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  1. I prefer to focus in the section 1:20 onwards. I'm not a fan of Coma, but i've never heard sing like that part like that.
  2. Holy shit. There's a lot of rasp in the section from 1:20 until the first solo.
  3. Sorry guys, but i don't think axl is sounding good again.
  4. Axl voice has a really nice “comfort zone” in songs like nightrain or chinese. he still can sing, but he has to find a better zone in songs like rq, scom and ycbm.
  5. Axl's best 2018 tour show was nijmegen. Last night's show wasn't as good as nijmegen, and that's bad cause he was improving show by show.
  6. Raspiest November Rain since 2017, IMO.
  7. Its a issue in the videos that comes from this channel
  8. Hey Guys, It's been a long time since i saw a Civil War video, but this version seems to be way slower than 2017/2016 and it appears to help Axl's voice.
  9. Cant really understand the excitement about axls voice. Sounds the same to me...
  10. He looks great without hat and/or bandana.
  11. Funny to see people nowadays reaction to a 2001 show, praising the band and axl’s attitude and voice
  12. Axls mickey voice is horrible and im curious if he knows that
  13. Mickey this, mickey that. get a fucking life
  14. Poor show, but i liked Axls hair