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  1. Better Call Saul

    Each season premier, I want more of Gene/Saul post Breaking Bad, but it fades after an episode or two. Now that they did with the opening of S4E5 has me jonesing for more Saul post BrBa.
  2. Who is the greatest one album band?

    Not even a big fan of the Sex Pistols, but I gotta go with them.
  3. Better Call Saul

    I couldn't find a thread (really?) Season four is really picking up.
  4. Star Wars IX Thread

    Resistance looks awful. I never was able to get into Rebels. I liked Clone Wars though.
  5. I think parts of VII and VIII would have made a good VII. The Last Jedi is alright, I still prefer the prequels over the sequels any day though.
  6. What is the rarest/most collectable album you own?

    According to discogs, barring any box sets, it would be Raven Songs 101 by Kevin Max and Adrian Belew. Box sets would be The Lot by Roger Taylor
  7. Is the Ron Better the acoustic one? I've got Better Gone, Blood in the Water, Better feat DJ Ashba, and Better Acoustic. And then Going Down. Someone put them together as a Better Remix EP.
  8. Ballad of Death is alright. I doubt it makes it onto any GN'R album, if a new one is ever released. Haven't heard Mi Amor yet. I don't even really remember what these sounded like on the tour.
  9. Ok found it. Can't make much out, to be honest. Was my post hidden by a mod or something? I wasn't asking for a link, or trying to be "sneaky" and asking by not asking. Jeez, at least tell me that's what you're doing.
  10. ugh. I'm coming up with nothing on my searches. Boo
  11. Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

    I never watched his show growing up. It never caught my interest. Whenever he was on, I'd flip the channel. The documentary does look interesting, though. From all I've read and seen recently, he was a great man. I love the video where he appears before congress regarding funding public television and he completely changed their minds.
  12. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Well that line wasn't in the movie. Guess I was right.
  13. I’ve got a good source that says Martel does Freddie’s singing voice. He’s the voice you hear doing the improv at the beginning of the trailer.
  14. Well they did cast someone as Jim Hutton, so I don't think he'll be "straight-washed". I have a feeling his sexuality won't even be a huge issue in the movie.
  15. I haven’t seen it officially confirmed anywhere, but Marc Martel provides the singing voice for Freddie and is the voice you hear doing the crowd improv at the beginning of the trailer.