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  1. Richard wasnt plugged off during the solo. He did the solo on maddy. Was there. Maybe the sound was carried away due to the windfactor
  2. Axl's late. Arrived in chopper. Isnt on the field yet. Patience
  3. Ise Mr.b Chidem Jungle Dtj Better
  4. Maddy was soundchecked. Should be great to hear that again!
  5. No, this is the grail
  6. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    nice one, weird but great remix. The entire album might drop. Just speculation here or some form of cd with demos n remixes
  7. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    Haven't seen it yet. You sure?
  8. but he may have recorded over the orriginal tapes
  9. Ron is on omg n silkworms. But further they are from 99/2002
  10. no. just house of blues 01. Silkworms n oh my god with bumble. 02.version the blues n twat
  11. Possibly yes. Some believed it was in hoarders hands since 02, .others thought it to be fake or a hoax. But now we have the living proof
  12. but i think they lost it or something, maybe to the label. Cause fans wanted tge hob show to death since 01. So why not release it
  13. I think they don't have the footage.
  14. Why and when? Were those out? Between hoarders i mean. Except for the 16 sec checkmate that we had
  15. He has such a strange weird playing style but that makes him Finck. I like it two. He is my fave gnr guitarist from 1999/2007