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  1. The general is not Street of dreams! You have heard the leak havent you? Also, Axl i think confirmed seven as an actual title and is not on CD, so plenty of work from Beltrami on next record
  2. I think that one of the problems ahead is the vocals of Axl. He will not match the vocals recorded 10+ years ago and it will not be a cohesive record if you can hear the change of voice (quality) from one song to another. He can of course rerecord all the old vocal-tracks but I highly doubt he is willing to do that. :/
  3. Ahh...I understand! I think i thought about one "folder" for GNR music. He doesnt specify how much of the ideas belong to wich band.
  4. Its not only one riff for GNR and the rest for The Conspirators. He says he has about 80 song ideas or riffs collected on his phone, some of this is meant for the Conspirators and some of them are meant for GNR.
  5. It has been on Spotify before, the whole End of days soundtrack
  6. Congratulations! you hit the nail on the head! Everybody is whining about that the lefover songs couldn`t be any good because they didnt make it to Chinese. That s not how an album works! It has to have a certain flow and maybe they didnt fit for whatever reasons - doesnt mean anything about quality.
  7. In case of making an album, what will take time (as always) is Axl and laying down new vocals on new material by Slash. The other half (if we presume that they are recording Axls old ideas aswell) is pretty quickly finished. Its just for Duff and Slash to put their stamp on Axls songs. I dont think they will write much together as a band
  8. Does not have a link, but you can buy this magazine in Norway, Sweden, Denmark ithink. Its in swedish on page 28-36. Link to cover of the magazine: https://www.swedenrock.com/magazine
  9. In the latest Sweden rock Magazine there is a interview with Slash. It focuses on the Conspirators and the interviewer is strictly told not to ask about Guns n Roses, but late in the interview Slash himself talks about how he stores his ideas on his cell phone. He has over 80 ideas, riffs etc wich is not used and is sorted in Conspirators and one for new Guns n Roses music. The interviewer then asks when/if we can excpect a new GNR album and Slash just smiles and says he cant talk about that Its all up to Axl it seems, Slash is ready for new album!
  10. You really dont hear the difference??
  11. Since these leaks are real i suspect that also General and Atlas is circulating somewhere and may be leaked (hopefully soon..)
  12. ..And i like the New groove in the chorus for OH my GOD! Is it Bucket or Ron?
  13. Silkworms sounds a bit like Chemical Brothers/Prodigy in the 90's, but more rocking. Pretty good, the mix is not the best.
  14. Someone else looking forward to hear Crash Diet properly recorded in good quality? Hopefully this is the first step of many, and will lead to deluxe-version of Illusion-period and Chinese-period
  15. Best scenario: New Axl/DC Album New Guns compilation coinciding with Euro tour with 2 new songs (Atlas shrugged + one more) New Slash album