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  1. No shit. Great song. One of the best.
  2. Yea... it popped up for me all the way on the bottom on iTunes on newly released material from artists I’ve bough from in the past. I did think it was weird that it want in the preorder section yet. Maybe that’s changed?!
  3. In my humble opinion all this will be is them playing Appetite in its entirety.. -*maybe Izzy and Adler make guest appearances at best... but Dizzy, 4tus, Frank, and Melissa all tag GnR in all their social media. No way they would do so if they were out and a full reunion was in the works. Also note Adler being a crybaby per usual.
  4. LOL Nailed it. BENNETT let off some steam!
  5. Finck or Ashba. I believe I read somewhere that Axl wanted Ashba to stay with this lineup, so I don’t se why he would ask him to fill in. But it would be awesome to see Robin.
  6. Holy Shit, you just sent me down a rabit hole of looking at messages from over 19 yrs ago... Anyways, I tried to delete some crap. If you could resend it thatd be awesome. If it still doesnt work, no sweat. Thanks!
  7. Where can one find this? Asking for a friend..