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  1. Somewhat on topic, during the late 90's my friends and I used to debate what constituted 'GNR'. This was when rumors were swirling about who Axl had in the band after Duff left and Matt was fired. If I recall, my friends mostly said it wasn't GNR without Axl and Slash together. My stance at that time was that as long as Axl had one other AFD member with him I'd consider it GNR. Even if it was Axl and Steven . Conversely even if it was the Appetite 5 minus Axl we wouldn't consider it GNR. Axl was the key member.
  2. I do consider CD a GNR album for the simple fact that at least one song (This I Love) was apparently being worked on by the UYI era band in the early-mid 90's before it all crumbled. So while they weren't officially playing on the song on CD its a continuation of that time period. Were other songs worked on by the guys other than TIL I am not sure but I would guess some here know that answer. That being said no I don't think that a new album is a continuation of UYI. These guys are all in a totally different headspace than they were back then. I mean we're talking 28-30 years ago they were writing/recording UYI. That's a lot of years and a lot of drugs ago.
  3. Incredible episode @Gambit83. Some great insight from an industry veteran. It seems like the GNR 2002 appearance wasn't nearly the most stressful act she's ever dealt with. Very cool stuff.
  4. Can't wait to listen to this one. Such a memorable moment in GNR history whether you liked the performance or not. I'll never forget it. One of my friends was actually AT the VMAs as her brother had somehow gotten tickets to it. I am still jealous of her for that. A girl I used to work with was into the NYC punk scene and she said she'd regularly see Fallon at shows years ago before he sobered up. Apparently he liked to hit the sauce hard. He'd show up by himself and say hello to anyone who wanted to speak with him. He might still drink for all I know, but at the very least he's eased up.
  5. I don't disagree. It's crazy to compare the Nu GNR of that show to 2002 to 2006 to 2012, etc. There was a progression of each of those versions of the band. I will never forget the excitement surrounding this show when it was announced.
  6. How this guy regularly skips over NYC is baffling. I know he played in Queens a couple years ago which I missed, but he rarely comes around. I know on the Jamey Jasta podcast he said he is tired of playing places without a backstage area he can hang out in. Maybe that's it?
  7. I checked out the episode. You're right, not much in terms of GNR content, but interesting interviews nonetheless. It's not everyday that somebody is fortunate enough to be involved in two iconic brands like Van Zandt has with Springsteen and The Sopranos. I've met a few of the Sopranos actors over the years, but never Steven. He sounds like a really genuine guy.
  8. I vividly remember It's So Easy being pretty obviously re-recorded. Compare the actual video to Live Era version and you'll notice it. I was pretty disappointed when I noticed it. Still the most egregious re-recording of that album is YCBM.
  9. Not trying to be a jerk, but could this be Slash's first visit to Axl's house since that infamous drunken night in 2005?
  10. Great point. I wonder how much a RT ticket from Alabama costs on short notice like that
  11. I predict that somehow management will blame the fans for this one. We ruin everything after all.
  12. https://www.rarebirdbooks.com/products/the-velvet-rose The book with the 7" is there. As I mentioned I haven't heard the songs yet.
  13. just that the recordings are songs that Slash/Duff wrote in the 90’s and were unreleased. Perhaps that is why Duff visited his warehouse a few months back? I haven’t heard the songs yet myself.
  14. She seemed a little nervous. Sounds like a very nice woman. Have to admit I probably won’t read this book unless people rave about it. The Slash/Duff recordings are VERY intriguing
  15. Listened to the whole episode. Jim would be such a great long form interview. I hope you're able to get him back on during his downtime. Alex and Mark were an excellent interview. I was tempted to turn off the podcast and skip that portion of it but I listened and thought it was great. Alex seems like such a solid guy who is so passionate about music. Like Alex said several times throughout the interview, it seems like Mark 'gets it'. He gives complete creative control to bands and has a specific vision/formula for each. There is no one size fits all with him which I think is the approach labels need to take these days in order to succeed.