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  1. Chinese democracy Leaks

    YES, that's what I meant. I knew it! : )
  2. I just wanna thank to whoever made this for the amazing work. It’s very much appreciated. I consider this the bootleg of the bootlegs.
  3. He's happy to have put the shit behind him, no pressure to release anything, becoming friends with an old friend again, and making shitloads of money (although I don't believe for a second that that's the main motivation for anything)... all this together gives a pretty neat equation.
  4. Cat Club 06.22.00

    More pics http://www.gnrontour.com/sets2000/20000622photos.html
  5. There’s still the alleged UYI back story / backstage document video(s). That would be awesome.
  6. This is seriously fucked, not only just by itself but especially when you consider that Guns N’ Roses fans are the most patient fuckers in the history – and yet then you realize what we have gotten material-wise in the last decade for all the patience: one album with replacement guys; one DVD with Axl’s worsening voice and with replacement guys; and one remastered record from 30 years ago. If it wasn’t for bootlegs (which, as someone said, are free promotion for the band, no one is getting any serious cash off of it), we’d have jack shit. Pathetic. And this is a loyal fan speaking.
  7. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    HOLY SHIT, that’s a brand new version!!!
  8. Chinese democracy Leaks

    Interesting, I could swear I remember something like "Rhyiad & the Bedouins". Oh well, perhaps just fans’ creation.
  9. Chinese democracy Leaks

    Riad used to have different spelling - Rhyiad or something, plus ampersand.
  10. Still waitin' https://imgur.com/26AIRuO
  11. Guys, why all the flame? We all know the decision-makers are Axl – Slash – Duff. What did you expect? I didn’t even listen to the interview, just read the summary. And the hype was done by the radio, not the band.
  12. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    I don't give a flying fuck if they'd have to redo the whole song to fit the mood of this version or whatever - this is way better than anything on the actual album.