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  1. All valid questions, ha. Diet is a huge part of him wanting to get in shape, so we will see how that part of it goes. I do remember him working out/kickboxing in the gym before my first show in Vegas with his former bodyguard on 12/29/01..back when I was still a teenager. I remember he was getting after it and Betas daughter was guarding the door from onlookers, such as myself.
  2. The same source I had to tell you guys that GN’Rs appearance at Louder than Life was confirmed days before they confirmed it, has also told me one other “little” detail. Axl had one specific request in order to play this show in Louisville. He requested a gym to be constructed to fulfill his needs prior to the show. The people running the show, of course, obliged to his request. I’m hoping this means he has been hitting the gym hard and getting in shape, compared to lightly “hitting” the gym like he was previously. I figured you guys would be interested in this little tidbit of information, so I wanted to pass it along.
  3. After the long IRS like scream, between the 2:30-2:35 mark, where he is coming down a little, his voice synchronizes perfectly with the guitar. I’ve listened to this song in the shower, in the car, forcefully in my wife’s car, etc. I love it, absolutely love it. Especially that bit of the song, before he starts firing on all cylinders in full rasp mode towards the end.
  4. What insiders? Where did you hear this at?
  5. Listened to the leaks, not bad. I wonder what happened to "Seven" with Beltrami, unless it was named something else at some point. With all of the orchestration they talked about with that song, I think it could be one of the greats. Also, I've read through quite a few pages, but I'm still not sure how these got out initially. I know that the leaker wants 15k for everything, but I'm guessing these are just snippets to get the juices flowing, before he releases everything or did he say he WAS going to release everything at some point? I just keep refreshing and was curious.
  6. I was told Snoop would be there, but they got it mixed up with Ice Cube..haha. How do you get those two mixed up?
  7. The only other thing I've heard about the festival, is that Snoop Dogg will also be there. ha
  8. Trying to figure out if VIP is worth it. I'm reading that you have front access to the Oak Stage if you buy VIP, but is this where Guns will be playing, since they will have three stages going? I'm about to pull the trigger, but I think that makes or breaks it being worth it.
  9. Like I said days ago, it’s happening. Hopefully a start of a new set list, and a new SINGLE.
  10. Headliner will be announced on Thursday.
  11. Slash played at Louder than Life a few years back in Louisville, KY and again with GN'R in 2017. I think he put in a good word for our city, because of the awesome reception that he received when he was here. A ton of high end bands have headlined the festival, and it continues to get bigger each year. I was pumped for NIN coming last year, but since it was flooded out, we never got a chance to see them. We also have Bourbon and Beyond coming up with the Foo Fighters headlining that festival this year, and I know that Louder than Life are trying to top them in terms of who they have. GN'R would be a huge get, and the rumor has been circulating for a good while now. Just hoping that we get that new single debut!!
  12. The festival is on different grounds this year. No chance of that happening this time.
  13. It’s happening. This is where I live, and a couple of people have slipped up on the announcement.