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  1. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    heres what i want to know. before the tickets were on sale you could go on stub hub and buy any tickets? how are the businesses / scalpers getting access?
  2. Night train presale

    not cool yesterday there was not pits in Jacksonville and today they rearrange the whole seating and now there is.....im pissed.
  3. Night train presale

    No pit areas in Jacksonville? and $775k for front 2 rows WTF.....
  4. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    "While one generation matures, another is growing up wanting their share " is that a lyric?
  5. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    "your nothing but a fucking pussy"
  6. F that 4 hours? Netflix could make a 6 part series with 12 episodes each outa that footage