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  1. Correct, that’s what the UMG rep told me at the AFD release party in Amsterdam. And he really seemed to know about the talks about the golden opportunity. He also told me he went to the record label presentation of the box set in LA, weeks before it was announced. But... a week later, I happened to talk a bit to Fernando and he claimed that in fact the golden opportunity was indeed still in one of the box sets. And he said only about 5 people knew about the hidden tape before it was found.
  2. I don’t think that’s Axl. He isn’t credited (only for co-writing the track with West Arkeen, Del James and Danny Clarke who was in this band) in the booklet either. I think the singer of Asphalt Ballet, Tommy Dean, is the one you hear doing some overdubs.
  3. In this interview with Rolling Stone magazine in February 2000, Axl already stated he wanted to remove it from future releases of GN’R Lies. Because he believed “they’re too easily misinterpreted”. The article mentions that the track will be deleted from future pressings, though that never happened. (I looked at every single new copy I could find in stores since 😉.) So maybe this is the reason behind it all.
  4. Was a lot of fun, thx again for having me, Brando! Remco