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  1. REQUEST - Metal Petals.

    Thanks Joe
  2. REQUEST - Metal Petals.

    Me too please!!!!
  3. [REQ] Don't Cry 1985 DEMO (from the 1991 single)

    me too thank you!
  4. May I please have a link as well? Thank you
  5. Another "interview" with Axl & Slash and others
  6. This was Biff Malibu's birthday party and Axl showed up to sing some Stones songs. SETLIST: Jumpin Jack Flash Brown Sugar Biff's Birthday Blues Honky Tonk Women
  7. Increíble trabajo!!! Ya lo descargue!! Todavía no tuve tiempo de verlo completo pero mis felicitaciones adelantadas. Espero la segunda parte. Y ojala te animes con el de AXL/DC
  8. The Antja Mimes Live 1988 1:Sweet Home San Francisco w/ Axl Rose and Slash 2: Kick Kick Scratch and Fight w/ Members of Johnny Crash, Hardley Dangerous, Axl Rose and many others
  9. Excelente Fernomenoyde!!! Impresionante trabajo. Ojalá llegue pronto el Dvd full full. Madagascar no tiene sonido soundboard.