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  1. What I want to know is who the fuck is paying for these things? Only person I give a pass on this is @troccoli because he runs an unofficial museum.
  2. Precisely what I think as well, but they may see new music as a way to promote their tours... so if no tour is happening then they don't feel the need to release anything. It's the opposite of what it was 30 years ago where a tour would promote an album. Then my theory is shot to shit when you analyze the last 10 years
  3. That's awesome man, congrats on the continued success. You need them to put the podcasts on that link in alphabetical order
  4. I have random administrative questions for you. Curious to know if you're getting any feedback during this pandemic from iHeart. I assume they have to be pleased you're continuing the way you have been. Have you noticed an updates in subscribers/listens since the pandemic?
  5. Adler not participating in the show to this point is one of the big mysteries to me. The guy loves talking with fans. This makes me believe there is either a legal threat if he talks or a verbal agreement with Axl/Slash/Duff that if he talks his chance at rejoining them is over.
  6. I think those are fair comments to make. I actually like the approach @Gambit83takes to his interviews and here is why. This is a labor of love for him first and foremost. He's not getting paid for it and therefore there is no pressure for him to get 'dirt'. He has built his reputation slowly and it's showing recently as he's gotten several current and ex-members on the podcast as well as several members of the McKagan family. Second is that he let's them talk about/promote what they need to. I think he sticks out in the mind of any artists or publicists who manage them because Brando gives them the floor to talk about what they want to talk about and steer the conversation. Third, and this is what is most important imo, he is playing this for the long-term. Maybe Matt didn't give a ton of gory stories about the band, but he'll remember that Brando was fair and gave him the floor to promote his book and Cherie Currie's new album and tell a few fun stories. Same with Richard. Same with Dizzy. I think these guys are all likely to be repeat guests and at some point they'll feel comfortable sharing more intimate details/stories. Now that I'm done talking for @Gambit83I'll let him respond if he wants to
  7. Not trying to be a jerk, but why do so many feel the need to ask the studio question? Susan talked about them recording. Slash alluded to it previously. If we want to have any shot of Brando getting 1 of the big 3 on his show it's best for him to let the interview develop organically. @Gambit83do your thing like you've been doing all along. You didn't get Richard, Matt, Dizzy and now Frank on your show by hounding them with questions that we ALL of course want to know the answer to, but that the band is clearly not comfortable discussing yet. I know this will probably lead to snarky replies from people on here, but so be it. Don't listen to the interview if it isn't up to your standards.
  8. I don't know.... those overseas guests hosts would be too witty for the band. It might make them feel uncomfortable
  9. Great point... hey @Gambit83 I'll volunteer to be guest host on that episode
  10. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    I'm still waiting on you to ask MY opinion on things DK6
  11. Great interview @Gambit83 thanks so much. Whoever said his new stuff sounds like the Beatles is kinda right. Good stuff.
  12. Hah I can't believe these arguments are still happening. Things have gotten so much worse since I last commented in this thread. How is this still a debate?!
  13. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Russ please!!