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  1. Lol what do you think is happening these days? https://www.techradar.com/news/spotify-is-removing-controversial-artists-from-curated-playlists
  2. at this point I would seriously not even pay 60-70. 30-40 for me... maybe.
  3. I am a former megafan of Korn. Lived and died by them in 1995 until they released Follow the Leader in summer 1998 (I was not a fan of that album or anything since then). I actually only got to see them once on the Life is Peachy tour in November of 1996, but it was an amazing show. Great interview @Gambit83. I love how you made the connection between Slash and Duff's struggle with sobriety to Brian's. I genuinely hope you are able to get them back on your show for a full interview after the documentary comes out. They seem like they appreciated your interview and insightful questions. I would be shocked if GNR didn't influence that band in some way.
  4. This is a biased answer as I was at the show, but the first time Slash played 'Sorry' in Philly in 2016. I remember thinking 'whoa, Slash is playing the very negative song supposedly written about him'.
  5. I would personally be shocked it if was something other than a live album/Blu-Ray. It's such a GNR thing to do. If we do get studio tracks it will most definitely be a cover(s). If this band is going to record new songs the process will make baby steps look like long strides.
  6. I will never forget 'Keep on Rising'. Wasn't that like 1999-2000 that it leaked? I knew immediately it was fake. I remember on the gnronline forum that the user sweetbreakdown kept talking about how it was the work Axl had done up to that point. When it was revealed as a fake he NEVER mentioned it again
  7. The easy answer if we include all tracks (sans SFTD) on the 'Greatest Hits' album as a list of their hits: Since I Don't Have You The tough answer if we ignore TSI tracks on the 'Greatest Hits' album: Yesterdays It was difficult to decide between Yesterdays and KOHD but I've found myself skipping Yesterdays more than KOHD since I started listening to UYI2 back in 1991
  8. Just got done with this interview. Great job @Gambit83. Such a unique perspective. I don't blame him for being hesitant in speaking with people he doesn't know. Unfortunately some of those in our own community are a little unstable. Thanks for giving us, the sane, a voice in speaking to these people involved in the world of GNR.
  9. Its possible, but the sheer volume of houses destroyed (including celebrities) makes it seem unlikely they'd focus on mentioning Axl's house specifically.
  10. Lol not to be nit picky, but as a guy who works with numbers every day of his life I hate articles like this. They assume every seat filled is by a unique person who has not attended nor has plans to attend any other show. These kinds of articles are written by Communications majors!
  11. Just finished the episode this morning. Great interview. A totally genuine guy. I like Hanoi Rocks but am not a super fan. Was cool to hear that he lived on the Lower East Side with Stiv Bators. I've lived on the LES for over 10 years now and can only imagine what it was like back in the 70's, 80's and beginning of the 90's. I love punk/hardcore so it would have been a field day for me. Sadly so many of those old venues he mentioned (CBGBs, The Ritz aka Webster Hall) are long gone.
  12. I actually haven't listened to your podcast in a while. Nothing against the quality of the podcast, just busy with a newborn at home! I'll make sure to check this one out. In my opinion Ain't It Fun is THE gem of TSI.
  13. If anyone is up for some revenge our favorite host of a not-so-truthful website just posted a 45 second long live pro-shot clip of 'Oh My God' via the Twitter account. https://twitter.com/GNRtruth/status/1057681431999275009
  14. I always thought Garden of Eden would have made a solid show opener.