in the NITL tour, and there's no sense it'll stop anytime soon.
  4. I'd be absolutely stunned if FOX aired It's So Easy or Mr. Brownstone (given the contexts and lyrics of those two songs) on national, cable television. A chopped-up highlight reel of Jungle, KOHD, November Rain, Sweet Child, Paradise City, etc., seems like a safer bet.
  5. I was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts with a grey blanked wrapped around my shoulders.
  6. This was an awesome show. I was there. About 3 people from the front railing. My back was in severe pain at around 7 p.m. and at 9:30 (halfway through GNR's set) I was ready to throw in the towel. Then I looked behind me and saw 1,000 people between me and freedom. So I stuck it out. We had either drizzling or a torrential downpour the entire time. Honestly, it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. To sit it out in the rain and get that payoff was just awesome. My God, they were on fucking fire. They were legit on fire. Even SCOM didn't sound bad. I've seen them three times and this was the best of the three. They just seemed tight. I usually dislike Axl's "Slither" performance but this one was really good. There was a girl about two people in front and two to the left. She was dead center on the stage. Axl smiled and waved at her at least three times during the show when she was taking pictures with her digital camera. She was star-struck. Legit star-struck every time. It was awesome. Axl was great. Someone gave me a warm White Claw right before the setlist started. If that person is on the forum, thank you.
  7. 100% Parkway Tavern is the spot to go. Shortstop Poboys off Airline is also good because they have cane sugar soda
  8. I'll be at the show (New Orleans is my home town so I'm flying in Thursday) if anyone wants to meet up at the festival. Also if you're looking for good spots to eat, Port of Call has a great burger. And don't miss out on walking around the Super Dome on Sunday if you're still in the city then. The Saints are at home this week and it's always a scene there.
  9. To me, Axl just sounds kind of whiny in these songs. Especially this one and Perhaps.
  10. Pretty sure the person who joked that they knew someone to help write songs was sarcastically referencing Izzy. Like, I'm about 86% sure on that.
  11. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    Wonder if Myles joins them for a song or two.
  12. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Their Sympathy for the Devil cover is really good.
  13. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    "Fall to Pieces" is better than any song on Chinese Democracy and, if it was a GNR song, it would be one of their 10 best. "Don't Cry" is a good comparison for it, and "Fall to Pieces" is the better song of the two. Axl sounded AWFUL on "Slither." This probably isn't an unpopular opinion. I'd take Scott Weiland's voice from the mid-2000's over Axl's voice right now. I understand that they "have" to play Sweet Child at shows, but from a quality perspective, they shouldn't. Axl can't sing it properly. Same for "Paradise City." I have no real desire to see them live ever again unless they release new music. Even then, I'm not sure it's worth it in 2019.