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  1. So Izzy did a sound check but not one GNR nerd /insider talked about it until now? Two years later? I guess it would have had to be before his "split the loot "comments. Oh well, I guess he and Adler can still be played as a draw years from now if GNR want to sell a few extra tickets and play AFD in full on its 40th anniversary.
  2. Why does Beavan say there was a GNR show that NIN opened in Germany that Axl never showed up for?
  3. As if anyone would turn down the gig. Dizzy is cool, man.
  4. Rumor of a new album???

    They toured but they certainly weren't raking in the money like the article said. When they came here they played the same theater as Quiet Riot so there was no huge demand for Billy and whoever was in SP before their recent reunion.
  5. "Where Do Guns N Roses Go From Here ?"

    Go Back to the Pre-Reunion Groupings Axl and Slash seem pretty copacetic onstage and were even filmed briefly chatting offstage at one point, but who knows what things are like truly behind the scenes? Once Axl fulfills his reunion tour commitments he might pull a Mike Love and go back to the fake GN'R. After all, he owns the name rights and can do whatever he wants. Any group of randos he throws onto a stage instantly becomes Guns N' Roses. They'd be back to playing B-list festivals and large club gigs, but maybe he'd prefer that to putting up with Slash each and every night. Then Slash can get back with Myles Kennedy and it'll be like all of this never happened. That's a little hard to imagine, though. Now that the public has seen Axl and Slash back together and proved how much they'll pay for it, they'll have a hard time accepting any other version of the band. Whether or not they like it, Axl and Slash are now probably stuck with each other forever.
  6. Dizzy Reed - New Album/Tour

    It's a catchy tune ,I'm sure Dizzy's not out to reinvent the wheel. I hope Axl has thrown him a bone and appears on the album in some fashion.
  7. New Gilby Clarke Interview

    I thought I read he is loaded from the jeans company he started with his Wife. Either way I doubt he's playing gigs for free.
  8. Nope,then Dizzy couldn't play all the Hookers n Blow gigs he has lined up. Of course I'm kidding but I think the best we can hope for as far as new music is one new tune on a new Greatest Hits album. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  9. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    Where's the guy who claims to talk to Beta on what'sapp when we need him? Of course we want new music but this tour didn't make hundreds of millions from hardcore fans like us. The casual find who consider GNR to be Axl and Slash and who want a night out to hear SCOM are probably the driving force behind the tours success. They could go on forever raking in the millions worldwide. Having said that ,based on nothing, I'd guess we get AXL/DC, SMKC and maybe a few GNR overseas dates.
  10. Well,it's in the New York Times so it's not exactly the greatest source but who would have thought dish nation would break the news of the reunion either?
  11. Thanks. He along with the girls,earlier in the night just talked to me in downtown Buffalo due to my gnr shirt. All of them had never been here before. I figured a member of the band was at this hotel just based on all of the action and I was right. On our way there we stopped at a restaurant and he met Dizzy and was ecstatic from that. I didn't bother him as I have several photos already with him and I didn't want to be greedy.
  12. The kids I was with were very nice. The one kid barely spoke English,he thought the show was in NYC,arrived there from Colombia to find out it was in Buffalo and he still made it here the day before the show. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he'd meet Slash. Slash might have forgot it that night but the kid never will. To know that I played a small part in helping the kid meet his hero is good enough for me. You don't like to do it,cool. I do. No harm done either way.
  13. Uhhh,Slash is 50 something now so yeah,like most humans I'd expect him to be different than he was 30 years ago. If you want to chat with Frank,I'm sure he'd oblige you. One of the most famous guitarists in the world just isn't going to stand outside of his hotel and engage nerdy ass fans in a discussion about unreleased songs. In the past I have had long chats with Duff and Matt. Both were cool as fuck. But I'm sure there are days they don't want to deal with fans and that's their choice. I'll be 40 in a few years . I could give two fucks about social media likes,I do this because it's fun for me and has allowed me to meet people from all over the world.
  14. I guess it'd really suck for them if they had to go into the real world or the armed forces where people's lives are on the line yet they make little money and aren't asked for pics and autographs. Yes it probably gets old but it comes with the territory of being famous. Axl does what Axl wants. I've seen him just sign,just take pics and do both.
  15. Why should being turned down for a picture or autograph (as an adult,I can see it upsetting a kid) have any bearing on how much of a fan you are of an artist? Axl turned me down when we had him two on one last year in Toronto. That didn't make me any less of a fan. If Neil Young told you to piss off ,why would you enjoy his music any less?