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  1. You deleted my "Maybe he watched the Dem debate" post. The guy above me made the Estranged joke, it's still there. I was just a joke, he's fine. This site sucks.
  2. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    We played it for over 24 hours straight.
  3. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    You need to get his power as low as possible without knocking him down in the first round, while dodging his punches. Then you go for the TKO in Round 2.
  4. Red Dead Redemption 2

    I finished story mode myself. The Negative: I agree with the Horse riding be too long, and boring. The Beginning being also too long, and boring. The controls are frustrating and clunky. I hate having to get your rifle out of the horse over and over again. I also did not like the attempted RPG shit like eating, feeding+brushing your horse. To me, it didn't work. Positive: The story was really great. Maybe a little too long and with some less interesting characters, but the dialogue between Arthur, Dutch and John was great. The graphics are phenomenal. Some of the levels are epic, I especially like the huge battles like the one with the Indian (Rainfalls?). Overall I though it was a flawed masterpiece. Has anyone played the updated online mode yet? I'm a huge GTA online fan (got the flying Deloren with missiles, yeah I'm that guy lol) , but I wasn't sure about it working on RDR2 with the clunky controls, and overall slower pace.
  5. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    That Maru guy was talking shit about Bret Hart on Canadian television (The Score?) when he finally came back to WWE after all those years . I could never really be a fan of him because of that. I did find his commentary to be quite good though. Especially considering how bad it is now. I'll check out the link to his doc. It at least has to be better than anything WWE has put out recently...
  6. Duff, you hypocrite! Now I'm not going to buy that new GNR album that you'll never release!