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  1. Yeah, I was tired but wanted to share a review of the show. Excuse the typ-o...
  2. I'm there in front row, right in front of Slash.
  3. Amazing show! I was front row, directly in front of Slash. Shook his hand, loved every minute, very small venue. Will try to figure out how to post photos... they gave everyone a free T-shirt with the date of the show and venue printed. There were no extras. I heard about 130 people came as Sirius guests and the rest were VIP guests. Whisky club was not packed on the floor, seemed not full. Not nearly as packed as a typical show. Club holds 500 but I guess 300 or so people were at the show, maybe 350. I got a drumstick and my buddy got Slash's guitar pick and the setlist sheet. Audience was low key, very few hardcore fans other than me and my friend it seemed . Miles and Slash noticed how excited we were and Slash literally came over to me and shredded on guitar most of the show right in front of me. Slash was so close he almost smacked me with the head of the guitar and he nearly stepped on my hand which was on the guitar monitor in front of him. Super intimate show. Unfortunately, many fans showed up outside and were not allowed in as you had to be on a guest list. Slash left about an hour after the show ended and waved but rushed to the waiting car and did not sign autographs. Bodyguard and security all around him. I heard he signed some autographs when he arrived earlier in the day. I saw Beta up on the balcony but no other familiar faces. Amazing show in all ways. Hope this was informative. Gotta sleep now, guys... Kevin B.
  4. I'll post a review. Huge shout out to all fellow GNR fans worldwide! You guys are great! Sending you all the best greetings from LA!
  5. Anybody going tonight (Sept 11) to the Slash Sirius XM private show at the Whisky in LA? I'll be there. The performance will be broadcast on Sirius XM channel 37 in US on Sept 21. Setlist Avalon Halo Standing in the Sun Ghost Back from Cali Wicked Stone Mind Your Manners Bent to Fly You're a Lie Beneath the Savage Sun The Dissident Dr. Alibi My Antidote Rocket Queen Starlight Serve You Right Driving Rain World on Fire Call Of The Wild Anastasia
  6. I almost jumped from the stadium balcony when Axl said he was quitting GNR at the Stones show 89. He said there is "no such thing as Paradise City, ever, anywhere" and I started choking up. The bootleg for the 4th show at Perkins Palace 87 (which has since been torn down) is a great soundboard recording and is so great it gives me the chills. It's a very emotionally driven show and the guitar is amazing. I actually think it's better than the Marquee shows because the soundboard is so clear from Perkins Palace, you feel like you're right there watching them. By the way, I remember people pouring beer over my head from the balcony, that concert was wild and I was like 13 or 14 years old! My first concert- 12/26/87. Man, how I love GNR. Should have gotten a GNR tattoo years ago... my best experience was Troubadour show 2016, front center. I almost had a heart attack when Axl and Slash walked up onto stage in that tiny club! Wish we had more of that on video too!
  7. Yes, it's me Kevin from GNR Central. I was at the first Perkins Palace show in 1987 but I can't remember Adler much. I think he actually played one-handed on drums for Patience only at all 4 shows. It was their LA homecoming shows and first LA shows since Appetite was released as I recall. I pray it was recorded on video but I dont remember any cameras there. I was also at all 4 Stones shows with GNR in 1989 and I'm very sad those shows were not professionally recorded...
