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  1. Are there any public viewing places regarding the world cup in the city? Chances are quit good that Spain will play at 16.00 on this day
  2. Don't expect any wonders tonight - it always took axl 3 or 4 nights to improve - the maximum tonight will be a much better sound and slightly improvements here and there
  3. I'm always surprised that people who come reguarly to this board are surprised that the first few shows (and especially the first one) are bad - this is more or less a good old gnr tradition. I wouldn't have gone to this show even if i would live in berlin. The only dissapointment I have is that it seems like that also the technical crew seems to be in auto mode and doesn't really care - I'm pretty sure that sth like this would never have happened on the first european leg and the first euro show with the original 3. Just shows that the excitement of the whole reunion thing has been faded on all sides a little bit. I'm pretty sure that we will get some good shows in the next weeks (especially in barcelona and NL where I will go) but it's also a good thing that this tour will stop after the short nov leg - I guess it's time for everyone involved to do something fresh und new.
  4. Great news!! As I don't want to travel to another country to see a shorter festival set and prefer watching them in other venues than football stadiums there aren't really mmuch choices left. I guess this leaves Goffertpark and tallinn (the venue there looks amazing) As it's still labeld as NITL tour I guess we can't expect any major changes to the setlist
  5. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    I don't see a big problem doing both -he could record the ne SMKC album from january till april- then go on tour with guns in may/june in europe - after that release the new record and go on tour in autumn/winter 2018
  6. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    I wonder why Axl/Angus are so optimistic regarding this whole Axl/DC thing - I mean the last tour has been great in that regard that a lot of people went to see them because they thought it's a one off thing and the only chance to see these two on stage together. I don't think the demand would be that high if a new album or a new tour would be announced - I guess a lot of AC/DC fans turned their backs on the band since there is only one original member left - and I don't think that many GNR fans will come again just to see Axl sing AC/DC songs (again I think this is seen by most of the music fans as a one time sensation and that's it) so everything Axl AC/DC related in the future just seems like a big waste of time for me...
  7. Have we heard anything regarding the NITL tour for 2018 yet? I guess a lot of you guys are expecting them to do another european leg next year but have we heard any rumours yet? I remember last year there have been a lot of rumours regarding the european tour already in nov/oct and the dates have finally been announced mid dec if I remember correctly. So I guess if there would be any plans reagarding further touring we would have heard anything by now - or does the complete lack of rumours point to a year off for the band?
  8. It isn't really fair to give 2001 good votes just because it has been the first concert of NuGNR (in reality it has been the second I know) - ant therefore the anticipation has been much higher. The votes for 2017 would also be much better if it would have been the first concert with Slash & Duff - apart from axls bad voice (which wouldn't have been the case if it would have been the first reunion show) So it would ony be fair to vote based on musical reasons and there every concert including Axl/Slash/Duff will always be miles ahead of any NuGNR incarnation
  9. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    I'm totaly fine with people doing this during the NITL tour for example - you can't reach 50.000+ crowds every 2nd night without these people who are just there for the "hits". A new Gun'n Roses song written by Axl/Slash/Duff - apart from the quality of the material - would at least get a much better reaction than the CD material, which is still seen by most of the people as Axls Solo stuff and never really got a fair chance from most of the gnr fans
  10. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    During that time SMKC profited a lot from the fact that NuGNR have been struggeling a lot and Axl also gave some poor performances. During that time the comon understanding has been that this was the closest thing you can get to GnR - just remember the endless discussions here on this forum who of both singers performed the classics better. Thank god these times are over - Slash solo will never play in front of such hugh crowds again. I rember the crowd in vienna (also 10.000+) just sang along to the gnr classic and didn't even know slash solo songs - reminded me a lot of nuGNR playing CD songs
  11. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    This whole topic will also show us how close Axl und Slash are again - if axl feels pressured by slash to do sth creative or else he will leave with SMKC this might generate some new conflicts again. On the other hand slash could use his power as a GnR album withouth him would make no sense at all - but we all know what happens if someone is pressuring Mr Rose for sth... The worst thing would be Axl going back to AC/DC which would result in slash going also solo again - AXL/DC is just a major waste of time - nearly no creative input from axl on any material so it wouldn't make any sense - I really loved the live show last year (although I'm not a big ACDC fan) but for me it was great because I saw it as a once in a lifetime combination I would never see again. (and I don't want to see it again to be honest )
  12. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    I think the only possibilty for Slash going back doing solo stuff is if Axl doesn't want to record or do anything Guns related for the next 2 years or so. I totaly agree that this would be a dumb move as they should use the monumentum from this tour to release at least SOMETHING together - apart fromt the question who would be involved, a collaboration of Axl/Slash/Duff would be much better than a Slash solo record that's for sure. Never liked Myles as a singer - now after seeing Guns again I totaly lost all interest...
  13. It would be too bad if Slash and Duff wouldn't use their reownded power over GnR for something productive or to force Axl to do sth productive... After this tour it's pretty clear that any other frankenstein GnR group without Slash and Duff is bound to fail completely (or would anyone of you still go to a show with a new Nu Gnr combination that just includes Axl?!) so Axl needs the other two guys for any future gnr projects (if he wants them to be successfull)...
  14. The difference to the NITLT tour is that this show is specifically announced as 30th anniversary show for AFD - an album non of the others had anything to do with... I would say skip melissa and dizzy completely for these shows - I'm pretty sure that steven will be there too - not sure bout Izzy if he's there I expect max 1 or 2 songs with the original 5.
  15. What does the future hold?

    The future will definitly show us what this reunion was all about. If there's nothing going on afterwards it's pretty clear that this has all been just a big cashgrab and nothing else. Please no Slash solo stuff again - after these gnr shows I don't want to see Myles butchering GnR songs again...