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  1. I think Axl is more subdued here because the band is in NYC for the first time. If what gnrontour says is true then he sat out the show the night before in NJ to save his vocals for this show. It obviously meant a lot to him and perhaps he was soaking it all in. He was playing in NYC, people paid to come see his band play... its a dream that any musician has growing up.
  2. I haven't visited this forum in a long time either, but came through the other day. Then today I came across this full 87 show you posted. Thank you so much! Just curious do you remember who you bought the VHS from on eBay? I would love to have some insight into who they were. Maybe they have more crazy stuff (not necessarily GNR) lying around too. Considering no one really knew this existed up until you posted the teaser, I am amazed that some random person on eBay had this tape.
  3. Perhaps the elusive 2002 VMA Rehearsals? I know they're probably boring and garbage, but I would love to see them still
  4. I am late to this discussion but I totally remember it. Some one found the backdoor to it so that we could all see it. Then it vanished. to the original post I was around during the gnronline days and I loved it. It was truly the wild Wild West. I believe I was WAR on there. I used to go there daily for any kind of news of which 99% was false. Where was Trump when we needed him?! I used to have constant wars with sweetbreakdown on there. Anyone remember FelixTheCat? Many thought that was actually Axl. i remember the day I went to the forum and it was inexplicably gone. I was so confused. After that I frequented the GNRbar and then HTGTH. Was never the same after everyone splintered. Having the cast of characters on that site was what made it great. We can never replicate that ever again even if the official GNR site forum was made free. I remember those Live Era shirts. A bunch of people got them, I believe it was a contest they had on the site. I did buy a shirt on clearance from the official store for like $10 they had the new band listed on the back of the shirt. I sold it to troccoli a few years ago actually!
  5. Yeah this thread is a prime example of why I've stopped visiting forums as much as I used to. I've wasted precious time already reading and responding to it. Joke's on me
  6. Wow this is exactly how I feel. I love the UYI albums and find them infinitely more interesting musically than AFD and Lies. AFD is arguably my favorite album of all time, but UYI are much more complex, I don't think there is any denying that. I know there is no way to prove it, but if the piano was stripped from GNR I don't believe they would have reached the status of rock legends. UYI pushed their boundaries musically and the piano was a part of that.
  7. I went with Oh My God basically because I think that is the LAST song Slash would want to play haha.
  8. I actually agree with you 110%. If you're unable to at least acknowledge that something is unique, then you clearly aren't fit for the job. It doesn't mean you have to like it, but to not be able to say "wow, this record is different than anything we've heard from this genre before, but that doesn't necessarily mean its good" then you shouldn't be critiquing anyone.
  9. Only did a meet and greet one time in my life because it was so cheap. I did a Meet & Greet with Hatebreed back in like 2009 or 2010. My friends and I got loaded and met the band backstage. It was hysterical.
  10. Lol, good lord you nailed it. That show would be iiinnnsssaaannnneeeee. I cannot imagine how much tickets would be for that. And the lineup actually makes sense.
  11. Only 1 UK date?

    I'm going to offer my UK friends a little advice on attending these shows, particularly for those who are saying this is too expensive. Long story short, I understand the urge to want to have tickets in your possession for something like this. You want to KNOW you're going to attend. I had tickets in hand for their show in Philadelphia since I could not make the MetLife show they announced which at the time was the ONLY MetLife show. Once the second show was announced I waited on it. Tickets were not selling well and StubHub had incredibly reasonable prices for that second show. I waited until the day before the show and bought tickets off StubHub for the GA Pit on Slash's side at a solid discount. Not once did I consider not going because I didn't have tickets in hand, I knew the entire time I was still going to the show. I recommend those of you who are having financial difficulty to try this approach. I promise you it will work at least to some extent. You might not get the premium seats you want, but trust me you'll get some pretty good seats AND you'll be able to choose where you want to sit over Ticketmaster telling you where you'll sit.
  12. Ticket Prices

    Wow you really think Richard, Frank and Dizzy are making $50K PER SHOW? Melissa at $20K per show?!?! It would not shock me if Melissa was a salaried performer with some kind of bonus. Possible that Richard & Frank are still salaried as well.