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  1. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    1) Prostitute is not so great of a song, and definitely not for an album finale. 2) Shotgun Blues is a cool, kick-ass song. 3) Axl’s best voice since the 90s was in 2010, not in 2006. 4) It’s 5 o’ Clock Somewhere is way better than anything else Slash has done since, at least in terms of a complex album/band. 5) Sympathy for the Devil seems to be underrated. 6) Brain would have been much better – then again, I don’t think this opinion is unpopular here. 7) NR and KOHD should be retired from the future setlist, or only played now and then. 8) I also liked the 2006 braids. 9) Steven and Izzy wouldn’t handle or wouldn’t wanna play ChinDem songs. 10) NITL wasn’t just a cash-grab tour; given it was one of the biggest reunions of all times (regardless of some members missing), it had to be this long, they logically had to tour the world (although the 2018 US part definitely was unnecessary). Just because you make loads of money off something it doesn’t mean money is the only – or even the main – reason you’re doing it. 11) OMG is a cool song; they should remake it and play it occasionally.
  2. Can’t help myself, this looks like Matt and a bunch of his cousins. Bloated massive boozy heads, high foreheads, shades, and goatees...
  3. The Korn afterparty was his first sighting since 2002/03.
  4. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Compared to the Negan’s horde, the Whisperers are nothing. I mean, how many of them are there, and what kind of weapons do they have? Anyway, I like Lydia, and I trust her. A different question is what would she do if there was like a deathmatch between a good guy and her mother, with her watching. Anyway, she seems to be a clear soul. The Beta motherfucker will definitely appear in the last episode, right, and the way I see it – having known TWD since the beginning like all of you – someone’s bound to kick the bucket on that occasion, that’s out of the question.
  5. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    It even might be a parable, or a metaphor. I mean, there are definitely some messages, like right now, when the kid "couldn’t live with it" and went to save the daughter. I liked that.
  6. Chinese leftovers ?

    As discussed many times, it needs to be – and hopefully will be – a mixture: old 90s stuff, Chinese II, and new 2015+ stuff. That would be perfect, if it fits together. And they’re pros and gods, so it will.
  7. There’s an image of a Drunk Fux poster in the booklet of Live Era. So if you, as a fan, have the original 2CD...