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  1. I cannot stop thinking what the hell happened in 2011... man, those leaked emails and problems with the record company doesnt explain the big difference of his voice just 10 months after Abu Dhabi.
  2. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    Bumblefoot said a lot of bad things about Tommy during 2014 SA TOUR (Duff was filling in for tommy in some shows). But it seems to be something that happened in that very specific tour. He was in good terms with Tommy in 2012/13.
  3. Robin Finck pissed off

    Regarding 2006 angry Finck, I remember that it was rumored that his guitar tech was fired in that show. Bumblefoot had to do better’s final solo and even Axl went backstage trying to calm down Robin. If I’m not wrong, Finck also had an argument with Tom Mayhue.
  4. 2006

    Rock am Ring is a good show, but it’s not even in top10 shows from 2006 in my opinion. In that era, I used to collect bootlegs, and I can remember that nova rock, download (both Dublin and uk), graspop were much better shows.
  5. Closest you can get only time I’ve seen axl singing a scom intro since 93:
  6. A not so bad YCBM: And a beautfull Patience:
  7. It was about soundcheck, not rehearsal
  8. Robin's solo starts just when Brian may's solo ends.
  9. Yeah, cause Axl is clearly a 6-year old boy.
  10. Where's Bach when they most need him?
  11. As I said in the shows thread, i don’t think axl or management has planned to play half show. Something went bad during November rain. They didn’t even try to give him some rest before leaving.