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  1. What do we think about the writing credits for Hardschool/Jackie Chan and Atlas shrugged? ITs a bit of a punk vibe to Hardschool so maybe Rose/Stinson/Finck and the acoustics in Atlas might be Tobias so maybe Rose/Tobias/Finck What do you think?
  2. Marco Beltrami

    But we have not seen tracklist of all 20 disks have we??
  3. Marco Beltrami

    The Song P.R.L. uses the instrumental/orchestral piece called Thyme
  4. I think the radioguy from Planetrock actually mentioned an EP and not a full album, this is maybe more plausible.
  5. Hardschool with Duff on bass and backup vocals and a classic Slash solo 🤘🎸
  6. Yes we have been dissapointed multiple times and its easy to blame Richard. But from Richards standpoint: He knows the material is there and I believe its the reason he is so positive towards a release. The difference this time is that Slash and Duff has joined and the record company must be eager to get something new out.
  7. We know for sure now that Axl has a lot of unreleased stuff (many doubted this before the newest leaks/potential leaks) and its natural that some of the best material here will be on the next album, thats also what I can decipher of many interviews with Richard and I think he knows a bit more than people around here thinks - it will not surprise me if he has several writing credits on the new album. Lets hope there also is some new stuff written by Slash and Duff, it has to be right?
  8. Guns N’ Roses are much closer to releasing music than they have been letting on and it could include some of the material that Axl Rose had been previously working on. Axl has recently been working on laying down vocal tracks. The band is planning on touring this fall which could see them performing new music in over a decade, but the band is also releasing a new pinball machine later this year or early next year according to Slash According to Richard Fortus the what we can expect is a sound of GNR evolving further from Chinese Democracy into new "territories" and will not lean towards AFD/Classic rock-style We also have the rumor from Planetrock UK that there may be a new GNR song towards the end of the year, soundtrack/single to a movie https://gnrcentral.com/2019/07/31/guns-n-roses-may-release-new-music-this-year-early-next-year-axl-rose-already-laid-on-vocals-rumor/?fbclid=IwAR0OOPlXaQSaSno7Zc8-NAlMHEHgVBe13qsCe4pBs5AuqH33L2rB_nWx9eA
  9. Can you describe the songs you heard on your phone?

  10. Can you rank the unrelased songs? How many a- list material-songs is there?

  11. At least we have a bunch of new Track titles and track lengths etc. to discuss here. Also some descriptions of some of the songs - more im sure is forthcoming
  12. I believe that in Axls mind many of these songs is songs he is (still) intended to release in some form and some time, and I see that leaks is something he will not be happy about. (rumors of Slash/Duff recording of Atlas etc) We dont know everything that is going on (and has for the last 10-15 years) behind the scenes. My highest hope is that Axl & co gets this out for us fans the right way to buy and enjoy, but of course i`m open for leaks as well.