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  1. Some of us have followed this circus closely for 15 years. Verdict: Slash's comments are truly worrying. If they decided to start the new album process this fall, the album would be out for Christmas 2020 at the earliest. And there is no indication that this is the case. Our best chance of getting anything sooner, is if Axl releases CDII. But that was due out in 2010, so I guess we can't even begin to fathom how "complicated" this shit is. Axl always hides behind the fact that all the complications surrounding GNR are 10000000x worse than any other band, but by every logic such a world view only falls back on himself. I have no doubts whatsoever, that Axl's grudge with the rec company could be a "small" thing like their refusal to pay for a big music video. And because of some little detail like this, they have been in a stand off since 2009. The other possibility, of course, is that there are no issues with the record company at all, and that this much used explanation is just a convenient excuse used by fans to intentionally/unintentionally hide the sad truth.
  2. According to these guys, it has been finished incl. art work for months...
  3. I didnt say title is CD2. Thats just what we always refer to it as. I didnt mention the boards name, because I thought it was illegal in here.
  4. According to another message board, GnR are planning to announce the release within 3-4 weeks. Can anyone here share some insight?
  5. Slash interview Classic Rock magazine

    I promise you this: Slash decides fuck all in GnR
  6. Slash interview Classic Rock magazine

    Same story since the last 20 years. The earliest possible scenario is christmas 2019. Maybe the year after.
  7. Been a member since 2005. Lost interest in speculation CD in 2009. Lost interest in speculation 2010. Losing interest in GnR as we speak. Concerts are ok, but everything else is a total waste of time.
  8. I am 0% interested in SMKP, but I think it's silly to bash Myles, basically just because he is not Axl. Singing GnR music in a band alongside Smash, is a lose/lose situation for the singer.
  9. Ok. Back to discussing "leaks" captured with a good old Nokia or Ericsson mobile ten years ago. Or do like me and many other: Live instead.
  10. Anyone in the Golden Circle?
  11. Original AFD Artwork Debate

    Wow... Is this what this forum has become?
  12. If Axl was in great shape, he would improve a lot. But he is doing okay for the most parts as it is.
  13. So fine and Breakdown would be awesome. So fine is signature Duff to me.
  14. The most surprising thing to me is that this huge advertisement effort came out of the blue. No leaked info, no insiders etc.
  15. After 36 years on planet earth, I have come to the following conclusion: There's absolutely no point in discussing with people who hold polar opposite views. It's a waste of time for both parties. Right or wrong is irrelevant.