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  1. This band is so fucking lame that we are talking about a photo taken 20 years ago? Release NEW music!
  2. Hopefully whenever they tour again, they can switch out This I Love for Street Of Dreams.
  3. Your Least Favorite Among the GN'R Hits

    The last time I listened to any of the hits was when the remaster of Appetite was released.
  4. Hopefully, that was one of the best videos of Slither!
  5. Gotta say, Slither and Shadow are sounding pretty good here!
  6. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Becky Lynch is the best thing going in WWE, imo. I read a report that the concussion is a blessing not a curse, due to the match being rumored for the main event at WrestleMania.
  7. Oh I get that. I just remember when the album was released, people who I knew turned the channel because of some minute long clip of sounds. Many people tuned out.
  8. 2010 soundboard or bootlegs concerts HQ?

    Adelaide has my favorite performance of This I Love.
  9. Is Rock in Río 2011 the worst concert of Guns n' Roses?

    Rock In Rio 2017 is far worse vocally. As someone else has said, it gets a pass because of Slash and Duff being in the band. Bridge School 2012 and Golden Gods 2014 are pretty terrible too. With that being said, there were shows in the 90s that I never listen to because Axl's voice is way to hoarse/raspy.
  10. My only issue with the intro is that it fucking killed radio airplay of the song.
  11. I'll get hung for my opinion, I'm sure. Chinese Democracy is a Guns N Roses album. Now that Slash and Duff play those songs, it's never been more evident. But that goes back to the whole 'it was GNR before Slash and Duff' and was after the fact, too
  12. As much as I love Chinese Democracy, I think on some nights they play too many songs from the album. They could get away with playing three songs a night without killing the crowd energy. Chinese Democracy This I Love/Street Of Dreams Better/I.R.S./Shackler's
  13. Guns N Roses Logo

    That's the one! So cool
  14. Preferred Democracy

    Oh absolutely! The song felt naked without Ron's fretless work on the verses.
  15. Guns N Roses Logo

    The 2010 logo dripping in blood was my favorite 'Nu-GN'R' logo. Had to have the shirt when they played in Hamilton.