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  1. 44 minutes ago, Sweersa said:

    I actually didn't like it. It sounded too forced, not like the older lower rasp that he can't seem to do anymore (November Rain type singing)

    Most of his current rasp is higher in pitch, like how he sung with AC/DC. I like it, but it seemed out of place on the TIL remix. I prefer the range of singing he did on the album version, between clean and rasp.

    I like it because this particular song let him show what he can do with the rasp; he hasn't done anything quite like this to date. We may think it forced, but what if it's not, it's just that there hasn't really been a song like this where he could show how far he can go. Anyway, I love it. Again, gooseflesh. 

  2. 55 minutes ago, WhazUp said:

    Silkworms is like the Shotgun Blues of nuGNR lol kind of like, yeah it is a rocker and it exists but nobody is super excited to put it on :lol:


    I do enjoy the quiet guitar parts in the break of the song though, especially in the RIR version

    I absolutely reject this comparison - Shotgun Blues is a killer rocker, damn it!

    Anyway, I don't think Silkworms should be included in any official releases any time soon. It would be stupid to include that but not OMG. 

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  3. In short, the ambivalence is strong with this one, and I don’t think dwelling in just one of the extremes could be justified. In this overall lack of any official material, we surely are, or sort of should be, glad for anything; and I suppose we are – I am. 
    However, it’s heavily subpar in general. We could expect so much more (insert any comparison with bands like the often mentioned Metallica etc.). And yet for some reason, this has the "TB substandard" written all over it. Just why? What is it with this band and its management that renders pretty much everything constantly difficult? Why can’t they arrange shit like the others do? It’s been already said that the mystery/mystique crap just doesn’t work anymore, not with this lack of... everything (but gigs). It was kinda cool in 2002. It’s 2020 now. Did they confuse the numbers? 
    For once I would love to have something of a fucking A-quality, something to really enjoy and maybe even be proud of, as a fan. The last thing that came close was in the realm of bootlegs though (namely Saskatoon 93), and that’s the problem. You want awesome content? Go rogue, since there’s no chance you’re getting any with the current public affairs team. I’d never believe I’d say this, but the band does need some big, independent manager, like they used to have before the whole Lebeis anabasis started. Those managers might have made some mess, but at least today they would push towards proper merchandize and footage that would sell – i.e. a win-win situation. 

    The worst case scenario is: Well guys! The pandemic seems to be over, so since you missed us during those few months, we’ll play some greatest hits for you tonight, to cheer you up. Oh and we didn’t really have much time – or let’s say opportunity – to do a lot of work on the new record, due to the isolation, you know. But rest assured ideas are being thrown around, they guys have been working very hard, and we all want to do it, things are in motion...

    Damn, I seem to be gradually shifting to the darker side of the forum mood...! 

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  4. Great show, Axl was nailing it hard (as opposed to Lisbon a week before, which wasn’t as cool), and he was generally killing it in 2006, as we know. There was some Axl camera mix-up at the beginning of Jungle, Ron’s guitar was sometimes missing in the mix (I think during Nightrain), and Axl screwed up Patience twice – once lyrically at the beginning, once melodically at the end. However, it was a great show nonetheless. And the initial Jungle scream! Even the audio itself (a 14-year old TV shot) is better than that Utah 2019 clip they've given us now. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Tom2112 said:

    I misread the jungle thing, as you read the Chinese Democracy thing... I definitely don't think Chinese is irreplaceable, I was saying that in comparison to Prostitute it's a much, much better live song. 

    Hey, I'd love if My Michelle was in more sets... but Nightrain is also one of my favourite songs and it always gets a great reaction, My Michelle is a little slower and possibly a bit more of a deeper cut in 2020, so that's why it's not always in the set.

    Right, but the key is alternating the songs, not replacing them for good. How cool would that be. Well, we'll see this fall. (Unless we won't.) 

  6. 40 minutes ago, Tom2112 said:

    Ok. First of all the staples in their set , as in the ones the majority know are going nowhere ISE, LALD, KOHD, SCOM, Jungle, NV, PC.

    You seem to fall under the "I've seen them loads" band wagon, true! YOU have and YOU might be tired of hearing a lot of these songs! but every band has to juggle the songs in their setlist to make sure the majority of the crowd is engaged... unfortunately if you see GNR 6 times in 2 years, they really aren't catering to that fan! but if you just go to 1 or 2 shows, you get some slight alterations.

    Some of the songs you are on about dropping, and some of the songs you want to add in instead are real head scratchers! for example I really enjoy the song Prostitute, but in a stadium do I want to hear that instead of Jungle or even Chinese Democracy (anybody can nod their head to this)? no! because nobody knows, and it's hard to latch onto (if you haven't hard it before) it and the crowd are going to go dead... in an Arena or club, sure why not!

    Now I agree fully that the set needs an overhaul, first thing I'd do is completely rearrange the order ISE and brownstone would be separated and PC would no longer be the only song used to close the show. No band is beholden on doing things one way for their entire career, and for whatever reason PC seems stuck in that end of the night slot, when really they could play it 3 songs in and the crowd would explode. 

