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  1. Locomotive vs. Coma Live

    Guys... Locomotive is much worse breath-wise, there is not enough space. Coma has pauses, it is easier. He is 56, not 30...
  2. I have said it here before – Adler wouldn’t want to (and maybe partially be able to) play ChinDem songs, so they would have to alternate, and it would be a circus. Izzy is unpredictable and may not want to tour for years like the other guys have. That’s all.
  3. Exactly. I guess some of these people want to return to their teenage years. But Appetite was 30 yrs ago, the guys aren’t in their 20s any more, it’s 2018, and it just wouldn’t sound or look the same, even if Axl rasped most of it. Not to mention that once this happened (as a one-off thing), people would want to see it again, rendering it a much more difficult situation for Frank, Richard etc. – they would get to the same position again like in 2001/02, where they were more like "tolerated" hired guns other than anything else. As Steven said, I do believe once the 5 of them got into one studio again, the magic could happen indeed, but they won’t create another Appetite anyway, and playing just this one record live would seriously be just that "nostalgia act" like Pitman said. Move on. The past won’t repeat itself. Be glad for the holy Axl-Slash-Duff trinity... and for god’s sake, stop whining.
  4. The one that will have been renewed after a half-year break.
  5. It would be nice. Like a bar thing with acoustic stuff and Axl’s rasp, how cool would be that.
  6. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Btw, Steven Ogg must be having the time of his life. First Trevor in GTA V and then smoothly right to TWD. And yet, I’d never heard of him before 2015.
  7. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Another one bites the dust. Edit: Frankly, I expected the guy to eventually go with a bigger bang...
  8. I just don’t understand why they haven’t released this one on a DVD. It was a very special show. Why not put it out?
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    http://ethnicelebs.com/axl-rose http://ethnicelebs.com/slash etc.
  10. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/steven-adlers-brother-calls-drummers-onetime-guns-n-roses-bandmates-greedy-selfish-people-with-no-heart/ I don’t know where to put this. There may be something about it, but I still think the dude is embarrassing.
  11. Gilby looks like a wax version of himself there.
  12. I didn’t know this existed.
  13. The T.V. Show Thread

    Actually, there were several cliffhangers in the last X-Files episode. Skinner perhaps is not dead – CSM didn’t actually check him, and he did dive under the car as it was approaching him. CSM might have some alien shit in him already, so he still could be alive, like William. The same goes for Reyes. David said it won’t be the real X-F without Gillian, which makes sense, but I still hope this is not the end. Still don’t get why she left all of a sudden.
  14. The T.V. Show Thread

    Incredible. They revive it after all those years, succesfully air 2 seasons (S2 was great), and then she quits after 16 episodes? Wtf?