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  1. You really dont hear the difference??
  2. Since these leaks are real i suspect that also General and Atlas is circulating somewhere and may be leaked (hopefully soon..)
  3. ..And i like the New groove in the chorus for OH my GOD! Is it Bucket or Ron?
  4. Silkworms sounds a bit like Chemical Brothers/Prodigy in the 90's, but more rocking. Pretty good, the mix is not the best.
  5. Someone else looking forward to hear Crash Diet properly recorded in good quality? Hopefully this is the first step of many, and will lead to deluxe-version of Illusion-period and Chinese-period
  6. Best scenario: New Axl/DC Album New Guns compilation coinciding with Euro tour with 2 new songs (Atlas shrugged + one more) New Slash album
  7. Stone Temple Pilots Announce New Singer Jeff Gutt

    Pretty good record!
  8. Rumor of a new album???

    Smashing Pumpkins last tour ended summer 2016, after that Billy Corgan has done some solo shows
  9. Rumor of a new album???

    Isnt it obvious that the band they refer to on the first page is Smashing Pumpkins!? They are in the studio right now with an a-list producer (Rubin) and is reformed with (almost) the original lineup. That said, Guns could still be recording but I think maybe they stick to Caram and the well-known people who have been with Axl & co from the Chinese sessions
  10. Favourite Albums of 2017 Thread

    Ayreon - the Source Pain of Salvation - in the passing light of day Motorpsycho - the Tower Steven Wilson - to the bone H.E.A.T - Into the great unknown
  11. New U2 Album 'Songs of Experience' Out Dec. 1st // Tour Starting in May 2018

    Its pretty good actually! I think its way better than mostly boring albums like All that you cant leave behind and How to dismantle an atom bomb, but of course not near classics like Achtung, Zooropa, Joshua. Summer of love, Red Flag day, Lights of home and Blackout are the best ones. Also a nice little opener in Love is all we have left
  12. Its great if a PokeMon comes this way
  13. And possibly Atlas Shrugged?