  8. With all the recent discussion and focus around the new Chinese Democracy-era leaks, I thought it would be useful (and fun) to compile a list of known uncirculated Appetite-era audio/video that is either confirmed or speculated to exist- but never heard/seen. I think most of us would agree that the true "gems" of audio collecting are the unheard, early sessions/demos/rehearsals, etc. from Guns N' Roses from the 1985-1990 era, as well as the "early" Illusions stuff. So, we all speculate that there may be unreleased and uncirculated demos around, but what actually exists? Is it all lost, or do uncirculated, buried gems still exist? Here's a bit of what I know, and I hope others can share: 1 Audio and video footage of concerts from Marc Canter remain unreleased, including a few audio soundboard recordings such as Roxy 86 and Whisky 8/23/86. These concerts were confirmed by Marc Canter to have been recorded "off the board", ie, soundboard A/A+ audio, but they have not surfaced (note also that the 8/23/86 concert was the FIRST live performance of Sweet Child, not the Music Machine footage that has already surfaced). The Whisky show audio has never been released or circulated. 2. Mates Rehearsal "extended" tapes, rehearsal with original 5 minus Axl (instrumental) from 1989: a portion is available online but Bad Apples, Coma, Ain't Goin Down, and a number of "new working songs" are confirmed to have been recorded but never circulated, ie, never heard. 3. GNR rehearsal tapes. In over 30 years of collecting GNR audio, I have never heard of any ACTUAL REHEARSALS being recorded and circulated in any capacity. We have demos, outtakes, mixes, etc, but NO ACTUAL REHEARSAL SESSIONS... Imagine having a GNR rehearsal tape from 1985 or 86, anybody care to speculate? 4. Hollywood Rose/Rose live audio. We know that Holllywood Rose/Rose played between 15-25 shows between 1983 and the end of 1984, but were any of these live concerts recorded? Marc Canter did not record these shows. There were songs played live by Hollywood Rose that were NOT recorded on the demo released by Chris Weber. These Hollywood Rose songs that have never been heard include Beat on my Head, Rock N' Roll Rose, International Boys, Hollywood Girls, That Something, Cold Hard Cash (some audio of the last 2 songs have surfaced but not the others). Anybody care to speculate as to whether Hollywood Rose live concert audio from 83/84 actually exists? 5. Video footage of GNR in 1989 at the Cathouse and Rip Anniversary Party all recorded but never released... only portions online leaked. What else do you guys know about or speculate may exist from Vintage GNR and the Appetite lineup that hasn't yet leaked to the public?
  9. Does anyone have a copy of any of the old GNR rehearsals from 1985? Do we think these even exist? And does anybody have ANY TRUE gnr rehearsal tapes at all?
  10. You've done a great job here. I interviewed Razcue with GNR Central and he gave lots of information. It's interesting to note that Ole Beich played no live shows with the band. And the last few shows in May 85 before Slash and Steven joined were actually in Orange County, California, not LA! Interesting factoids...
  11. Do we know if this was recorded? Seems like most sessions would have leaked by now after 25 years... I wonder if we have any proof of uncirculated sessions whose recordings have actually survived...
  12. Use Your Illusion Box Set?

    Yes, but it is only partial. There's more that's unreleased as I explain above.
  13. Use Your Illusion Box Set?

    I think there will be an Illusions Boxset and that will be great. There are many great demos like 14 Years with extended outro different than the album. Also, I think you all know that there is a complete and extended Mates Rehearsal audio tape from 1989 with Steven playing drums and the quality is fantastic. About half of the rehearsal tapes have been posted online, but many songs are NOT circulated with complete versions of Coma, Bad Apples, Ain't Goin' Down, and several "New Tunes", all with Steven on drums, Izzy/Slash/Duff (no Axl, just instrumental). Don't ask, it's not going to be posted. It's in the vault for the band to release when they are ready as part of an Illusions set. But at least we all have something to look forward to... even better I think than just getting more Illusions concert DVD leaks from 91-93 in my opinion...
  14. Troccoli lent memorabilia from his awesome collection to the label to be photographed as part of the book and box set so people were asking if he knew ahead of time about the inclusion of the cassette in the boxset. Love you, Troccoli! I'm still jealous! Maybe some of my collection will be used for the Illusions boxset! lol...
  15. I'm not sure how "cleaned up" these versions are as they sound identical to the previous bootlegs we've had. I'm happy for fans that haven't heard it but this is not new to the hardcore fans.