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  1. I understand it tbh. No reason in opening old wounds. Maybe someday they will do something complex about Axl-Slash reunion, at the moment we know what we know and that's it. Step in their shoes and you will see reporters as bunch of guys willing to promote themselves with some unique content grabbed during interviews. One word can be changed 180 degree for whatever reason. Too risky after all those wasted years and shit between band members.
  2. Most annoying tread title award goes to..
  3. GNR in poland 2019?

    So what?
  4. GNR in poland 2019?

    Doda, polish so-called vocalist shared that info on her social media profile. Imo it started it all. SMKC for sure.
  5. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    I'm into that 100%. Gdansk 2017 was good. Chorzow 2018 was great. Glad it happened.
  6. 4tus spotted leaving stadium after soundcheck
  7. For me it wouldn't work out. Two individuals with opposite stage presents.
  8. Holy smokes!! So many years after im outta trading community (been active for long) and THAT happened. Belive me or not new users, that's HUGE news especially for us, collectors. Great, great news!! Wow!
  9. First off you should go to your work and ask your boss to cut your salary because you don't like weird corporate things. Different times, different show, more rough Axl, Slash and Duff doing drugs and other shit like that. Show is indeed great but I'm more into 2016-present. They are alive, doing great, bad habits are gone, shows are awesome to see live and I can't wait to give my money to that weird structured corporate thing this summer. And have a great time, as always.
  10. Adler is Adler. Needed to involve Izzy into his speaking to put more tense into it. It won't solve anything that's for sure. If whining is the case he is 100 percent right.
  11. Talking with Slash again was hard for him for sure. Glad he could pass through his state of mind to do this.
  12. If you could have any show on DVD?

    Hob 2001 cuz it pissed me off so many times when ive been trading.
  13. They will play 10 miles away from my house. Couldn't be better! See ya in Chorzow!!