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  1. I highly doubt that. Look in the thread about people wanting to visit band locations. People are talking about visiting Axl’s house. How often do you think fans drive up to his gate to see the house and hope to see him? I am willing to bet Axl LIKES that TB takes a hardline approach with fans.
  2. 100% agree. I think Black Friday we'll see it drop to that $299 price tag.
  3. $40 for the SDE is great. Congrats to those who held out and grabbed it.
  4. When it's posted I'll do that.
  5. Interesting GnR EBay listings

    Yes. It's VERY interesting. @1987b posted it in another thread and no one responded to it. Quite a vague listing for such an expensive item. I wonder which circle knew what it was and bought it. Let's drag @troccoli into this and see if he has any idea.
  6. Interesting GnR EBay listings

    No, the playing cards weren't the listing. Look at the top and click 'View original listing'. Six Gnr Studio Tapes And Two Gnr Video Tapes
  7. Dude that whole situation is ridiculous. Did you see Brooklyn Bazaar's 'apology'? I love that venue, I've gone to shows there and had fun but that apology was so completely unnecessary. No one locked the doors and forced people to listen to his set. Are people that fragile that they can't make their own decisions anymore?
  8. The episode is being released on this Thursday 6/27 first to Gas Digital Network subscribers and then next week to everyone else
  9. Just got done with the episode. I will agree with you @Gambit83 that Collective Soul does not get the credit for how successful they've been. Numerous radio hits, I'm assuming they've sold a bunch of albums, and they've toured the world yet they aren't mentioned in the same vein as other bands in the mid-late 90's. I have a theory that people are more interested in bands that disband and then make a comeback than a band that stays together and consistently releases music. Pearl Jam are an obvious exception. Great episode as usual though.
  10. It’s wild to me that such a major brand name is managed by people like this. Imagine if McDonalds was managed by TB? “You want new menu options? Ronald doesn’t owe you anything!! Isn’t the new packaging of our Big Mac beautiful?? New chicken sandwich being worked on but not sure if soon is the word.”
  11. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Sadly I think that because it’s still called the Not in This Lifetime tour that new music will not come and should not be expected right now
  12. I am listening to the Doc Coyle episode of the Jasta Show podcast and Jamey announced that a Duff episode is coming soon. Duff was on the Jasta Show before the reunion was announced and it was an interesting discussion. I'll post here when its up for download.
  13. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I’m possibly going to Charlotte show. Going to try scheduling a business trip to our office down there and then my company hasn’t a suite at the arena. Might as well try. A trip on the company to see GNR doesn’t sound too bad
  14. All good, I know its hard especially because 99% of fans read the setlists as soon as they're posted, but there is definitely a sliver of us who try to avoid it.
  15. Very nice interview @Gambit83. There was a period from 1994-1997 that Korn was pretty much my favorite band. The self-titled album changed my world at the time and then Life is Peachy was just as incredible. I only saw Korn one time and that was on the Life is Peachy tour when they hit NJ and I remember having an amazing time. I still look for that show on YouTube and its never surfaced. I still remember when I bought Follow the Leader the day it came out and I was so disappointed. It just didn't have that angry dark edge that the first two albums had and I slowly shifted away from them after that. I occasionally revisit those first 2 albums and they still connect with the angry 15 year old in me. Just an FYI there are a few of us members who try to avoid setlist discussions so that when we see the artist we are learning/hearing the set for the first time. Although I've seen Duff already in NYC, there are a few members I know who are seeing him later this summer so next time could you offer up a 'spoiler alert' or something like that when you have a setlist discussion regarding Duff, Slash, GNR (if they ever play new songs), etc.? Not a critique, just a request. Thanks!