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  1. In no way am I arguing against that. It’s just that some of the arguments on this god damn site tend to get kinda seriously black & white extremish, if ya know what I mean…
  2. Apparently, they worked both for him and with him; he was the boss all right, but the results stemmed from common effort, where everybody contributed with their own visions, as they said themselves. No mystery about that.
  3. Ya guys comparing two different eras again? And what’s more, the worst, falling apart period of the old one with a different approach of the latter one? The fact Axl had to approve shit on ChD doesn’t mean he necessarily had to have been an ayatollah about it, does it?
  4. Add something where Axl’s rasp would stand out – like Nice Boys or Dead Horse. Don’t add anything that is beautiful yet would inevitably be sung with mickey (Think About You comes to mind). Drop some of the covers. I’d say drop BHS, but I don’t expect it to be played in 2018 any more. I’d say drop NR or KOHD, but we know that’s not gonna happen. And finally... ...add a brand new song.
  5. Just Another Sunday

    I know but I meant like more officially, not the obscure old stuff. And they haven’t played it since 87.
  6. Just Another Sunday

    I prefer Shadow of Your Love. That should have been released somehow, somewhere. Or at least played live! Why the hell not?
  7. What is the latest pic of Axl?

    Pic’s reversed
  8. What is the latest pic of Axl?

    I think the 1998 mugshot is still pretty much him.
  9. GNR: some "curious" photos

    Some nice old pics. Seen most of them, nothing curious about them, but nice.
  10. Rumor of a new album???

    After what they’ve been through (especially Axl), they wouldn’t give overall power to some producer, period.
  11. Which album would you choose?

    Well Axl, of course. I think you are talking about a new AC/DC album here...
  12. My two cents: Apparently, some people keep forgetting that Axl is a human being. He is not just some music machine whose only job here is to please you. He has other life and thoughts outside of GN’R and music in general, right? In a similar way, people say they’ll have had 6 months to create something – but that’s not real, because you’re counting December as well, and there is no way they immediately started working on something, as they’d only returned home from a 2-year long tour, and one would expect some resting going on there. So 5 months at the most. Why don’t we cut those guys some slack? When Axl wants to say something about new music, he will do so. I guess I understand his "silence", because we all remember all the pestering back then a la "when is the new album coming out" etc. (however understandable it may have been). I suppose he wants to avoid anything like that happening again. Anyway, if you guys think that they could have written, composed, rehearsed, recorded, mastered, and produced a brand new album during those few rare months off during the tour, you must be living on a different planet. There simply was not enough time. Remember the 3-year Illusions tour? The majority of the material had been written prior to that too, hadn’t it? This is not to say that they couldn’t have worked on something – we know they have – but all I expect this year is possibly one or two new tunes to be played live or a NITL dvd released later on, and I’m being very optimistic here. Use some context and have a little... Patience, guys. One would presume GN’R fans would have gotten used to it by now.
  13. What Are You Listening To 2018

    Grand Funk Railroad – Bad Time (just playing on the radio) – which is exactly the song Axl sang in Tokyo 92 before SCOM!