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  1. bring in paul stanley to produce a new album
  2. Rumor of a new album???

    maybe this is areosmith
  3. ok axl write a song called gold standard or disgraceful and talk shit about trump and the white house release something please
  4. this could be for the chinese democracy 10th anniversary coming up in 2018 maybe we get reunion shows and a new cd?
  5. i dont see it on youtube
  6. I am waiting for the return of sail away sweet sister before sweet child
  7. lol coma after a story about 3 crew members being in the hospital?
  8. axl adding a little rasp to yesterdays finally!
  9. i wonder how ashba feels watching his old band playing up on stage i hope axls security doesnt toss him out if they spot his fedora
  10. looks like charles mansons days are almost over, would gnr play look at your game girl?
  11. slash is playing the electric guitar!!
  12. axl doesnt sing the james brown song anymore?
  13. hope axl brings eminem out!