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Status Updates posted by Jabberwocky

  1. They're eating her...and then they're gonna eat me...OH MY GODDDDDD!!!

  2. Never let cannibalism get in the way of a good party

  3. So what maggot, you rock star moron. You make me vomit now pass the bourbon

    1. lame ass security

      lame ass security

      Sounds like a conversation between Noel and Liam Gallagher. 

    2. Jabberwocky


      :lol:it's from an old Warrior Soul song but now I have that mental image of the Gallagher's in my head. I could totally see that conversation :lol:

  4. I'll play the radio on southern stations cause southern belles are hell at night

  5. A reaper grim sent saracens who cannot see the writing on the walls

  6. I can see you Sophie


  7. I'm not an alcoholic! My momma didn't raise a quitter!
  8. I went to Toronto, I went to Atlanta

    I used to drink Pepsi, but now I like Fanta.

  9. I ain't workin for the man, I'm an Allosaurus , baby.

  10. I pull up the Gran Turino
    and play some music for the holy ghost

  11. It's hard out here for a pimp

  12. You can't do observational humor if the only thing you're willing to observe is your own feelings

  13. There's times to be dainty and times to be a pig

    1. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut


  14. Failure. Just a goddamn failure

  15. Not To Self: Change The Bong Water

  16. The Future Is So Old

  17. Something's Gone Wrong With This Teleportation Machine

  18. We were too young to be calculated so fiasco was the order of the day - Johnny Rotten

  19. My puppy died late last fall; he's still rotting in the hall. Dead puppies aren't much fun.

  20. The blues you gave me have now turn to red

  21. The planets have turned to bombs and space and time are erased

  22. Telling a ugly guy to be confident is like pouring syrup on shit and calling it pancakes


  23. It's a doggone shame my love for you makes all your lies seem true

  24. Hit or miss, I guess they never miss, huh?