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  1. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    The interest for a slash solo shows has definitly dropped since he has joined GnR again - if the album is average as his other outputs I don't think these venues will sell out very fast... He has lost all the people who went to see him in the bigger venues a few years ago as it was the only chance to see him play gnr songs - now they got the real deal and theres no need to watch myles try to sing gnr songs anymore.
  2. It will definitly be interesting to see slash going on tour with The Conspirators in 2019 and the cycle from 20 years ago will start again and he will be asked more GnR related questions than his solo career - and every single word of him will be overanalyzed. Or he will decide to not talk about GnR at all in the coming 2 years.
  3. Of course they came for axl as he was the only person from the original band during that time - but it has nothing to do with all these people thinking that Axl is GnR - it was just the fact that it was the only possibility to see axl perform live
  4. I hope by european tour 2020 they mean some festival dates to raise some interest in the band again and to debut some new (upcoming) single and release an album soon afterwards. All other options to play Europe in 2 years wouldn't make any sense and I highly doubt they would still sell out stadiums with the same show/setlist
  5. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    The problem to other bands that don't realease new music is that GnR just works in the current setting as long as the big money from stadium tours is coming in. As soon as this band can't fill stadiums anymore it's over - because at this point slash can earn the same amount of money with his solo career and doens't have to deal with the axl drama (I'm pretty sure there is still a lot of drama going on behind the scenes which we don't know about) So they have to realease sth in the near future to stay at the stadium level to keep this thing going.
  6. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    18 years won't change the fact that he has done nothing for the legendary legacy of the band or contributed anything to any gnr release PLUS not a single ticket more or less would have been sold if he wouldn't have been part of the tour - I guess that makes him a session/live musician and nothing else
  7. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    I'm pretty sure that all of my 4 shows also had a different setlist - but for me switching Patience/Don't Cry or playing an additional CD song is not enough for calling it a different setlist. They should have had a pool of about 50 songs ready which they could have mixed up the setlist a little bit (of course with old songs as it was the reunion tour) - that would have made the concerts a little bit less predictable
  8. As the tour seems to come to an end slowly I guess it's time to gather all your thoughts on the NITL tour. Saw them 2 x in 2017 (Vienna and Prag) and 2 x 2018 (Barcelona and Nijemingen) Positives: The build up to the whole reunion thing starting with the rumors at the end of 2015 and the coachella announcment in 2016 + the secret show in LA and the two warm up gigs in Las Vegas. I guess we will never again see such an exitement in this forum. Axl/Slash/Duff back again on stage They managed to stay together for a nearly a 3 year long tour without killing themselves which might give us a good chance that we see a new album someday soon The tour was a massive success even without including steven, izzy, sorum, gilby (good business decision) Negatives: Stale setlist - next to no surprises - too much cover songs - they made the perfect show for the average rock fan who wanted to see axl and slash on stage one time again - if you saw more shows on this tour you knew whats coming and could easily predict the whole setlist. Axl beeing unprepard for all first concerts of the tour High ticket prices -- slashs divorce etc all point towards the point where you get the feeling that the whole tour is just a hughe chashgrab for everyone involved Frank/Mellissa/Richard - I understand why they have choosen to rather play with some session musicians than with unrealiable people like Izzy and Steven when there is so much money involved but the quality of the music degraded because of that So to summarize: All of the 4 concerts where great in their own way - but I will not open my wallet again for GnR unless sth new and exciting is happening in GnR Land - that woule be eiter a new album or a tour of just the original 5 guys
  9. Tijdschema: 16.00u - Terrein open 17.30u - Gojira 18.00u - Pauze/Changeover 18.20u - Volbeat 19.05u - Pauze/changeover 19.30u - Guns N' Roses 23.00u - Verwacht einde 3.30 h show
  10. Would be great to here some kind of tribute to Vinnie today - maybe skip BHS and play Cemetery Gates for example - would be great to here axls take on that song
  11. Are there any public viewing places regarding the world cup in the city? Chances are quit good that Spain will play at 16.00 on this day
  12. Don't expect any wonders tonight - it always took axl 3 or 4 nights to improve - the maximum tonight will be a much better sound and slightly improvements here and there
  13. I'm always surprised that people who come reguarly to this board are surprised that the first few shows (and especially the first one) are bad - this is more or less a good old gnr tradition. I wouldn't have gone to this show even if i would live in berlin. The only dissapointment I have is that it seems like that also the technical crew seems to be in auto mode and doesn't really care - I'm pretty sure that sth like this would never have happened on the first european leg and the first euro show with the original 3. Just shows that the excitement of the whole reunion thing has been faded on all sides a little bit. I'm pretty sure that we will get some good shows in the next weeks (especially in barcelona and NL where I will go) but it's also a good thing that this tour will stop after the short nov leg - I guess it's time for everyone involved to do something fresh und new.