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  1. Will we have world tours with 10 000 + + shows in 2021? Im not quite sure as the restricitions on big crowds will go on for a long time as we have no vaccine. Axl - Please give us a christmas present this year! Do an exclusive deluxe edition with stuff you know the diehards will spend money on
  2. Postponed relases because of the covid-19: Bon Jovi Bush Biffy Clyro Lady Gaga Deep Purple Smashing Pumpkins + +
  3. Jarmo is a big fan of Mark Lanegan, I dont see that he has done something wrong here..
  4. So the first new studio Song with Axl vocals will be on the new Ashba & friends album..?
  5. Yes, the only other possibilty to the new chapter will be a reunion with Izzy
  6. I really think that there is more pointing to something will be released this year than the opposite! BTW is not uncommon to book shows and schedule a tour before the album date is set in stone
  7. Jarmo still pretty positive about new music in 2020. Lets hope he knows something..
  8. One of the best Slash solos since use your illusions - days. Makes me long more for a (the) new GUNS album
  9. - Roll On 2 You 2 - Feelin' It 3 - War Schemes (Seconds) 4 - Monster Of Soul 5 - Benny & The Jets 6 - Shrugged 7 - Hundred Skies 8 - Forgotten 9 - Here Today 10 - Riders Out Of Sight 11 - Hard School ? Its very possibly a fake tracklist floating around
  10. Rumor is there is other village discs out there with other finished vocal tracks..
  11. Maybe the chairman will deliver for Halloween??
  12. We will see in a couple of months. He has laid down new vocal tracks to these songs according to "people"
  13. Your "best of the locker" CDs

    Oklahoma Perhaps Quick Song Curly Shuffle Hard School Atlas Shrugged Going Down Zodiac Me and my Elvis State of Grace D Tune Oh my God Circus Maximus Devious Bastard Silkworms
  14. I think the blu ray /EP is the same package and hopefully will be released in time for holiday season