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  1. 2 hours ago, MaskingApathy said:

    I'm sure if they're playing that festival they will book other dates around that next spring, so it would be another leg.

    See that’s why I said I hope not. And it is just a speculation anyway. If they mean it – and I see no reason to doubt it – they’ll get to it. 
    Or, at least (I can’t help myself here), they’ll start looking very seriously at what they can do in this regard... :D

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  2. It’s just some 15 dates over a month or so, I don’t expect any major changes. All they have to do is shuffle the playlist around a bit and maybe add something "new" from the past like they did with SOYL. One new tune would blow up the roof though. 
    And then, off to the studio! Although maybe not before the Christmas; and January is generally a slow start anyway, so maybe beginning February? 

  3. I don’t see any sign of them being underrated. In fact, considering the band – in a "significantly modified" lineup – was touring the same stuff/record between 2001 and 2014 without basically any releases apart from the dvd (which was no news for the bootleg hardcore fans), and yet still sold high numbers of tickets, they would be rather on the "overrated" side of the spectrum, although I’m not saying they are overrated at all. But definitely not underrated. 
    And to repeat the obvious, they released one studio album in like 20–30 years. 
    And judging from the NITL financial numbers, what the hell is underrated about them? 

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  4. Izzy may have said "I will only do gigs with you guys occasionally, as a guest, but I think I deserve the same share," to which they may have said no (rightly enough), and thus the comment. 

    Like I said before, Izzy surely wouldn’t want to tour the world and also play ChinDem songs, ergo this must have been just an occasional gig offer. 

    But given the amount of time and energy invested by the three, I understand that they wouldn’t want to "split the loot equally" in this particular case. 

    In any case, we don’t know shit for sure. It’s all about assumptions. 

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  5. 281b26e4899b881777e54085c8c97bd3.jpg


    Does anyone have any idea what/when/where this is from? 
    It almost looks like some video, but I don’t know. 
    Also, it’s clearly not just some ordinary gig – Axl in long jeans in the 90s? No way. 


  6. 3 minutes ago, ramsey said:

    Do you actually think Axl is personally asking to take down videos? Haha it's lawyers and catalog owners, record companies and vested interests. Everyone is so eager to demonize the band 

    Of course not, I didn't mean it was Axl, not at all. Talking about that anonymous bastard behind the takedowns, see the applicable thread in the main section. 

  7. I don't think that bastard's fingers can reach as far as at AC/DC. 

    On topic: Werchter, Belgium, was of great quality. Don't remember the source any longer though. 

  8. 28 minutes ago, rocknroll41 said:

    They’ve bullshitted us before tho. Back in 2013 someone asked Beta “will there be a new album?” And she said “sure, later this year.” Look how that turned out!

    the only difference is that Slash is back now, so there’s renewed interest on a wider scale. Hopefully that renewed interest will be enough to make it happen. We’ll see, though.

    It’s your legitimate take on the thing, buddy. However, I’ve said it here before – Slash and Duff back in the band aren’t the "only" difference, they are THE difference. Expecting the band still having the same organizational and financial internal relations like in the UYI era is a bit naive, I think. The guys would have no reason to live under a sole person’s baton, which means they have their say, and therefore when Slash says things are gonna happen, I believe things are gonna happen. 
    Yep. This is no NuGNR any longer. 

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