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  1. Perhaps its been said before. But how does this work with copyright stuff etc... Isnt there a thing about that.. So we can't do this.... And they know already we are doing jt so.. Be carefull guys
  2. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    Love how much Axl is into slither! He kills it now! Seemed like a great show
  3. He looks great for his age. Now shut it. Sounds good as well! Band tight!
  4. Sweet songs. Like m a lot. Weird that they haven't been placed on chidem imo zodiac n quickie. Great tunes, great riffs
  5. It is remarkable that no news outlets are talking bout this. It is buzz. But as pointed out by Trunk, it's not his place to speak on this chaos leakings The management is keeping a lit on it and i believe are persuing every action thats availeble for them. Even within time for the tour etc
  6. Is management working on this or what? Cause the leaks dont seem to stop... Normally at least last times around people went to jail and stuff... This quiet is frightning to these songs. Complete or demos. It shows us that there is a lot of work been done since 1999 on songs we hadn't heard since then or the first live show with the new band.
  7. I think better is from 2004/2006 sessions. The chorus was written by Richard fortus which he said during a QnA
  8. Gnr is as hot as ever. Hopefully an announcement follows soon about new recordings (post nitl)
  9. I think it was more of song for chidem 2. Cause production wise. It was more laidback and not a million layers. So who knows, but it will never be released since three members left that band since then
  10. Just saw n fb add from france, where it said the bluray will be out sept 20th