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  1. Haven't commented on your interviews lately @Gambit83 but I've been listening all along! I think Vicky speaks for A LOT of fans' attitudes towards this summer tour. I am paraphrasing but she said 'I saw the reunion tour twice already but am not going again'. I think this is exactly how fans feel. She's not saying its a bad thing that they're touring, but that it isn't worth her attending again. We need new music. We need a drastically different setlist. We need an Axl interview. There has to be something to get excited about to give casual fans, and frankly a good amount of hardcore fans likely, a reason to go.
  2. I will openly admit I overpaid for my ticket. Knowing that I'm going to hear It's So Easy followed by Brownstone followed by Chinese Democracy followed by WTTJ followed by DTJ yet again doesn't exactly excite me. Frankly the only reason I bought the ticket is because 1) I couldn't believe face value pit tix were available in the general onsale and 2) I can afford it and not regret it. I am absolutely part of the problem though.
  3. LOVE this interview @Gambit83. When I lived in Raleigh for 7 years I saw Appetite for Destruction aka Not Quite GNR countless times. I can confirm that Chad is FANTASTIC and sounds like Axl. Such an incredible band. We even booked them to play a party at the house I was living in with a bunch of people at that time. I was also there for the Appetite For Destruction/Dizzy Reed show at the Lincoln Theater that Chad mentioned. What Chad forgot to mention was that the show was on Halloween night AND there was a costume contest that Dizzy was the judge for. I dressed up as the 2002 VMA Axl. Dizzy told me once I got onstage that anyone dressed as a member of GNR was ineligible to win hahaha. During AFD's performance I was brought up onstage to sing WTTJ with the band. I was absolutely terrible and I feel sorry for the audience having to listen to me, but goddamn was that fun.
  4. Riki Rachtman podcast

    Wow, great analysis of those answers. I definitely didn't give it as much thought as you did. Aside from that, it was a great interview. I don't want to spoil how Gilby learned he was in GNR. Probably one of the more telling instances of how dysfunctional that band could be back then.
  5. Riki Rachtman podcast

    Anyone listen to the latest episode with Gilby? I thought it was very interesting. Some great discussions about GNR including: Gilby talks about how he got the GNR job and a funny story about how he found out he got the job He discusses how he broke his hand riding motorcycles and they called Izzy back to fill-in for him; he expected that Izzy was going to come back full-time after that Mentioned that he was friendly with Izzy before Izzy left GNR and they stayed in touch while Gilby was in the band Says that Matt Sorum keeps in touch with Izzy One big miss is that he didn't ask about Axl performing with him in 2000 at the Cat Club. Give it a listen. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/httpswwwstitchercompodcastradiocathousecathousehollywood/cathouse-hollywood
  6. Thanks so much for this interview @Gambit83. I have a soft spot for his version of Snakepit too. I had 2nd row tix to see them open for AC/DC before Slash got sick with pneumonia. I am still so bummed that they had to cancel that show. Karma Train sounds great. I think you're right in saying that it sounds like a Snakepit song.
  7. Your Top 5 Albums Of The Year

    Ranked in order of preference: Cave In - The Final Transmission Knocked Loose - A Different Shade of Blue Car Bomb - Mordial All Out War - Crawl Among the Filth Agnostic Front - Get Loud!
  8. Fantastic interview @Gambit83. Such a positive young woman. I haven't listened to her music yet, but its hard to not root for her.
  9. Wow, way to go @Gambit83. I loved the interview. I said it before regarding your talk with Fortus, I loved your approach to this interview. Ask Dizzy about HNB, his solo stuff, ask about how him and Alex balance their main gigs with these side gigs.... and DON'T ask about new GNR music! The GNR guys are asked about new music all the time, and you won't be the one they're comfortable giving the scoop to. Dizzy will probably remember you for NOT asking the new music question, plus 90% of the conversation was about non-GNR projects so he'll know you'll give him the time to discuss new projects next time. Keep them coming back! After that you never know, maybe you'll get that exclusive interview discussing new music....
  10. Dude I try to explain this to my wife with the caveat "I know you won't care, and I know you'll think this is ridiculous, BUT.....". Everytime I explain to her the latest drama she just laughs and says "that's ridiculous".
  11. Great interview @Gambit83. Wow she seems like such a genuine person. It always bothered me that Mike Myers and her didn't get along. That first Wayne's World is hysterical and iconic. THANK YOU for the spoiler alert warning about the setlist
  12. Those guys are funny as hell, great interview @Gambit83. I had to turn off Shotgun News as soon as the word "setlist" was mentioned. Plllleeeeaaaasssseeee give us a heads up "spoiler alert" before you discuss the setlist.
  13. New LA Show Sep 21

    Duh. My point is that somebody like myself and likely countless others WOULD continue subscribing to the fan club. Whether that would make up the cost of this partnership with Citibank to throw this show, who knows. I am sure the fanclub isn't a break even thing. No doubt they're making money on it.
  14. New LA Show Sep 21

    I don't understand why they don't make something like this a 'Nightrain members only' show. I haven't been a member of that fanclub for a year and a half now, but one of the reasons I left Nightrain was that the Troubadour show wasn't opened up to fan club members whatsoever. Such a missed opportunity. It was clear then that being a member of that fanclub was useless.