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  1. Oh, sorry, of course – Izzy and Steven / Matt and Gilby / Robin and Brain / ... (fill in whatever your choice is) are no longer there, so the rest does not apply, by any means, right. Funny that people still considered them Guns N’ Roses during the UYI tour, even though the two fellas had already been gone. Anyway, let’s not get into this meaningless discussion here again.
  2. No, I don’t hate you, I was talking more about people who completely gave up on the band in all respects and all they do is spread negativity. I just don’t see the point there. Why waste time? As usual, the truth is somewhere between; I’m not one of those HTGTH people who adore anything the musicians do or say and there is absolutely no place for even a tiny bit of negativity, otherwise you’re automatically a hater. But this is the other extreme. I don’t know how many people post here regularly, but this seems to be quite a huge everyday chunk of repeated crap...
  3. Of course people have opinions, but I see a difference between a mildly "disgruntled" fan and a person who says Axl can’t sing any more ever again, Slash’s guitar play is boring, Duff is too woke (having gone there from "spineless"), and it’s just shite without Izzy anyway. In such case, I sincerely don’t understand why even bother coming here or expecting anything from the band at all. And as for the "criticism" they deserve – I’ve said it here before, but it’s clear that people just won’t see it from the necessary perspective. One of the biggest bands got together after everyone had lost any hope long ago. Their reunion tour took about 3 years – same as the Illusions – and included Axl’s AC/DC chapter. The tour only ended some 6 months ago, yet some people already feel entitled and bash the band as to how they can be so lazy and selfish and how dare they not release new stuff within a few months, also regardless of the fact that some of the musicians have been doing their solo shows recently. Seriously, what do we really have to complain about? In this era of shows streamed through phones and fans watching each of them knowing the playlist in advance, don’t you think people are a bit fucking spoiled? Remember the 90s? Yes, the playlist was stale, but they only do a single show in your city for you, don’t they? As for the record, it’s been just 6 months – do your really want them to rush it and release a half-assed album just because you’re an impatient dick and after those 20 years can’t wait for a several few more months? Get real.
  4. It’s just a few shows, guys. On the other hand, all they have to do is play one new song. Buzz, thrill & frenzy ensured.
  5. Exactly what I had in mind. Crazy shit.
  6. 2006 definitely was Axl’s year of nights out. Never before in the NuGNR era or after did we see him so much, on so many occasions, with so many photos like in 06.
  7. The Best chinese democracy songs performance

    In general, 2006, 2009, and 2010. The rest was subpar, more or less.
  8. What video is this from?

    Looks like the Robert John videos.
  9. DUFF MCKAGAN: How AXL ROSE And SLASH Inspire Me To Become Better Musician http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/duff-mckagan-how-axl-rose-and-slash-inspire-me-to-become-better-musician/
  10. Loco-Motive

    You might as well want Axl to sing Garden of Eden...
  11. But this is not on their official website, the festival people made it, right? I wouldn't read into it too much.
  12. I've never seen any evidence confirming that... Also, Axl said it would be out in March 2017. I don't believe he would have just fucked with us willy nilly... as long as the record was finished.
  13. There’s no way it will be named that. Chinese Democracy is a thing of the past, of Axl’s solo. Now they’re a real band again (Tommy "the General" my ass, he was just a pawn like the others when it came to decision-making, wasn’t he), and the guys are an integral part of it. So the name will be "2020 Intentions".
  14. CH II + old 90s stuff + new stuff from 2015+ all blended together = perfect.
  15. God I’m so allergic to this PC bullshit. Should we perhaps condemn the whole rock n’ roll thing, order every and each musician to start apologizing 24/7, and generally curse everyone who was born before 2000? Fucking pricks. How about investigating into that Church paedophilia shit for a change and putting it all on TV, you pussies?
  16. At least some bullet points, anyone? Some of us are at work, thanks.
  17. I don't want overpromising, I want god damn tidbits! I know, the Way of the Rose is... hey, that's a nice title, actually!
  18. The thing is, if the host is instructed "no 'GNR future' questions", the scope of possibilities gets significantly limited, doesn’t it. But it’s true they’ve been testing our patience for a long time now and could release at least a tidbit of information every now and then. It wouldn’t kill anybody or spoil the expectation to say something like, we’ve been in the studio and have about 5 tracks ready to go, two in the works, and 20 finished without vocals, or something along these lines, right? Or, Axl and Slash were jamming the other day, got very drunk, and came up with the title of the new record... which I’m not gonna give away here. Etc.
  19. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Axl was on his vocal top not in 87, not in 88, not in 91, but in 1992. Power-wise and everything else. I have spoken.
  20. Terminator - Dark Fate

    We’ll see. But they definitely could have chosen a more charismatic actor for T100. How about someone like Peter Stormare? Remember him as Lucifer in Constantine?
  21. What I like about the future prospects is the idea that once they really start working on the record, it will surely take some time, so there might be some occasional shows (like now in the fall), and it will be actually quite reasonable during the course to expect one or two new songs to be played at those gigs. Now that will be exciting! Like, some people perhaps expected it last year, but that was obvious nonsense. But let’s say at those 2020 shows, especially during the first one, we’re talking about a whole new game. I expect huge traffic on the forums! Also guessing the album title will be thrilling. Cockroach Soup, anyone? :D
  22. The T.V. Show Thread

    I'm gonna miss The Big Bang Theory. For twelve years it ran.
  23. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    Floral hibiscus and "sticky prickly pear" in a beer? Oh fuck off. And thanks for the last paragraph. Such on-topic stuff! So much wow!