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  1. Songs about GNR

    I always thought Metallica’s memory remains was about Axl
  2. I understand there are people who have full leaks they may have paid money did the leg work to get them but I really wish they would not even say a word about them if they don’t plan to share it gets us fan who are dying for some new music in a frenzy for a bit then crash back to earth. It is like a kid who has some ice cream and says hey want a lick then says psyche. Just saying man
  3. I like cd this I love is my fave tune off of it also like prostitute better and the others wish hardscool and atlas would have been on it
  4. Lol here is how I think Axl would reply yo this forum now. While you greedy downloading mother fuckers are waiting on leaks you don’t deserve to have. Your kids are starving and your house is burning down. Lol my comedy for the day
  5. Oh well it was fun while it lasted it was like the hot chick in high school showing you her tits and just when your ready to go in she said psyche they are not for u lol
  6. Shit I’d be happy just to hear the full version of hard school
  7. If I had any stuff I would share privately with y’all for nothing I would never try to make money off of someone else’s work period. It’s just sad that this is state we are in as GnR fans. I have bought all there albums seen 3 shows in my lifetime and have spent a good bit of money doing so but this is my band and I will always hope for the best
  8. I love this band and have been a fan since 87 when I was 18 and now getting ready to turn 50 in less than a month. I just wish they would release more stuff even release there live shows like Metallica does I mean jeeze there is a lot more revenue for them if they did but no we have to salivate over possible leaks that may never come. I will always support the band but come on man release something music wise I could care less about drink glasses or trucks
  9. Well guys I think it all just a teaser the person who has this stuff will never fully leak it but at least it gave the forum a biz for a bit and better than seeing post about gnr merch
  10. Well even if nothing in full leaks at least there is some buzz it’s sure been boring lately in the gnr world
  11. I’m sure that Jim from Gnr truth will be all over the net taking links down lol
  12. I hate that we have to get leaks to hear music from our fave band oh well
  13. Not asking for any links don’t want to get banned but Axl rose 4 life did you hear Thyme and if u did what kind of song is it
  14. Nice to speculate but we will prolly never get any of this stuff other than snippets