    I literally said Jungle is irreplaceable. But if you think they have to play a song like CD forever, you could be surprised. There was a time once when they didn’t play it, and it definitely can just be replaced with something else – why not? What’s gonna happen? Do you think this is a song people come to? 
    As for the others, you’re naming songs that I too have named as those that remain. But who says Nightrain can’t alternate with Michelle like in the 90s? Or Chinese with something else off Chinese Democracy? Or fucking Seeker with like Down on the Farm or something. And do they always have to open with ISE? Whatever happened to diversity and the element of surprise? "We kinda pick them as we go"...? 
    They can’t go on forever with this tour as the reunion tour, containing the key members and therefore being played also/mainly for boomers etc. This has already been done ad nauseam, and now it’s time for shit like Skin n’ Bones, know what I mean? 
    Kazillions of dollars have been made, now cater to the real fans. 

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  7. 42 minutes ago, DTJ80 said:

    I 100% agree mate. I’ve said that a while now - the setlist should be amended to cater to his current abilities. I keep meaning to cobble together a list which would sound good (IMO).

    It would be a brave move to amend the voice on the big hitters (SCOM/NR etc) but at this point it’s necessary. Unless putting less strain on the voice over the course of a setlist/tour could mean he can push his voice more on those?

    It definitely should be heavily altered. Think about it – how many bands do we know that keep playing more or less the same setlist with dozens of staples and just very few changes over years? When it comes down to it, there are really only some three songs that undisputedly need to be played every show: WTTJ, SCOM, and PC. Anything else can be omitted, although it would be kinda weird if it happened all at once (then again, fuck it, why not). And they’ll always play NR (unless it’s a club like Troubadour) and KOHD (I surely could do without it already). Nightrain and RQ should also be there, although Nightrain did alternate with Michelle in the old days, and RQ could do the same with something else. 
    Also, why does the start always have to be Easy, Brownstone, Chinese, Jungle? Can we fucking change that already? Even if you skip one of these or replace it with something else, it would only be to the benefit of the whole thing. 
    Better, Chinese, LALD, solos like WYWH, Attitude, RQ, DTJ, Seeker (especially that one!) – all these songs could be at least alternating with something. Patience with DC etc. There are many tunes with lower register that Axl could do easily, and it would help the playlist in general. Pretty Tied Up, Bad Obsession, other UYI stuff.  
    But no, they always have to start with the same 4 songs and then huff and puff through the same old, same old. 
    I know this topic/debate has already been discussed. Anyway, I certainly hope they’ll make HUGE changes come fall. It’s seriously moronic to keep the same setlist for years. Who does that? I personally don’t need ISE/Mr. B/CD/Jungle every show! We already know this is the band (more or less) that created AfD, we’re already aware of CD’s existence – it needs no further promotion, replace it with some other song. Like, why not Prostitute? The original has a clean voice anyway, easy-peasy.
    Etc. Just make some changes. One newish song like Hard School won’t do it. It’s the whole approach that needs a goddamn upgrade. 
    Sorry for the unsolicited rant. 

  8. 1) I am grateful for the video, and please keep it coming in any case. 
    2) However, I am not impressed, at all. Sorry. I can understand it’s probably just the beginning, and you chose "safe" songs in terms of Axl’s voice. But the sound sucks, the camera/editing people would deserve a slap, and the video quality is ridiculous. Why am I not too surprised? 
    TV pro-shots from years ago have a better audio quality than this! As for the camera/editing, we barely see Axl, and there’s still that pestilence that the cameraman shows a guitarist’s right hand instead of the left one, which is entirely useless and idiotic. I thought these morons disappeared with the 90s TV, but apparently not. 
    I hope to god if they ever release a NITL dvd, it won’t be of this "professional" quality...

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  9. 4 minutes ago, Live Like a Suicide said:

    They've reworked HS some, and if they were to play it live, the media would jump on it as the first 'new song' from the band. If it's in the setlist, i think they would consider it for release. Oh My God may be considered for a potential re-release (given Frank said the 'hypothetical album' may sound more punk-rock), or it could be simply regarded as a deep track.

    I don't hold as much hope as you on the first single being something they create themselves. Why work harder for the same payout?

    I believe Slash wouldn't want a new album where he would only rework stuff made by some former guys. He's the chief guitarist, and even if Axl will only use his old CD lyrics, the least they could do is let Slash create his own music to it, without having heard the original tunes first. The first single should be a statement of a sort. It should. Like, this is us, now. We're back. 

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  10. 12 minutes ago, Live Like a Suicide said:

    The songs are good, but i don't think they're single-worthy. Hardschool is probably the most traditional rocker on there, and we do know they are likely considering it for release (given they have rehearsed it recently), but even its chorus isn't super catchy. It has a great sound though.

    I wouldn't be so sure about them considering it for release. I mean, they did rehearse Oh My God, didn't they. 

    And as I've said before, the first single should be something these actual guys created, not a revamped NuGuns song IMO. 

  11. 1 hour ago, AxlRoseCDII said:

    Well hey, this quarantine should mean that the album should be nice and ready come the rescheduled stadium tour, now that they’ve had time to work on it more and hopefully finish things, right?



    They'll probably tell you they couldn't have gotten in the studio though (wanting to do it the old way and not completely remotely via the internet), because they weren't allowed to congregate...

  12. 7 minutes ago, Hank Moody said:

    I tried to find a quote from someone that back in UYI tour Axl had this idea of releasing the footage and audio of every show immediately after the concerts. Quite visionary to do it in the early 90’s IMO. 
    Don’t know if this was actually true, but if it was, what has changed so much in this guy to be in such an antagonist to his fans?

    Now that I would call "ultimate irony".