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  1. Yes. Slither! Get ready for a great time, guys! I'm here in Berlin!
  2. Live Like A Suicide Poster

    I definitely agree it is official, especially when you read the last line on the poster that is in Axl's typical printed style and says "this poster is dedicated to everyone that helped us, etc... (paraphrasing)…". I actually think the poster is much more rare than the Live Like a Suicide record. I've tried to reach out to Alan Niven to ask him about this poster but no luck... Kevin
  3. Live Like A Suicide Poster

    Definitely all cool but I think the Live Like a Suicide poster is special because it was the first official promo poster issued by the band. I'm curious how many were issued, probably 500 but I'll have to ask Axl one day... kidding...
  4. I can confirm that everything I posted earlier indeed exists on audio in varying degrees of (mostly great) quality. And I'm sure there's more out there. It's up to management and Marc Canter. They hold the keys to the vault. I will be talking more about this in a podcast in the near future.
  5. Posters from my collection...

    Very cool. Anybody have any signed posters? I collect the rare, signed posters.
  6. Best Version of KOHD.

    Agreed. Nothing better. That full concert should be officially released. But you are correct, it's the BEST!
  7. Here's the story. This was her copy of the SAME demos we've had since bootleg vinyls were pressed in the late 1980s. I have all of it on bootleg vinyl -and I'm sure most of you all do as well- so remember these are just personal cassettes of the COPIES of the stuff we have, nothing revolutionary or Earth-shattering. I am not aware of any uncirculated demos but there are uncirculated rehearsals that were recorded, most notably the complete Mates Rehearsal tapes with Coma, Bad Apples, Ain't Goin Down, and a bunch of songs/jams that were never released from 1989 (instrumental, no Axl). There is also a rehearsal tape from 1985 that is uncirculated but no demos. Everything is on youtube... not much out there that hasn't leaked after 30 years other than most of Marc Canter's recordings like soundboard audio from Whisky 8/23/86 (first performance of Sweet Child). Hope this helps... -Kevin
  8. Live Like A Suicide Poster

    I'm a hardcore collector of GNR memorabilia and I've been collecting for 30 years. This is a great find! Congratulations! I can tell you without doubt this is the rarest GNR poster and the first official poster they issued. There are probably fewer than 100 in existence but that's my best guess. They probably only printed 500 back in 1986 but that's my best guess. I never saw one until a few years ago and I bought one from a private collector and had it framed. I think very few people have this poster and even fewer people have it in such good condition. I'd consider buying it if you want to make some $$ on it. But the main point is this is rare and I'm impressed with any collectors that have one so that's great! -Kevin
  9. I didn't even realize GNR played a show in San Francisco in 1986. I wonder if the show was recorded on the soundboard. Does anyone know anything else about this show, such as setlist or any photos? Is this show available on bootleg? I wonder if someone out there has the recording...
  10. We appreciate all you do, any additional releases might include some live songs recorded from the 1987/88 era such as the amazing 1987 live soundboard recording at the Marquee in London? Or Roxy/Whiskey 1986? And of course the song Cornshucker from the Lies outtakes...
  11. Hi Fernando, As a longtime diehard GNR fan, I can tell you we respect all that you do! Thanks for all you do! When will the Troubadour show from 2016 be released on DVD? I was there and it was awesome! I'd love to see a GNR gallery or exhibition of memorabilia again in LA in celebration of the new Boxset. I'll be at the Berlin show! See you all there! -Kevin B.
  12. I think enough people have said this about Constantine that this is not just empty criticism, he just doesn't sound good or appear comfortable and dynamic doing the GNR songs. That doesn't mean he can't sing, it just is a comment on his performance doing the GNR songs. I hope he does well either way in the future. Either the chemistry is there, or it isn't, and that is something that cannot be easily changed... just an observation as I was there and talked to many people there in the audience and on the forums as well.
  13. Yes, he was in Seattle and then went straight to Florida. That's what I was told.
  14. Just because he is trying so much to preserve the legacy of GNR and bring music to the fans and he was barely included in the reunion (possibly for good reasons) tour with Axl/Slash/Duff even though he would have loved for a full reunion. Maybe someday...
  15. Opening song Reckless Life, I cannot remember the order of songs after that but It's so Easy, My Michelle, Sweet Child O' Mine, Think about you, Mr. Brownstone, then Civil War, then it was so crowded and late and became less and less fun so I left at around 12: 30 AM.