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  1. Thank for the info. What day was that 2002 version released?
  2. How many versions really exist of Goin Down? 2013-08-16 leak, (2006 Bumblefoot guitar over older demo) With Axl (Bumblefoot guitar in one channel, everything else in the other channel) 2013-08-16 leak, (2006 Bumblefoot guitar over older demo) With Axl ("stereo") fanmade 2019-08-28 leak (2001 demo without Axl) Any more?
  3. Madagascar and The Blues of 2001 Roy Thomas Baker is missing
  4. Great post Sorry for my pitiful english Roy Thomas Baker and Bob Ezrin worked both at the same time?
  5. Is this version real or is it a fanmade? can someone confirm it? Atlas Shrugged Drums Up 1.5 db
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/494116461047758/permalink/744732549319480/
  7. what about the song "The Rebel"?? is on CD number 19 Cd label J587208 Guns N Roses Roy Thomas Baker Date 11/15/01 Caram Costanzo "The Rebel" Straight Analog Download (this is Not A Mix) 1. Take 1