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  1. I don’t like Axl’s current voice, but you can’t say that he is never going to sing again like 2006/10. The guys is unpredictable.
  2. I kind liked Axls Mickey voice performing dead horse
  3. Yeah, it’s all Frank’s fault... Matt Sorum is not getting back.
  4. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    For the first time since 2017, I watched Axl Rose trying to sound better in Sweet Child O mine. Not that he reached a raspy version, far from that, but at least he was trying at this show.
  5. 10/18/19 - Guadalajara, MX - Estadio Jalisco

    Axl doesn’t give a fuck singing November rain or SCOM, for example. Completely effortless and no emotion at all.
  6. 10/15/19 - Lincoln, NE - Pinnacle Bank Arena

    What are you waiting for ? by the way, great November rain from this show.
  7. Axl's St. Louis Rant Before YCBM

  8. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    In ear guy: please don’t lower his voice during SCOM, NR...
  9. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    Axl has been much more talkative this leg, uh?
  10. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    Love Rick, but I’m much more interested about Axl’s voice tonight. Hope he’s not going downhill all over again
  11. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    Yeah, totally agree. People come here and blame Frank like he is a major part of decision about the tempo songs are played in GNR.
  12. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    They don’t. A lot of songs were changed after they came back in 2016. Paradise City is a good example. It’s played much faster now. I agree that 2001 lineup played in a faster tempo, but just as 1992/93 live, shows, which had songs played in “rush mode”. So it has nothing to do with “new gnr way of playing the songs”
  13. I don’t care about axl doing a off key note or getting out of breath, if he uses rasp where it belongs. he sang his ass off on this locomotive, much more emotion than “controled falsetto” (aka Mickey)
  14. Amazing. That’s how civil war should be sang, Axl. amazing.