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  1. 19 minutes ago, Twinaleblood said:

    I don't thinknit's about legal consequences.  More about the songs losing value among the hoarding/trading circles once they are out.

    We were "lucky" because these tracks fell into a lot of hands to begin with, that's why we had a lot of leaks lately. Had they stayed in the hands of few, we wouldn't have got them.

    Good point, although I think the overall value has quite decreased now, as many people were like "meh" concerning the four new tunes (and their audio quality) we got recently. So the hoarders might as well have leaked the remaining 4 or 5 songs, too. I mean, if anything, their value is definitely not gonna be increasing now... not anymore. 
    Or is it?

  2. Tbh I don’t understand why the rest of the songs containing vocals doesn’t get leaked too, regardless of any fear of "legal consequences" – I mean, you can always upload it somewhere (torrents?) and then send the link to forums etc., going "look what I’ve found", can’t you? How could anyone be proved to have leaked it? Especially if you use some public computer...

    • GNFNR 1

  3. The song’s definitely been growing on me. Especially the beginning, with the vocal melody, the drums played on tom-toms, and the rhythm guitars. I’m not crazy about the violent changes later on in the song, but the beginning... 
    It reeks of fresh possibilities and things that could have been... but didn’t really come to fruition. It suggests a parallel reality where a double CD was released in 2001, followed by another record soon after; a world where Guns were touring this new shit constantly (and later reunited around 2006), where no one’s ever heard of D. Trump or old forests burning.
    Instead, we got what we got in our reality, and I guess we’re here to learn some lessons. 
    Yeah, all of this I got from the first verses... :D 

  4. Of course, there’s always this possibility that Axl, knowing that not all CD songs will see the light of day now that the Old Ones are back – as they want to release some new music as well – told Zutaut or whomever to leak the shit, because he didn’t write all these tunes just to keep it in the drawers forever, right?
    Just throwing it out there, it’s not impossible.


  5. I’m not disagreeing with you; all I’m saying is they’ve always been professional and worked hard – so much that I sort of take it for granted a little bit. What’s important more now imo is sufficient time, focus, and willingness to actually put it all together, with their own momentum. Hardworking should not be an issue on their level of musicianship...

  6. 1 hour ago, Rovim said:

    We don't know how hard the CD musicians worked on the CD era tunes. My guess is they did the best they could but just because we only got 14 songs doesn't mean that that's all they worked on and finished. Axl, Robin, Slash, Duff, and Fortus all said Axl got many great unreleased songs.

    No, we kinda do have the idea from the interviews (Brain in particular) and all the "takes" (drums +1 dB, drums –1 dB, with ambient noise, wind in the chimney, owl screech behind the window, etc.). Otherwise, that is my point – even if they work hard, it’s about the general consensus regarding when to record and/or release what. 

    1 hour ago, Rovim said:

    I feel like a Guns album could be the biggest incentive for Slash to not just use the first good idea he comes up with or the first takes of a lead and maybe try something that is a little more out of his comfort zone. A different attitude/a slightly different approach can definitely improve results and is an important factor.

    Like I said, I believe since they’re professionals, the hardworking sort of comes with the "job", and rather than some special incentives I think they just need some time, serenity, and focus. After all, they are aware this is not a solo project and the whole world is gonna be closely concentrating on whatever they come up with. They never had a problem with the hard-work approach in the past GNR albums as far as I know. And sometimes the first idea is the best one – see the SCOM riff story.

    I guess what I'm saying here is let's just let them be and trust their judgment and talent; they know how to do this. 


  7. You guys, this "working really hard" in a studio is not always the main aspect though, is it. I mean, there’s no doubt they’re pros and can do it if they want, but it’s not necessarily the main prerequisite, as I perceive it as quite automatic. 
    The main thing is just playing away, relaxing and going with the flow of your talent – and above all, it’s about getting together and intending to create and record the material within some time frame. 

    Working really hard itself means way less than what you guys give it credit for: remember that all the CD era musicians always definitely worked really hard (as mentioned in every interview given by anyone ever) – and all we eventually got was 14 songs. Worked really hard on, undoubtedly. 

    They’ve only had a few free months so far; I say if all we get in 2020 (regarding new album) is an announcement for 2021, it’s all fine. Throw in a single, and I’m happy. I prefer waiting for several extra months to getting a half-baked, rushed collection just to make the fans satisfied. 
    Tomorrow, I’m gonna be working really hard on getting drunk...

  8. 16 hours ago, Len Cnut said:

    I don't even think its a case of lightening up, they're as light as they ever were, I think its more a case of like...OK, so 4 or 10 or 500 people are offended.  OK, great...so what?  Its not really that big of a deal.  These used to be personal things that occured in a persons head y'know?  Like 'ooh, I didn't like that part of that joke'.  The problem is, now thats it is ALL voiced, things that are perhaps a little inconsequential and made out to be of greater consequence.  There's a lot of be said y'know, sometimes, for just shutting the fuck up.  Communication is a beautiful thing, don't get me wrong but I prefer dialogue as opposed to like, just blanket statements or improvised aphorisms.  And thats what I find a lot with social media, people don't really want to discuss, they just want to express. 

    Yours, my, his, hers feelings are really not that important overall.  If we can sit and talk like this and I take something from what you say and you take something from what I say I think thats a lot more valuable than just 'i found that funny' or 'that offended me'.

    If you haven't seen it yet, check out Steve Hughes' stand ups - this is exactly what he's been saying. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Len Cnut said:

    This is one guy I need to get into, for one reason or another I haven't seen a single stand up of  his but I've seen a couple of interviews of his and this rant he did in Philly about Joe Frazier, well, part of it was about Joe Frazier anyway, he's a nutter, I need to check him out.

    Definitely do that, he's one of the best contemporary comedians out there, and very audacious and outspoken. There are several stand ups available, plus check his visits on Conan, these two guys click!