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  1. Those guys are funny as hell, great interview @Gambit83. I had to turn off Shotgun News as soon as the word "setlist" was mentioned. Plllleeeeaaaasssseeee give us a heads up "spoiler alert" before you discuss the setlist.
  2. New LA Show Sep 21

    Duh. My point is that somebody like myself and likely countless others WOULD continue subscribing to the fan club. Whether that would make up the cost of this partnership with Citibank to throw this show, who knows. I am sure the fanclub isn't a break even thing. No doubt they're making money on it.
  3. New LA Show Sep 21

    I don't understand why they don't make something like this a 'Nightrain members only' show. I haven't been a member of that fanclub for a year and a half now, but one of the reasons I left Nightrain was that the Troubadour show wasn't opened up to fan club members whatsoever. Such a missed opportunity. It was clear then that being a member of that fanclub was useless.
  4. New LA Show Sep 21

    This is their approach with shows in the US. It sucks. They announce it in the morning and then tix go onsale at 10am same day. It creates chaos and doesn't allow for planning.
  5. I once again encourage everyone to check out Knocked Loose at 4:40p. It's gonna be rowdy.
  6. I sound like a broken record but yet another great interview @Gambit83. Peter sounds so passionate about everything he does and believes in. Any artist would be lucky to have him on their side. I agree with you @Gambit83 that one of the great things about your podcast is that we get to hear from the unsung heroes who helped to make GNR the success they are today. One thing I wish you had asked about was those years after AFD, particularly when Nirvana hit in 1991 with Nevermind on Geffen. I would have loved to hear his insight on Nirvana and also the shift of music to alternative/grunge since he was there until 1994.
  7. Do I 'understand' that? You serious bro? Did you even read what I said? I am not going to dig into who leaked it. Somebody asked the question "who cares" and I said I did. Nothing more nothing less. You're acting like a lunatic. So to be clear, yes I 'understand' what you're saying. Follow up question from me though.... do you understand how paranoid you are acting right now?
  8. Lol I think you're confusing 'obsessing' with 'curiosity'. I am curious to know who leaked the tracks. If any of you say you aren't the least bit curious I'd be surprised. I'm not going on a tirade to find out. I think the story behind these leaks is likely to be fascinating.
  9. Totally with you. I've been dying to hear AFD 99 since it was mentioned by Axl. I think I mentioned it in a previous thread, but they re-recorded YCBM and Patience in place of Anything Goes according to Axl.
  10. Heard the 1 minute version with various clips. I'm intrigued by Atlas, but still for me it isn't on the same level as TWAT. But obviously I'm judging based on 10 seconds. Hope to hear the full version soon!
  11. Great quickie episode. So disappointed to hear that we won't be able to hear Rick's story. That was setting up to be an epic episode! Looking forward to the Missy Suicide interview.
  12. I've listened a few times now. The very beginning of the song reminds me of the Catcher intro. It's a cool song, as many have said its a straightforward rocker. I firmly believe that if this song was included on CD it would have garnered the same reaction as Chinese Democracy the song got when it was released: "we waited 15 years for this?". That's not to say it's a bad song, but I don't think this is Axl at his most creative which is what everyone was expecting with CD. There are also things Axl might have done with the song to enhance it even more, who knows . Either way it's incredible that we are lucky enough to hear it. Thanks to whoever leaked it. But let's talk about the best part of this thread and it isn't the song itself.... @RussTCB telling people they'll be suspended for 7 days for asking for a link to the song and then there were people who actually thought it was a great idea to ASK @RussTCB for a link. Friggin hilarious