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    Music mostly,playing Drums in 2 bands,Guns 'n fucking roses! thankfully turned me on to rock n roll at an early age and I owe my entire music taste to them.

    Others such as AC/DC,Killswitch Engage,Megadeth,Metallica,Trivium,Iron Maiden.Are also favourites of mine.

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  1. Why on earth would OMG be on there? A tune Slash and Duff hated in 1996/7. That’s crazy!
  2. Zodiac is cool! Concept of the song behind the mythical killer? Gentle piano intro distorting into something mean. Also the Spaghetti incident having that message written in the Zodiac cypher?
  3. Read your post, found and listened and 100% agree
  4. My favourite Band of all time, no matter the version. Just when you almost give in through burning out with complete frustration - you get Suckerpunched with this! The feeling here reminds me of 06/07. Fucking brilliant times!
  5. That's cool, but not featuring on it- in terms of his playing is what I meant.
  6. I really like it! And pleased to hear a version without Robin. Not knocking the talent he obviously has, or wanting to upset anyone, but I'm glad he's not in the Band anymore. Loved the 99 Chinese though too! Good times!!