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  1. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    Man I envy you for going full Deadhead. I'mma be there one day, it's an evolution that certainly awaits me. Not there yet because I discovered them around 2015 (in contrast with '96 for GNR) by hearing Casey Jones on a radio. Now I'm down to deep cuts like Ship of Fools and All New Minglewood Blues. Great stuff! I'll check the OMSN stream for sure. What are you top 3 Dead picks? Pretty curious.
  2. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    Aww a Deadhead! Did you slip from GNR to the dead or the other way round? Man Terrapin has literally sustained my mental health during dark times. That and Estranged are my all time favorites. Thanks for the share. That was well spent time I did a not-so-fancy mix of official IRS filled with the charming parts of '99 demo. I do miss the opening chorusy arpeggio and the real drums at around 2:00 of the demo. It's of real taste!
  3. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    Is it me or I.R.S. is the most underrated song on CD? Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station for me !
  4. Quite funny that it's Estranged. Pink Floyd's Young Lust before that.
  5. Live playing energy

    Jeez.. Seriously? Do you seriously think DJ is at least as good as Slash? He couldn't even bend his guitar strings accurately. His bends and technique in general were so off I thought Axl willingly hired a non-professional GNR fan guitar player from Youtube or whatever. DJ era was the only one I couldn't listen to, precisely because of him. I can put up with pointless Pitman, no-groove Ferrer and bad shape Axl, but you can't play in such a huge band when your level is that of a local cover band. Your point is an opinion as well. I, for one, DO care about drum fills. I want them as on the records because I know every GNR song to death on every instrument due to countless in-depth listening. Petrucci have said something similar when Dream Theater was auditioning for Portnoy replacement. He was looking for a drummer that would play the exact same notes because the fans are so used to it, and it's a fair point imo. You can play around with few parts here and there, you could possibly come up with better fills (I love Ferrer's double-time fill mid Estranged 1st solo e.g) but you can't decide to play as you like a song that's not yours to people who know the song more than you do. Sorum had a totally different vibe but he was loyal to Adler's work. And that's how you make a song your own: by playing the right notes with your own feeling, not but playing different notes. I mean what's next? An alternative intro to YCBM?
  6. First Single Guesses?

    I think Crash Diet was never a GNR song to begin with. It's another West Arkeen input. Might be wrong. The two songs you mentioned (TMTS & JAS) are my favorites out of the unreleased UYI era. Bring It Back Home would've been great with a proper recording too. I mean, same-period demo of The Garden for instance was shit, yet the released version is fine. Many of these songs could have been at least better fillers than some released stuff.
  7. Josh or Brain

    I guess we all agree here. Josh's composition skills are very thoughtful and it's no wonder later drummers were told to learn his parts by heart. The only song he didn't nail is I.R.S imo.
  8. Time and again we keep discussing this point.. Axl -alongside original members- made GNR what it is today, one of the greatest bands in music history. If other members leave, why the heck would he throw away everything he worked his ass so hard for? Nearly no rock musician, as great as he might have been, made a great solo career, with very few exceptions here and there (Clapton, Ozzy, Sting) Plus, I just don't think Axl sees it that way. Many songs from CD era, including recent leaks, have seen very important contributions by nuGNR members. Not everything was Axl's. So the reason CD is not a W.A.R solo effort is that it's NOT a solo effort. We might discuss whether any alteration of nuGNR was worth it or not, whether it was a good idea to go for a certain member, be we can't call CD a solo effort, for it's not!
  9. I'm just curious about why Bumblefoot is not getting much recognition from GNR fans. As much as I get & agree to the Ashba & Tobias hate (they are both TERRIBLE guitar players), can someone explain to me why Bumblefoot is barely above these two?
  10. State of Grace is great, but Perhaps hits that epic and nostalgia spot. At the end of the day, we’re so lucky that we are getting these leaks given that Axl sat on his thumbs for two decades. nuGNR proved to me that Axl is gifted with melodies but lacks sleaziness in his songwriting. That's where the rest of the original band came in handy. CD is not riff based and perhaps the current line up can bring the sleaze back to songs like SOG & Perhaps. I join @RussTCB though, SOG is blues based. The VERY thing CD needed.
  11. What is “the locker”

    Thank you for resuming my thoughts like I never could. I tend to trust members who never leave a band even when there are musical or personal disagreements. I trust Gilmour over Waters, Davies over Hodgson, Axl over Slash... Blaming Axl for destroying the band while EVERYBODY except Steven left on their own is pretty easy. By the time he comes back the lemonade that made the stand successful will not be relevant any more, just like it was fucked by the grungy lemonade at one time. A product has to develop while keeping its core to both keep original customers entertained and bring in new ones.
  12. That's really cool. I mean don't get me wrong, I would like to hear Silkworms, it's just fairly low on my wishlist. The General just feels like an A-side, that's the one I'm masturbating on.
  13. How can one hype up for that song. Not that I hate nuGNR but it's a My World sequel to my ears. Thank you, I get why I'm not one then→$$
  14. Oh here the eff we go again! What does it take to be a trader?
  15. What Are You Listening To 2019