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  1. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    See ya in NY!😀🗽
  2. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    Go to NY!
  3. Nightrain Renewal?

    T-shirt and laminate will ship in late June. Vinyl, litho, and slipmat will ship in the fall. Why? They are having the money now and you only get part of your order, it shouldn't be on sale until they can send it all out together especially with the woeful dispatch history they have with fans. Some are only getting their packages now after signing up last year. I bet a few won't receive the second part of the order without some chasing up.
  4. Has anyone got a spare GC ticket for the London Saturday gig please? Not early entry- we've got our GC tickets but now a 12 year old wants to come too. Thank you.
  5. Does anyone have a spare GC ticket for Saturdays gig please?
  6. Went to the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert to say goodbye to Freddie and was blown away by Guns n Roses and Axl/Elton. They were the best on the day although everyone was excellent.
  7. Nightrain Membership

    Seems a bit silly having to pay for items you already have. They should bring back the digital membership.
  8. Nightrain Membership

    They are saying it will be exactly the same.
  9. Just had an email from TM for London. Just a few details about dispatching your tickets... The event organisers are sending us their own tickets for this show, but this might not be until nearer the time. As soon as we have them in, we’ll print them and send them out to you. The latest you should receive them is around 5 days before the event.
  10. I'm not surprised because most of the people buying tickets want to see Axl and Slash together again and to hear the well known songs.
  11. Anyone think they will add a 2nd night in Paris?
  12. Try the Live Nation site. I did better there than the TicketMaster site.
  13. What does tribune inter ouest for Stade de France mean? Merci.
  14. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    As you dont like Imola which did you go for?