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  1. As far as the dates in the movie go it would be towards the tail end of it. Probably around '88 when I was 14. I had some friends who were skaters who got me into it. I got to see Grohl when he was the drummer for Scream. Punk really didn't exist in the town I grew up in even though I was like 30 miles from DC. There were more death metal and crossover thrash bands in my town so I would have to go to DC to see punk bands.
  2. Check out some of the recent low-budget fare. Fetus, The Gateway Meat, Torched, Bone Sickness Most of the movies I have that are just straight up gore are Japanese, German, French.
  3. Gettin ready to watch this. I grew up around DC and want to see if they will cover more than just Minor Threat and Bad Brains