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  1. Let me know if you do or if I can find a way to access a presale password please!
  2. Can anyone PM me a Nightrain or Citi presale code? I will owe you one! I want to take my ten year old son to his first GN’R concert in Indy.
  3. Any idea if the album is just the Chinese leftovers with a mix of newly recorded material? I figured this was what we would get, but I don't want the Chinese sessions material going to waste..
  4. It’s happening. I heard on 95.7, in Louisville, that an announcement of a stadium run is happening within the next week.
  5. @troccoli hey I tried to message you on here, but it won’t let me. I also sent you an email to your Hotmail account. Could you message me on here or at jathur02@gmail.com? Thanks

    1. troccoli


      Will check the email right now.

    2. troccoli


      I also just deleted a bunch of messages in my inbox, sorry about that!

  6. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    I’m thinking of driving down from Louisville, KY for this. Will the weather be decent hopefully? Is it looking to be a decent amount of people going for Sunday night? I’m hoping it’ll be a little more tame, since I’m thinking of bringing my ten year old along. I just don’t want him to miss school the next day! Any good hotels in the area? I really don’t want to drive back to KY right after the show.
  7. Locomotive! Sounding great so far, wow! I’m jealous, very very jealous of the people witnessing this for the first time in 27 years.
  8. Forgot to add, I liked the fact that Axl said “takes you guys a little while to warm up, just like me.” He starting singing his ass off right after he made this statement..not by 2002 Axl standards, but damn good for it being 2019..
  9. Show was great. Obviously, Axl was 40 minutes late, but I'm pretty sure it was due to him getting dropped off in a helicopter. It landed right outside of the venue about 15 minutes before they took the stage and they had to clear out some people behind the stage for some reason, before the show started. It reminded me of waiting for 2.30 hours for Axl to come out at the Columbus, 2002 show. Axl didn't start out too strong and seemed winded. I noticed him spitting a lot between songs, but he eventually warmed up and sounded pretty good on the classics. I'm still a little bummed they cut "This I Love" from the set, but at least they are playing Madagascar (for the second straight time in Louisville). I tried to make my way up near where the mic lands after he throws it out during Paradise City, but someone above five people to the right of me ended up catching it. I tried to buy it off of him, but he wouldn't budge. All and all a great show, but hopefully he doesn't make being more than 30 minutes late a habit again. If you read most of the reviews on the Louder Than Life page, that's what people are complaining about the most. Well done, Axl, now bring on some new tunes.
  10. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    I guess I’m the only one that loves “This I Love” live. He belts out some long notes in the middle/at the end that are usually on point. Hopefully he brings it back to the setlist for Louisville as well as the rest of the tour.
  11. All valid questions, ha. Diet is a huge part of him wanting to get in shape, so we will see how that part of it goes. I do remember him working out/kickboxing in the gym before my first show in Vegas with his former bodyguard on 12/29/01..back when I was still a teenager. I remember he was getting after it and Betas daughter was guarding the door from onlookers, such as myself.
  12. The same source I had to tell you guys that GN’Rs appearance at Louder than Life was confirmed days before they confirmed it, has also told me one other “little” detail. Axl had one specific request in order to play this show in Louisville. He requested a gym to be constructed to fulfill his needs prior to the show. The people running the show, of course, obliged to his request. I’m hoping this means he has been hitting the gym hard and getting in shape, compared to lightly “hitting” the gym like he was previously. I figured you guys would be interested in this little tidbit of information, so I wanted to pass it along.
  13. After the long IRS like scream, between the 2:30-2:35 mark, where he is coming down a little, his voice synchronizes perfectly with the guitar. I’ve listened to this song in the shower, in the car, forcefully in my wife’s car, etc. I love it, absolutely love it. Especially that bit of the song, before he starts firing on all cylinders in full rasp mode towards the end.
  14. What insiders? Where did you hear this at?
  15. Listened to the leaks, not bad. I wonder what happened to "Seven" with Beltrami, unless it was named something else at some point. With all of the orchestration they talked about with that song, I think it could be one of the greats. Also, I've read through quite a few pages, but I'm still not sure how these got out initially. I know that the leaker wants 15k for everything, but I'm guessing these are just snippets to get the juices flowing, before he releases everything or did he say he WAS going to release everything at some point? I just keep refreshing and was curious.