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  1. Checkmate Jackie chan

    True but we know Jackie Chan is a working title
  2. I listened to the short leak again and wonder if the song may actually be Oklahoma which is now Berlin. The reason I am thinking this is that Axl said he wrote the song during his law suits with Erin and Stephane and the the Oklahoma bombing was going on. The lyrics all caution made every chance was given no effort spared to save what we had. What y’all think

    This bull shit
  4. The fans really liked This I love. So many on here want it dropped it’s a good song. But we all have our own opinions
  5. I am fine with the setlist don't want TIL dropped but change some things up like add the garden breakdown think about you so fine
  6. Wish there was a mega link for this
  7. I like This I Love don’t want it dropped when I saw them in Pittsburgh in 16 and Hershey last year the crowd liked it but everyone has opinions just like assholes
  8. Night crawler bencame speed parade on slash’s 2nd solo album. Marc confirmed this
  9. I think they will be at the Woodstock 50th anniversary next year