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  1. It was on the setlist in 2006!. Rehearsed and ready. So was oh my god. And rhiad!
  2. He played piano well before the 90's Most of the uyi stuff was already played during the mid 80's. There are a lot of demos floating around.
  3. It just shows to gnr management and the band that even when they are touring now with this line-up the want for more music from whatever line-up is wanted. People wanna hear jt. Even if unfinisched or demos. Release a boxset with rare recordings. Multiple versions of songs. A special boxset giving credit to the lost boys of gnr and instating their mark on gnr recordings. And hopefully a new blu-ray dvd. A lot of fans are left out due to tickets being tk pricy. Or tickets going out so fast. So any way we want jt. There is always need.
  4. Could someone please hook me up as wel in a message?
  5. There are still a few tuesdays left. So #soon Maybe it just pops up in your local shop. Who knows.
  6. Longest holland show since 93 i guess Longest holland show since 93 i guess
  7. Any periscopes latrr on?
  8. He's not, just pre recorded album vocals from catcher xD
  9. Its for smkc. Mark Tremonti confirmed this. Both he ans slash are going solo in 2018