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  1. I love Taylor Hawkins, wouldn’t mind seeing him in Guns, but I’m glad he stayed in Foo Fighters. His solo albums are worth checking out, too.
  2. That’s kind of why I asked my question. Thanks for the answer, by the way @Powerage5
  3. Question about these Village CDs, the locker leaks, apart from the Quick Song disc, how many of these songs, if any, have Buckethead on them?
  4. CD 2008 vs CD 2001

    I’ve gotta go with 2001 based on the mixes we’ve heard and the unreleased songs. I’d definitely add Oh My God, maybe skip Silkworms. The music is pretty cool, but the lyrics are atrocious.
  5. Ask Staff Anything!

    Is there an issue with signatures? Mine is just showing ezgif-4-1cccd19b3a45_zpspi4rjrcr.gif and I can't edit my signature, either. Never mind, I managed to get it fixed.
  6. Question: Why are rehearsal recordings frowned upon? Were these recorded by a third party or were they recorded by the band and somehow got out?
  7. Not asking for a leak or a link to a leak, but I am asking if anyone has all 15 images of the CDs. Mods/admins please don't give me a warning or suspension if this isn't allowed, I know the images were posted on here, I just can't seem to find them.
  8. Oh man, I didn't realize your post was that old.
  9. So the 1999 Appetite wasn't leaked in the last few weeks? Good, I don't think I've missed anything, then.
  10. Ok that makes sense. I just read the list of all known songs and was surprised to see that one there. I didn't remember seeing it in the locker discussion.
  11. I'll say it's real for now. Doesn't sound the greatest from 13 seconds. Wasn't the Checkmate leak around the same length? It was definitely more interesting than this. Is State of Grace a title we've heard before? I don't seem to recall it.
  12. Lost it at Brian May’s solos are mine and mine alone.
  13. So far I’m not feeling Atlas Shrugged too much. Maybe if I heard more. Liking Hardschool or Checkmate or Jackie Chan or whatever the hell it’s called.