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  1. 1 hour ago, life_247 said:

    For me Pop music today suffers from a cronic lack of music. Its essentially programmed drums/beat with some low level bass or keyboard sample with vocals on top. Its almost hyper minimal - its simply a back beat.

    I suspect this is because people are making it in their bedrooms with recording tools and its a lot easier to compose a beat and loop some samples if you don't play instruments. (As in anyone with a musical ear can tap out a beat but wouldn't be able to do shit with a keyboard or guitar unless you play it for years first)

    Its not all of hip hop - as an easy example "Express yourself" by NWA has loads of musical hooks in it and the chorus is based around that sampled riff. (I'm ok with sampling if your chopping it up quite a lot).


    NWA was real rap this shit today is garbage

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  2. 3 hours ago, Lies They Tell said:

    I think the reason why rock is considered dead is because pretty much all rock bands these days rely on nostalgia. Most rock bands sound like wannabe Led Zeppelin or something. That's why people aren't interested in rock music anymore cause people want new things. Something that's not done before. Don't get me wrong, I love Zeppelin, but that's because they were such an innovative band at their time. They weren't a nostalgia band. If someone could recommend modern rock bands that push new boundaries, that would be greatly appreciated.

    The problem today is that pop music is so consumed with hip hop which completely sucks now so over blown just like hair metal at the end of the 80s music needs an enima 

  3. I understand there are people who have full

    leaks they may have paid money did the leg work to get them but I really wish they would not even say a word about them if they don’t plan to share it gets us fan who are dying for some new music in a frenzy for a bit then crash back to earth. It is like a kid who has some ice cream and says hey want a lick then says psyche. Just saying man 

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  4. I love this band and have been a fan since 87 when I was 18 and now getting ready to turn 50 in less than a month. I just wish they would release more stuff even release there live shows like Metallica does I mean jeeze there is a lot more revenue for them if they did but no we have to salivate over possible leaks that may never come. I will always support the band but come on man release something music wise I could care less about drink glasses or trucks 

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