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      No More Links to Unofficial or Unlicensed Content :(   11/25/2019

      Hi, Due to numerous DMCA complaints directed towards the hosting provider of this forum, we are no longer allowing any links whatsoever to content this is shared, posted, or distributed by unlicensed or unofficial sources.   It's a sad day and we hate that it comes to this, but thanks to the sad and pathetic efforts of some even sadder and more pathetic individuals, the ability of this forum to remain online requires us to remove any links to content that is produced, shared, or distributed by individuals or sources that do not have a license or authority to post said material.   Discussion, concerns, and questions of this matter can be done so here: We apologize that it has come to this but it's the world we now live in unfortunately.   Thanks for your understanding and cooperation of this matter going forward. Downzy


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  1. Create a forum account -- create a multitude of same -- go insane -- get banned from all recognisable forums -- remove you tube videos that genuine fans have taken time and care to upload -- play online police an uphold your weird law -- THEN.... Post a private convo in a loft. #hypocracyof THEhighestorder

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    2. Mr. Dude

      Mr. Dude

      I'm sure he has to know. I'm unsure why he allows her to operate with impunity.

    3. Bobbo


      I always found it hilarious she even posts on MSL's site, considering all that, and considering his past

    4. NachoLZ


      She said that she's trying to get Lucca/Vic out of this site :S