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  1. Yankee Stadium summer 2019?

    Lol @ butt rock. We have no clue what those songs you mentioned are like. They could be awesome like Estranged or terrible like Silkworms.
  2. Yankee Stadium summer 2019?

    Uhhh the Foo Fighters routinely release new music and tour arenas and stadiums with reasonable ticket prices so they are far from a nostalgia cash grab.
  3. Minus 10 GNR-educator(tm)points for me cause I have no clue who that guy was. It's not like he commited a mortal sin,he posted a few lyrics to an unreleased song. I guess at the end of the day it's just not that serious.
  4. You'd think our "insiders" could name a source. But then again I guess if they did they'd lose said source. From the way these guys talk you'd think they were sitting on the secret to the world's greatest pussy or the winning lottery numbers not a release date from a 30 plus year old band. Still somebody is gonna be right one of these days. Where's the guy who posted the Sorry lyrics on htgth all those years ago before the album was out. Maybe he's got a scoop.
  5. I do. Metallica does it but then again they take long breaks between tours. Anyway even if all of the regular posters on here stopped going to shows til they released new material that would make zero difference to the band's bottom line. As I said previously I'd bet they still owe the record company another new studio album so I'm sure we'll see one.
  6. Axl knows he isn't doing stadiums in the States at least without Slash. Yeah he's got enough money for 10 lifetimes but I doubt Slash isn't doing shows regardless of if they have new music out. GnR could tour successfully for 10 more years with no new songs. The average concertgoer is there to hear SCOM,PC,WTTJ etc. They are the ones who made this tour a success not nerds like us attending multiple shows and hoping they play Dead Horse.
  7. Why wouldn't it last? They are in their 50's now. They made over a half billion dollars on tour with no new album or Adler/Izzy. All of the shows after the troubadour weren't just booked on a whim and a prayer. You can't get into football stadiums on a months notice.
  8. Since none of even our "insiders" know their record contract situation I'll guess there is at least one more studio album owed to the label. I've always thought there'll be at least another album.
  9. I don't know much about T Rex other than Bang A Gong. Is there any chance Duff could be singing lead on this rumored song?
  10. Guns N' Roses and the orangutan protest

    Perfect show to debut The Legend Of The Red Panda.
  11. While there are a few tweeks I'd make to the set I think it's cool that he's laying off the GNR. They've played everywhere over three years so I like that the set focuses mainly on Slash songs. I'm a huge Crue fan but Vince Neil solo shows are 99.9% Crue and you wouldn't even know he has solo albums.
  12. Yeah right. They can tour on the GNR name alone without ever releasing something new. They'll easily do 15,000 plus still in the States in bigger markets and even more overseas. The only people clamoring for new music are the dorks like us who analyze cell phone clips of The General.
  13. Yup. They could have done a 4 cd set of just the music for around $40 (less on Amazon etc) and sold a bunch to old people like me who just want the music. As it is I'm not paying $150 for the 4 cds and a whole bunch of things I'll never use. I guess Axl told us this ain't Burger King so it is what it is.
  14. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    WWE Raw is coming here to Buffalo in 2 weeks for a taping. I might go if I get free or cheap tickets. I'm more excited to go to All In which I'm lucky enough to have tickets for.
  15. I drove over 3 hours without a ticket to that venue to see Kings Of Chaos a few years ago and got in for under face. Many of the tickets are given out for free to big gamblers and they were happy to dump them for whatever I offered. I had seats on the floor a few rows back and just walked up to the barrier. Now I think the show will sell out but I also think that those who get them for free and don't care to go will once again dump them for under face value.