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  1. I saw that this weekend on Amazon as well. It was on the side when I was looking at something else. I thought, man that is good they are matching the GNRMERCH.com site price. Then this morning when looking at Amazon again it popped up as something I would be interested in and the price was $897.00. I hope you can get one for $500.
  2. So does this mean they are going to make more than 100 of them? One of the selling points back when we all bought ours, was they were only going to make 100 of them. So now they won't be a limited edition anymore? I also noticed that in the past when you go to GNRMERCH.com and tried to add 100 locked and loaded box sets to your cart, it would tell you how many more they had left. Now you can add as many as you want to your cart and it doesn't tell you you can only order xxx amount. Are they making more Locked and Loaded sets too? I don't have any right to complain, seeing as I got the mother of all deals on these things. I was just curious.