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  1. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Season 10 trailer Rick movie teaser. Plus the cast for the third series has been announced! Good time to be a fan of TWD
  2. Terminator - Dark Fate

    I didn't expect any different.
  3. Terry Funk once released a Jazz album !!!

    Oh.My.God! Thank you for sharing this gem!
  4. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I won't have time this weekend but lll definitely let you know! Aren't most t.v. matches 5-12 minutes? I haven't watched an episode in forever. I would definitely like to see more matches though, given enough time to have at least a decent outting.
  5. Being a QT movie, I can see that aspec of the film being drastically different from what really happened. Kind of like the death of Hitler in Inglorious Basterds.
  6. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Natalya is a fantastic worker, though. WWE's Women's Division doesn't have much going for it. Lynch, Charlotte, Asuka, and Bailey the others bore me, lol. I agree with brining up Baszler though. That would be pretty cool.
  7. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Still need to watch Fight For The Fallen. I like that Natalya will face off against Becky Lynch at Summerslam!
  8. Books/Reading Thread

    Walking Dead - The Fall of The Governor
  9. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    They do. I understand that Kenny loves that shit, but not every fan does. I liked to think it was a one off for that event.
  10. Hats Thread

    Ironically, I wear hats less since shaving my hair off.
  11. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I only just finished Fyter Fest. And other than the pandering to the gaming crowd, I thought the show was decent. Better than the last WWE event I watched. I really hope AEW has strong television come October.
  12. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    I'm glad I saw this band as many times as I have (in the different incarnations) because I will not be seeing them again anytime soon. I am so sick of everything they have become. Bootlegs, harassment, overpriced tickets, and a singer who sounds terrible eveytime he opens his mouth. Hate it or love it, I honestly do not give a shit. Let me know when something cool happens, or some Chinese material leaks! See ya'll in 'Anything Goes'.
  13. Rambo: Last Blood

    The last one was pretty badass, so I hope this is good!
  14. Marvel fatigue anyone

    I've got some catching up to do. Ant Man & Wasp Captain Marvel Endgame Thing is, the superhero fatigue has set in and I can't be bothered. Maybe that will change when The Joker is released.
  15. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    I still haven't gotten around to watching the latest FTWD season. 5 episodes in, I think. How is it so far?