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  1. 2001 1-1-01 Las Vegas shirt

    Cleared out some storage space. Try it again, guy.
  2. 2001 1-1-01 Las Vegas shirt

    Yes, I would trade/sell some of my items. You can PM me on here, and we can work something out. I had trouble uploading pictures on here before, so it might be easier that way.
  3. I'd like to get a size Large if possible. I have a ton of shirts from this era and older for trade, as well as lithographs. I've traded on here before, and would love to again. Thanks
  4. I have a couple of the St. Louis posters/lithographs that a friend picked up at the show with me. He wants to ebay it, but I figured I would throw it out there if someone wants one before he puts it on there. Just let me know..
  5. The solo that kicks in around the 30 second mark is unreal. It blends in perfectly with the orchestration. I can't wait to hear a studio version of this...I'm a huge fan of movie scores, like Axl, and I loved the direction he was going in with this material. It makes me want "Seven" w/ Marco Beltrami even more. Good stuff here.
  6. I just saw where you said “no known recording”, which we haven’t seen yet, but we do know it was recorded/pro-shot. The only sound problems were when his mic went out on Oh My God, and when Finck threw his guitar out of frustration...other than that, the show was the best I’ve ever seen. It was my first show at 17 years old, and I’ve seen every lineup since. Silk Worms is an entirely different animal live, and it was played to perfection that night.
  7. They have a recording of the 12/29/01 show somewhere. I was there, and they had guys filming the entire show. Axl was on top of his game, as I’ve stated before, and THIS show would be the holy grail for sure.
  8. I have to find these. I’ve been searching for hours! Ahhh
  9. Dkdkd I meant to put that I haven’t heard the studio cuts. I think Silk Worms would be awesome!
  10. It won’t let me upload pics from my phone on here for some reason..I’ll have to try it from my Mac.
  11. As soon as I get back in town, I will post pics of the shirt(s). Sorry it's taking so long, but I will get them up in the next couple of days.
  12. Yes, it’s the same shirt that they sold at both shows. You can pm me pics of what you have if that works.
  13. I bought the Buckethead G&R shirt (says G&R) on the back, at the Columbus, OH 2002 show. I haven't seen it for sale or listed anywhere since. I remember the merch guy telling me that they made a very limited run of these shirts, so I was seeing if anyone was interested in trading...hopefully for the 1-1-01 shirt or maybe something similar. I have shirts form the 12/29/01 show as well, with the entire band names listed, including Buckethead. Just wanted to throw it out there...thanks.
  14. They sounded phenomenal, and Axl was still extremely mobile, even on the small stage. He was sounding killer on “Oh My God”, before his mic went out and he preceded to throw a tantrum backstage (I was up front on the side, so from my angle, I could see him stomping the hell out of the microphone). My dad was with me, and oddly enough, he thought Silk Worms was unbelievable live, in which it was. He still asks about it to this day, if it will ever come out ha..Axl still had the six pack going, and obviously cared a bit more about his physical appearance during this time period. I remember sneaking down to the gym at around 3am the night before, and Axl was training/kickboxing with his old bodyguard and Vanessa was keeping watch at the door. I’ve seen plenty of shows over the years since then, but the 12/29/01 show is by far the best I’ve ever seen by anyone ever.
  15. My first show was the 12/29/01 show in Vegas, when I was 17. Let me tell you, Axl WAS more inspired then, than he was now with Axl/DC. I know he has some good stuff in the vault from this period. I really want to hear SEVEN or THE GENERAL the most... I would pay to hear what he has been holding back all of these years for sure, but not quite that much.