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  1. Rumor is there is other village discs out there with other finished vocal tracks..
  2. Maybe the chairman will deliver for Halloween??
  3. We will see in a couple of months. He has laid down new vocal tracks to these songs according to "people"
  4. 5 months to new album!
  5. Your "best of the locker" CDs

    Oklahoma Perhaps Quick Song Curly Shuffle Hard School Atlas Shrugged Going Down Zodiac Me and my Elvis State of Grace D Tune Oh my God Circus Maximus Devious Bastard Silkworms
  6. I think the blu ray /EP is the same package and hopefully will be released in time for holiday season
  7. Think the album is pretty much done and will be out for the next leg of the tour (march/april), they cant tour the NITL tour much longer without any new product. I think they keep most secretly and maybe announce a single from out of nowhere - we can only hope!
  8. The most frustrating thing is that everything takes sooo F#`n long time.. The EP should drop along with the new tour dates, but I guess that they will not meet the deadline (again), (if they have a deadline...)
  9. SOYL - dont know I heard about a NITL blu-ray last year with to bonus studio tracks (one was Atlas shrugged) and some live tracks, but I have heard from people in other forums/Discords that Quick song will be the other new studio track. The T-rex song I think was confirmed sometime last year that they had recorded. Only two of the locker tracks now, but certainly Axl will work with more of the tracks for later full album(s)
  10. Some rumors going around about the tracklisting of the EP being Quick Song (re-recorded), Atlas shrugged (re-redorded), t-Rex cover, Shadow of your love and one or two live tracks
  11. According to a poster on reddit, this supposedly was tracklist of CDII: The General Zodiac Quick Song Ides Of March State Of Grace Berlin Seven Atlas Shrugged Silkworms Down By The Sea Jackie Chan Thyme Perhaps Rearrange Life Soul Monster
  12. This opening 3-song punch is very good 1.Chinese Democracy `99 2. OMG 99 3. Jackie Chan
  13. Is the backing vox on Goin Down Tommy or Robin or Richard??
  14. There was a time, Better, Street of dreams, Chinese Democracy, Prostitute, This I love. But in terms of popularity, no!