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  1. I will still say I didn't like Buckethead, but I gave him a chance back then because he was a part of Axl's vision for the new band. I trusted Axl's musical judgement over my own. It was really the same thing with the entire band. I liked Robin in NIN, but I didn't like him for GNR. BUT this was what Axl wanted so I went with it. I realllllyyyy wanted to see that band release CD and tour on it to see what they were capable of. Once the guys started dropping like flies and specifically when DJ entered the band I lost my curiosity with it all. Only then did it become the Axl + Friends band to me. Up until that point though I was all in on calling the band Guns N' Roses and I was eagerly anticipating CD.
  2. Hm. Interesting choice since you explained why. I'd never even think of that song to 'define' GNR, but you made some valid points.
  3. I'd have to say the best single song to summarize the band is Rocket Queen. It has that mean, pissed off part 1 of the song and the sensitive and passionate part 2. Sums up the band pretty perfectly in my opinion.
  4. Listening to the interviews. First, congrats on interviewing Rollins even though its short. The guy is a legend! Second, listening your interview with KC is pretty depressing. It's absolutely incredible how money can tear family apart, especially in death. I feel for the guy. RIP West.
  5. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    Ugh, 02. I’ve told this story too many times. I had 2nd row tickets to the show in South Carolina. It would have been my first time seeing GNR and first time seeing an Appetite 5 member period. My brother invited me to the MSG show but as I was living in North Carolina at the time I couldn’t make it. Long story short after the riot GNR and the venues were saying the shows were on but Live Nation said it was off. I called the venue and said please don’t make me drive 6 hours for this if it isn’t going to happen. Finally the woman on the phone felt sorry for me and said “all I can tell you is the band’s hotel reservations have been canceled”. I said thank you and cancelled my plans. The following years were miserable as I thought for sure the band was done
  6. Nah man, he was in the band for what, 19 years? You can't just skip over a third of your life like that. He'll detail it.