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  1. Keep going. The Gunslinger is a chore to get through, but the rest of the series is worth it.
  2. I'm looking forward to the WWE/Universal title matches. That's about it. Maybe the mini Shield reunion. Finn the Demon probably squashes Bray.
  3. Yeah and I pick him next year and he doesn't have a single health problem all year!
  4. What's with the random Xs? Is that my browser?
  5. He's not wrong. The people holding the rally had permits and Antifa showed up weapon in hand with no permit attacking them. Comparing this to rebels and the Empire from Star Wars is complete and utter bollocks and any sane person can see that.
  6. The one year I don't pick Ric Flair. Hope he pulls through.
  7. I never did finish that one. My wife and I listened to the audiobooks for It and The Shining. We're currently working through The Dark Tower, currently on The Gunslinger. I've read all of the Dark Tower and listened to 1-4. The Stand is probably my favorite book of his. I remember seeing the miniseries back in 1994. That was my first introduction to King. I would check out the videos for it every summer from the library and I finally read the book at 16.
  8. Oh please. It's very common to call someone who has just passed away "beautiful".
  9. Either way I'm glad he lost the briefcase. Now we don't have to worry about him cashing in on Nakamura or some BS.