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  1. But wait, that would make sense! Axl once specified a March tentative day, didn’t he? Granted it was March 2007... But we still have some Marches left till all the glaciers melt, so no stress...
  2. I say no need for the CD treatment - when they get down to it, they can just take the basic melody lines plus the lyrics and revamp it completely. I'd bet this way we sometimes might not even be able to figure the given tune was originally from the CD era.
  3. Since Slash has always been a productive musician, and I don’t think he’d want to spend next years playing a different band’s songs just with his guitar additions, without having created most of them from the scratch, there’s no way the new album will be just CD II with Slash and Duff. I’m sure there will be CD II songs, but it definitely needs to be a mixture. 90s stuff, CD II, new stuff. No problem. No black or white. There's no reason for Slash to be in the band if he only was to be taken as a trademark.
  4. Yeah, it was the original AfD 5, they were all members, even though there definitely must have been certain role distribution, like now (Axl + Slash, then Duff...). Anyway, I know for sure that when Axl was asking Slash "What do you wanna play, huh?" in the Saskatoon 93 video, and poor Matt attempted to play Locomotive several times, he was completely ignored, cause the boss wasn’t really asking him in the first place...
  5. I'm looking forward to that Matt's book (scheduled for 2020).
  6. Sure, but given the significance of the matters, the Slash feud, the CD era management issues, and the depth of his insight, I don’t think he’d have a chance to publish an all-correct, harmless book, unless we’d want it to be just a bland recollection of trivia. I mean, he can't avoid all that, can he? Nah, either someone else has to write it, with a sort of unofficial blessing on his part, or we won’t get anything of the sorts until he’s like eighty and the band’s been over for years... IMO. Edit: Also, when e.g. Slash was writing his book, he didn't have to give a shit about anything like that, because he wasn't in the band any longer back then, was he...
  7. Yep, he talked about this in the China Exchange interview. He said the problem was how to write/publish a biography without calling everyone a liar in the book. And I understand that. I mean, now that they’ve buried the hatchet, they definitely wouldn’t want to shit on each other publicly again, would they.
  8. Exactly, Ax and the S-man told me it pisses them off too...
  9. Guns N' Roses: The Band From Hell

    I meant extremes, exaggerating, like in that article. Looking back at it, it’s ridiculous. PC is not here to help people in minorities, even though originally there may have been some similar intent. PC is a hypocritical system which is used to pretend that shit is getting solved, while it’s really being just swept under the rug, and which is used to censor our minds (subsequently leading to self-censorship too, of course). Anyway, funny article.
  10. Guns N' Roses: The Band From Hell

    The way we laugh at this... is the same way one day future people will (hopefully) laugh at that today's political corectness bullshit...
  11. [TOOL] New Album 'Fear Inoculum' August 30th

    I already like it! Goddamn teaser of a song, I want the whole thing!
  12. What does he say next? "Hey, you're into that, alright?" Is that it?
  13. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    How about a different video website, other than youtube? There surely must be something.
  14. By all means. It’s never black or white.
  15. Well I agree! Only as for the "how else to judge it" – the thing is, I don’t. I just don’t compare things that are not comparable, that's all. Some people think that everything has to be on the same vertical ladder, but I see these matters as running parallelly on a horizontal line, if that makes any sense. That’s why I’ve never had a problem with Chinese Democracy in general, with all these endless comparisons as to whether it’s real GN’R or whatever. I just took it as a new chapter of the (heavily modified) band, where there was no point in comparing it with Appetite, UYIs or anything else from the past. Similarly, I wouldn’t compare Bucket’s take on Slash’s parts, since they are clearly two different types of musicians. Which means you can’t really say one of them is better than the other, because they're just different. See, both in their own lines running parallelly next to each other (or rather quite far away from each other :)). So... I just don’t judge it; I take it as it is/was. A great legend. Zeitgeist. Etc. It would be kinda hard for me to explain this even in my native language, so sorry if it sounds a bit chaotic...
  16. Thing is, it’s inaccurate and unfair to judge these things from our 2019 point of view. Things were real back then. Real feelings, deep expressions, true rock stars... not the fake shallow social media smart phone facebook celebrity pretentious crap like these days. So we’re comparing basically two different universes here. Edit: See Black Mirror.
  17. Ok. But given Slash has been touring throughout the year and Guns will only have a few weeks after they finish the fall tour, it would be basically a miracle if anything landed this soon. Fingers crossed.
  18. Anyway... if they start looking very seriously in that album regard after the mini tour, we’re talking late November. That’s one month until the holidays (I don’t see them doing anything during the holidays), so I think there’s no way the album could be released in "early 2020", as someone suggested. Let’s be realistic – I’d say the end of 2020, if anything, plus a few shows/festivals in the meantime, with maybe – and maybe not – one or two new tunes introduced there. Also, all they have to do to shut us up in the meantime is release a NITL DVD. I mean, that's what a normal band would do, so... ... it probably won’t happen.
  19. Sure, twist my words. The principle still stands: you don’t know what has or has not been done, so this "zero creativity" is just a conclusion jumped to.
  20. He probably means they could have written tons of songs already, just have not released them yet. These are two different situations.
  21. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    It is ridiculous. Maybe if they released a NITL DVD, there’d be less fan-made videos (as the quality is shitty anyway). But… but.
  22. Family time. AC/DC. Relaxing. Etc.
  23. You're kidding. Both Rosemont Chicago and Oklahoma one of the best rants ever caught on camera!
  24. Yet 1) a lot of the material had been written prior to the UYI tour; 2) they had a lot to prove, make an Appetite follower etc.; 3) undoubtedly were pushed by producers and the likes; 4) NITL was supposed to be a reunion tour, so no surprises there regarding the lack of new music. Etc. All I’m saying is if Slash said they’d properly get to it only in the fall, there’s no reason not to believe him all of a sudden. When was the last time he's lied about making records with Guns? Also, given they’re not 25 anymore, have families, nothing to prove, and do solo stuff around, I can understand they’re taking their time. But folks constantly comparing it to the Chinese era are just plain wrong, that’s all.
  25. However, in no way is the current relationship structure the same as it was in Axl’s former solo band with hired musicians. There’s no reason why Slash should participate if the environment was the same like it was during UYI. He could make money without Axl. Less, but still. It’s just different now.