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  1. Yep, Brasil being 3rd to 5th April. So it's March to April now. Hope this is as far as it goes, touring wise.
  2. So there's several gigs of this festival, one of them being in April in Brasil. Slash's FB confirms they'll be at all 3 gigs, meaning that the "something in March" is officially extending to April now. Hope that'll be it.
  3. I say there shouldn't be any permanent level; shit should get shuffled around all the time! Element of surprise! Next stop: a school. Or maybe a School. A Hard one.
  4. Difficult song, way more than Coma. All things considered, Axl nailed it.
  5. Tbh, I never really expected Locomotive to be actually played. Awesome.
  6. For god's sake, this Shackler is awesome and should have been on... nah, I'll save my breath.
  7. 10/04/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    Whoops, sorry didn't know. I stumbled upon that site by just browsing the new leaks out of boredom and trying to find what the internet has to say about them.
  8. 10/04/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    Holy shit, there's already an entire article about it over here **link removed**
  9. You can always use PMs, why couldn't you. You just can't ask for them publicly. It makes sense, when you think about it. And yes, there are other ways too.
  10. You guys are so ahead of time... Eh, cheesy, wasn't it.
  11. Right, I'm forgetting the time shift; for me, this stuff always happens at night, so I only see it first thing in the morning (tomorrow).
  12. So what happened with pitman?

    I remember Pitman later blamed alcohol for that FU post.
  13. Damn my math skills, I though today was the day.
  14. I mean, you must be non-sober to fully appreciate it...
  15. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    I just wanna say thank you for all the videos. I really appreciate what you've been doing for the fans. Awesome work!
  16. The KOHD 99 acoustic version is so... mother... fucking... goood... I absolutely LOVE it. I'm not really sure I've ever heard a better version... Nah, that sounds stupid, but... ho lee fuk
  17. I sure as hell hope that was it for Axl in 2016. Reasons: 1) Wear & tear & damage to the vocal chords 2) Time wasted instead of devoted to GN'R No need to go on.
  18. Pointless Recordings Left? Proper Review Lacked? Pissing Right Left?
  19. Paul Huge and the new album

    Not to hijack this thread, but I don’t remember when was the last time Slash lied about planning to work / working on a new GN’R record...
  20. Paul Huge and the new album

    Oh I'm not blaming him for anything, I just think there's no need for any larger amount of his fingerprints on the material to come.
  21. I'm still putting my hopes on the last RMCD containing at least one unheard full song with Axl's non-scratch vocals...
  22. Paul Huge and the new album

    Ha ha... no
  23. We're going song by song now? Oh come on... It sounds like a movie soundtrack.
  24. Here’s an idea. Take that playlist and start the gig off with the alternative playlist completely. Open with Out ta Get Me, then Dead Horse, Hard School, Catcher, Locomotive... Fat chance, huh? Yeah, one in a zillion, babe.