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  1. If I remember it correctly it was made in Germany in the 80s (not 100% sure). Pointing your finger to your mouth making a fake Hitler moustache and raising you arm is at least to me not an attempt of humour.
  2. Enhanced Books?

    Maybe there weren't part of the online content back then and were only made available as additional stuff. I know that I have made backup files and remember that the book pages were online as swf files. I should have them somewhere. Were quite interesting since you could open them as a normal double book page or if you uncompressed them, you would have all the different layers of that specific page, flyers, background image, inserted pics etc.
  3. Great stuff! I can only guess how much time has went into this. When I did It in the past the most embarrassing thing were interviews given by the same people and yet contradicting themselves.
  4. Enhanced Books?

    I remember that there were stories that more files were released. But besides some weird corrupt files that were sent back and forth I never actually came across some legit files. Maybe we will be able to get our hands on a complete list one day.
  5. Enhanced Books?

    I remember that list since I created it I know that I have the files somewhere. Drop me a PM if you are still in need of getting these.