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  1. Some songs sounds slower than previous live version in this tour. Axl has never had a huge first shows, so I think he was okay.
  2. Funny thing... that axl was criticized everyday. Now that axl is god? guys, get a fucking life.
  3. Does anybody else remember a rumour about a 4 KOHD versions that was done in 2002?
  4. I really like rio3 (or vegas hob) timing and vibe. This version is very similar, including the solo. But I really don’t care anymore about old material.
  5. I fully respect your opinion and I’m glad the majority of the fan base loved the song, even if I didn’t like.
  6. I may be the only one here that don’t like this song. And i really think it has no UYI vibe at all
  7. Beta used to follow Susan’s IG? if I remember correctly, Susan didn’t even met Duff by 1991/1992...
  8. E aí filho, gostou da hard school?

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    2. ChrisMaciel


      Cara... to meio por fora. Só uso WhatsApp de redes sociais. Instragram eh aberto? Meu número tá numa PM, depois me da uma alo. 

    3. Voodoochild


      Me passa de novo. Eu acho que apaguei aqui pra liberar espaço. 

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      Não consigo te enviar pm

  9. It’s been such a long time to this come out that I really don’t care anymore. I’ve listened twice and that’s it.
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Trump or Putin gives a shit to what Venezuelan people are feeling. They just care about Oil.