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  1. If what Rick is quoted as saying in the article is true: "I know the seller that I bought them from was continuing to sell to other individuals, and there was a massive leak. So pretty much, I've been blamed for this," he said. That probably means either 1. The person who bought this locker still has the original copies, and sold Rick and his friends "copies" for $15,000....or 2. The person who bought the locker sold Rick and his friends the original copies for $15,000, but made copies himself before selling.... I would guess that "The Chairman" isn't Rick, one of his friends, or the person who bought the locker....but someone else that the person who bought the lock sold copies too.... In all....I think the person who bought the locker sold "The Chairman" copies of the discs, which is why you hear the "skip" in one of the instrumentals....it's been "burned" over to a disc that way, the "skip" picked up on the copy, due to scratches on the original. Used to happen to me a lot back in the early 00's, when we copied a disc from a friend that has scratches, a skip might pick up on a song from time to time.
  2. https://loudwire.com/guns-n-roses-ban-fan-rick-dunsford-song-leaks/ It is so....Looks like poor Rick isn't going to any shows in the future.
  3. If "Rock the Rock" from Looney Tunes is any indication, I don't think he is. LOL.... Seriously, the whole industrial-rock-metal genre has passed on much like "grunge" music did. Still artists out there making music in this genre, but it's far from the mainstream spotlight at this point.
  4. My favorite GnR cover that I have seen in a while:
  5. So this is the impression I get...so far....all the leaks have amounted to is.......scrapped instrumental material that should have been on a Buckethead solo album......About 5 songs with vocals that Axl didn't like for Chinese Democracy....nothing so far that fits the musical style of Slash or Duff....guess this means NITL will resume until 2024, and the band might take a break to work on new album material together then.
  6. 10/04/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    Black Hole Sun needs to be taken off the set list completely. Axl's vocal style just doesn't fit singing this song at all. It was nice to add to the set list the 1st year or so after Chris Cornell's death, but it's time to let it go now. Even Chris himself realized he was out of his element singing Rage Against the Machine covers with Audioslave, and slowly the band decreased those from the set list. Some styles just don't fit. Chris was a great rock singer, but as you can see below, watching him trying to cover Rage is cringe worthy.....
  7. Is it me or is Chris Jericho trying to be Axl Rose

    All that is true....it's hard to imagine that Fozzy actually hit #1 on the rock charts though with "Judas" a couple of years ago. Jericho can still put on a good match though.
  8. Is it me or is Chris Jericho trying to be Axl Rose

    LOL I thought the same thing when I saw Jericho in New Japan about a year ago. They both have the same mid section now anyway.
  9. I'll add this...I was in Jr. High when "The Spaghetti Incident" came out. A few of my fellow classmates were also still heavy into the band at that time, we were just 13-14 or so. I actually had a classmate that wore a "Spaghetti Incident" shirt to school at times, and we had a science teacher that would tell him he looked like a "large intestine" with it on. I got introduced to the band hearing AFD first through "older" kids at our High School, then looked up he UYI albums on my own, especially after seeing the Don't Cry and November Rain videos. At that time period, we still listened to the "grunge" bands as well as hip hop at that time, so a mixture of what was on MTV. This is another factor no one considers as to why GnR might have lost appeal with the "school aged" kids though...... I myself at that time, didn't understand that "The Spaghetti Incident" was a total "covers" album. I had seen the video for Since I Don't Have You, and knew it was a cover song....and at that time, I thought Hair of the Dog was the only other cover song on the album when I heard it....So, I was confused by songs like Attitude, Human Being, Down on the Farm, etc....I thought this was "new" material at the time, and wondered what in the world happened on some of these songs? I didn't own the album, but remember borrowing it off a friend since we traded a lot, when you're a teenager and don't have much money. I probably listened to the album as a whole once, and wrote it off, because I just liked a couple songs in 1994. I was thinking, that I wish they would release another album to make up for what happened on this album...I didn't understand it was a whole covers album until a couple years later I guess, and by that time the band was quiet....then you find out Slash is no longer with them....At that point, I just moved on from them, thinking the band was done as a whole, and wouldn't be the same without Slash anyway. I still listened to the past albums every now and then in High School, but mostly stuck to what new music I would see come out on MTV...The only time after that I really got back into being "excited" for the band again was when I started reading on the internet/seeing the buzz about Axl regrouping the band around 200-2001. In a way....I think "The Spaghetti Incident" album hurt the band more that what you would think, as appealing to youth, especially since there was no timely follow up that ever came.
  10. I read an article at one point, that focused on the build up to the "Use Your Illusion" releases. It basically stated that the anticipation was so high, the next GnR album was expected to challenge Michael Jackson's Thriller in terms of US sales...But, this was prior to finding out that this would be a Double Album release, and the article focused on the album being a single studio album, which was what everyone thought they were getting at that period in time. All in all, last time I checked the albums combined had sold around 14-15 Million US copies. That's still not bad at all!
  11. But why the "rehearsals?" Why are they so coveted? They only played basically a quarter of 3 songs for the whole performance in a medley. Plus, the line-up had already played Rock in Rio 2001 together. It wasn't like this was the first time they practiced or rehearsed for a performance or anything. I'm thinking the majority of hard core fans already had knowledge of the RIR performance prior to 2002, as even MTV did a news update on it/showed footage. That performance was better all around anyway as well.
  12. I don't hear a single out of any of the leaks myself. I think it's best to start over with the current line-up in place. With Slash and Duff back, it's true "Guns n Roses" that casuals/most people "remember." With that being said, none of the leaks fit into Slash or Duff's style at all.
  13. Just wondering...what is in the world is so special about the 2002 VMA rehearsals?? Considering that performance was basically a disaster in the end for Axl. But at least it produced this great bit of stand-up comedy from Patton Oswalt.......
  14. Anyone else think Hard School is was on the set list just to troll fans over the leaks?? From some reason, I just don't see Slash or Duff doing anything with the song since they are back in the mix. This may be Axl's way of trolling the fans, if he plans on never "officially releasing" the song. Just doesn't seem like a good "return" single to be released for a new album at all either....I would HOPE there are better options at work.
  15. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    To be fair, you and the other person commenting on the release of Estranged are both correct: The video for Estranged dropped in December of 1993, while it was released as a "single" officially January 17th, 1994 I think this confused a lot of people, because The Spaghetti Incident had already released in late 1993, then it's like your back tracking and releasing a video from the album prior to it, instead of a video for your new album? Bands didn't do things like that, at that point in time on MTV.