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  1. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    I've yet to see anything from season 8, but reading that Maggie & Daryl are turning on Rick bums me out. Not sure how interested I'd be in seeing that.
  2. I'm happy he didn't join Guns. Zakk is awesome and the first 4 or 5 Black Label records absolutely rock!
  3. Nightrain

    Thanks for making a Nightrain video using the Coachella soundboard. As always, fantastic work!
  4. the doors

    I fucking love The Doors! I couldn't get into the post Morrison stuff, but the music that band created in such a short period of time is brilliant.
  5. Plans after July 2018

    If there is no "new" music coming, I hope they call it a day to be honest.
  6. I couldn't care any less what people think when I tell them Guns is my favorite band (even before the reunion). I'm loyal because of the music. Axl as a singer/song writer/performer trumps everyone else for me, and it's been that way for better than half of my life. Even though I found 2017 to be a real kick to the balls with extremely high ticket prices, and Axl's ability to sound amazing with a band that is not his own, I'm still a loyal fan because of what we do have. Classic fucking songs!
  7. I don't take people on here serious anymore. Axl didn't sound good vocally on CD? Hell, the last thread I was in, half this place thought that some half assed impersonator was Axl Rose for fuck sakes!
  8. Seeing them once was a great fucking moment, however extremely high ticket prices for the same setlist and a singer who sounded far better in someone elses band leaves me unsatisfiied.
  9. They are working titles that would likely change in their final form.
  10. Yesterdays

    Fernomenoyde, Usually I love your videos man, and I bet this would be no different I just can't do that to my ears!
  11. That's not Axl, but the clip has me wanting to hear Axl perform this or another Slash/VR song on the next tour.
  12. Would I love to see both Izzy and Steven back in the band? Hell Yes I would. With that being said, I really don't miss them. The current lineup reminds me of the Illusions lineup in the way that, the O.G guitar player and drummer have been replaced due to reasons out of any of our control. I've recognized every lineup from the past as Guns N' Roses, and this is no different.
  13. Don't Cry w/ Shannon Hoon

    The Use Your Illusion II version has better lyrics, imo I've always hated the end of the studio version though..
  14. In a live setting it's badass. To buy the albums though? No thanks. I own Apocolyptic Love and it barely gets played.
  15. I much rather see SMKC than hear another album, but thats just me.