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  1. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Axl was on his vocal top not in 87, not in 88, not in 91, but in 1992. Power-wise and everything else. I have spoken.
  2. Terminator - Dark Fate

    We’ll see. But they definitely could have chosen a more charismatic actor for T100. How about someone like Peter Stormare? Remember him as Lucifer in Constantine?
  3. What I like about the future prospects is the idea that once they really start working on the record, it will surely take some time, so there might be some occasional shows (like now in the fall), and it will be actually quite reasonable during the course to expect one or two new songs to be played at those gigs. Now that will be exciting! Like, some people perhaps expected it last year, but that was obvious nonsense. But let’s say at those 2020 shows, especially during the first one, we’re talking about a whole new game. I expect huge traffic on the forums! Also guessing the album title will be thrilling. Cockroach Soup, anyone? :D
  4. The T.V. Show Thread

    I'm gonna miss The Big Bang Theory. For twelve years it ran.
  5. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    Floral hibiscus and "sticky prickly pear" in a beer? Oh fuck off. And thanks for the last paragraph. Such on-topic stuff! So much wow!
  6. And publish it like a completely uninformed journalist, having no clue what the band’s been lately up to, what Slash’s been lately saying in interviews, not allowing a shadow of doubt to be casted on the whole thing before publishing it... Smeghead.
  7. Guys, the musicians said they wanna do it, Slash said they’re doing it in the fall and that there wouldn’t be any major tour before they release it; the guys got together after 20 years, everything is pointing towards it... why are you being so sceptical? It’s the only logical next step, what else would they do? They wouldn’t get away with another reunion tour – what was supposed to be said and shown has been said and shown. And whatever Axl’s case is, Slash and Duff are people who want to see fruits of their work, so there’s no way they’d be in favour of just perpetual touring of the greatest hits. Just relax. It’s not an if, it’s a when.
  8. Oh, ok. I don't even know most of the headliners, to be honest, apart from The Cure...
  9. Holy crap, most of the bands I've never heard of.
  10. It could have been just drunk jamming, guys, anything... As long as they work together again, I'm happy...
  11. Is there anything else apart from the initial fb message (as well as hopes and dreams) so far?
  12. Are you talking about the original tweet, or is there something new?
  13. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Just hurl about 20 Molotov cocktails down there...
  14. Brian Johnson will tour with AC/D.C. again

    Be positive.
  15. Brian Johnson will tour with AC/D.C. again

    Which is a good thing, obviously, because it means to me as a GN’R fan that Axl will save his time, energy, and vocal chords for his own goddamn band... I mean, it’s not like we’re sick of them always releasing all these albums every two years or anything...
  16. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I'm reading it now, and it's just crap.
  17. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I guess this might be the culprit. Haven't read the whole thing though. http://rockandrollgarage.com/ex-manager-says-izzy-stradlin-is-returning-to-guns-n-roses/
  18. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Lafon & Niven, huh?
  19. Did you guys know that Tool are finally releasing a new album this year? Do you know how long it’s been since the last one? 13 years.
  20. Well no, we don’t, and yes, when it comes to GN’R, it’s usually mostly speculation on our part unless we’re confirmed something; however, I’ve been going just by pure logic. I don’t see why the 2 guys would wanna return to a band with a sole "Ayatollah" at the helm. See, I guess it all comes down to how each of us sees the relationship between the holy trinity, with the money factor included. I just refuse to believe that they do all this just for money. You can feel that Axl and Slash became friends again. They would have made money even without the reunion, albeit much less. And just because you make shitloads of money off something it does not mean money is the only – or even the main – reason you are doing it. And in this spirit, the two guys must have a larger role than just re-hired guns, that just would not make any sense to me. Again, going by some basic logic; I might be wrong. As for the other thing, I don’t know about "imminent", I was just addressing the people not believing anything is coming at all. In fact, like I said, hardly anything could be imminent, because there simply hasn’t been enough time so far for such a huge thing to be completed already.
  21. Like I said – the major, fundamental thing: that this is not an Axl Rose solo project any more. Slash and Duff have a large say (we don’t know the extent, no point in speculating). So far, we’ve only witnessed touring. But in terms of what is to be done and when regarding work on a new album, this is not solely up to Axl any more. Hence my astonishment as to where so much of this scepticism is coming from. It’s just not comparable. Sure, we’re yet to see the fruits; I’m merely pointing out that now there are let’s say 3 elements in the equation as compared with the ChD era. So it’s not the same at all. Edit: And I also don’t understand why people think Slash would be bullshitting us about a new album. Did he do that around AfD, Lies, UYI, or Spaghetti? Didn’t think so.
  22. I think it weird and incomprehensible how some folks seem to constantly confuse the ChD era with the old Guns + the new era in terms of creativity and approach to new music. In fact, it reminds me of the same doubts and concerns regarding Axl’s "late" starts in 16. Since logically he could not do that any longer in 2016, because neither Slash, nor Duff, and especially not Angus would have put up with it – why would they? –, it was pretty clear that the starts would be on time. And they were. As for new music, since this is not Axl’s solo project any longer, do you honestly believe the guys would be fine with just never ending tours? It looks like some people lack certain notion of time. Once they reunited, they went on the tour, which only ended a few months ago, and now Slash is taking time off after those 2–3 years, doing his solo stuff. To me, the theoretical "waiting for the new album" only started in January 2019. And why not believe Slash? Seriously, when was the last time he was deliberately lying or fudging about a new GN’R record? If he says they want to start working in the fall, then I see no particular reason to doubt it. As for the content, I believe it won’t be just ChD II with Slash’s guitars, as that would be kind of... dishonest. I hope we’ll get a full-on record. But we’ll see.
  23. Fake posting shits. You can soon expect a "send an amount to get the whole thing" request from that yt channel guy.