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  1. Do you think you ever out grow GNR?

    People told me I’d stop listening to hardcore once I graduated high school. 20 years later and I’m still rocking it. GNR will be on my playlist until the day I die.
  2. Yeah I see you on there. You seem to want to get along with the guy. Hopefully you have a breakthrough and convince him to give up the crusade
  3. Honestly I don’t care. We are fans of a band and nothing more. If he feels the need to ban me for posting disagreements with him then so be it. Same for any forum that does that. The ironic part of all this is that I was friendly with him on the NT forum. I had no idea of his past. We both actually talked about our excitement of the 87 Ritz release. He was so excited about it and so was I. Now he’s leading a charge to take it all down. The truth (pun intended) is that he’s a total hypocrite. He is angry at fans for whatever reason and he is ruining the passion people have for this band because of it. It’s selfish and it’s bullshit and I’d tell it to him if he ever asked my opinion on it.
  4. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    Wow you nailed it. If Ihad absolutely pick just one from each year I’d go Memphis for 92 and Austin for 93. I’ve always been enamored with that show because of The Garden and Garden of Eden. The fan audio is terrible from that show.
  5. I am registered there. I’ve posted once or twice. It’s a very strange place. Very little activity, but the activity that exists is condescending. Very holier than thou as you’d expect from a cult leader
  6. Yes totally understand what you’re saying, but the guy has been impersonating Tommy Stinson and allegedly harassed Perla online (was that ever confirmed?). He is aggressive. Karen was just... crazy haha. What is TB waiting for? Nip this in the bud BEFORE it goes too far. He is a threat to himself and others. This will be on TB’s and Mofo’s hands if it gets to that point.
  7. Whats disappointing and frustrating to me is that Team Brazil has already dealt with Karen McNeil in the past. For those who don’t know who that is, Karen McNeil was Axl’s stalker in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s. There were restraining orders and lawsuits. Karen was disturbed but never really came across as dangerous. Walker comes across as dangerous in addition to disturbed. How they are taking a laid back approach when they’ve already gone through this is baffling. Does this guy have to show up on a doorstep of a band member for TB to take action?
  8. Aaannndddd now Tommy Stinson himself just called out our lunatic friend. I think this is past the point of laughter, anger, etc. This guy is in need of professional help. It seems like the only person who has any influence over this guy is Mofo. MOFO, this is getting serious. If you aren’t the bi-polar narcissist I believe you to be please get this guy help if he’s your friend. There no chance this ends well. Stop your crusade against the GNR internet community and save his life. PLEASE.
  9. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    Don’t disagree as it was an epic show with lots of songs but I still think MSG night 3 is possibly more intriguing because of that UYI 2 setlist.
  10. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    I don’t really know what he next Holy Grail would be, but I wouldn’t disagree with your Pantages suggestion. Others for me might be he band’s first ever performance at MSG in 1991. Or night 3 of MSG in 1991 where they played a ton of UYI 2 material including Locomotive AND Breakdown. Has the band ever played both those songs in the same show aside from MSG night 3 in 1991?
  11. I just picture this clown every night sitting down at his desktop with Windows 95 still cranking away, cracking open a Henry’s Hard Soda and then watching all the forums like pedophile scoping out an elementary school.
  12. I suggested this several times when I was a member of NT. Make it worth it for me to pay money for a membership. Random shitty contests, presale access to a shitty set of tickets and a shitty forum with mostly shitty people doesn’t do it for me. You’ve got an entire catalog of unreleased professionally recorded concerts. This isn’t hard!
  13. Gracious? Not really the word I'd use to describe it. I think TB's treatment of fans in the past has created the atmosphere that has led to this unfortunate incident.
  14. I was actually curious to know how you felt about this Tim. I believe you’ve unearthed and shared some amazing stuff (not just merch). I would think if there is one person who could talk sense into Mofo you could do it. Alfred is a lost cause.
  15. I think so yes. I would be surprised if it wasn't him or Mofo. And yes they were very nasty towards Perla on the Nightrain forum. I think that pointing them out as persons of interest to Perla or her lawyers might not be a bad idea. These two individuals have proven to be dangerous.