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  1. Getting ready to watch Rocko's Modern Life - Static Cling. It's a continuation and not a reboot, thank God. I REALLY hope it doesn't get obnoxiously meta and the biting humor is the same as the old show was in the 90's.
  2. Last full album you listened to?

    Various Artists - Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! The Record (1991) Grindcore, Noise, Punk, Hardcore compilation
  3. What Are You Listening To 2019

    T. Rex - Jeepster
  4. Telling a ugly guy to be confident is like pouring syrup on shit and calling it pancakes


  5. Fanny - Beat Club (11-23-1971) Full unedited performance of one of the first all female rock bands. This is from the German TV show Beat Club.
  6. It's a doggone shame my love for you makes all your lies seem true

  7. Marco Beltrami

    What is P.R.L?
  8. Hit or miss, I guess they never miss, huh?

  9. What Are You Listening To 2019

    Pete Pinocci - Atari 2600
  10. If That Ain't Country

    More bluesy than country but i still think it fits. Pete Pinocci - Hagerstown Prison
  11. What Are You Listening To 2019

    Big F**kin' Truck (The Big Truck Song) Funny as hell redneck butt rock parody.
  12. I can give you the shorthand version. This is a psychedelic horror/surrealistic sci-fi movie that I decided to edit into 6 episodes. The whole thing is about an hour long. The general plot is about a guy who is an alcoholic/drug abuser while one day hanging with his friends (they're drinkers but not to the extent of the main character) he finds a seance board. The female lead says she found it in a dumpster. So, as a joke, they (main, female, and her boyfriend) do a seance but nothing happens. At least that's what they think. The further into the night it goes, the main and female character screw. The combination of the sex act and the seance creates an alternate universe that exists out of time with different characters (White Mask, Red Mask, The Child) that are physical manifestations of themes, emotions, etc. BTW - episodes 2 & 3 happen on the same timeline Basically it's about how people should not mess around with things they can't possibly never understand, whether it's spiritual or exploiting human weakness. I'll put this playlist here of what I have edited so far. I haven't put up episode 5 cause that is heavy on the spoilers. The shooting style and choice of sound designs is creepy but also very claustrophobic. This does rely on interpretation but not as a whole. Keep in mind that this is low budget but I know how to work around it. One of the main reasons this has taken me almost 3 years to get to the point of where I am is I've had to do everything by myself. No crew or anything. Also because the other people I was using as the male and female co-leads weren't that good and the female could never get her personal shit together. Plus people dropped out of it causing me to rewrite the damn thing so many times I've lost count. Funds I need are for securing a second shooting location, a semi-pro male/female leads, furniture and other decorations for the parts of the place (I'm gonna use a trailer for location) an extra camera and extra camera operator. I'm gonna have to do some sort of crowdfunding but it's not astronomical. I'd say at least $5,000 should cover it. Anyways enough of my babbling. Enjoy
  13. Aww thanks man Fingers crossed that I can raise the funds to finish it