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  1. While there are a few tweeks I'd make to the set I think it's cool that he's laying off the GNR. They've played everywhere over three years so I like that the set focuses mainly on Slash songs. I'm a huge Crue fan but Vince Neil solo shows are 99.9% Crue and you wouldn't even know he has solo albums.
  2. Yeah right. They can tour on the GNR name alone without ever releasing something new. They'll easily do 15,000 plus still in the States in bigger markets and even more overseas. The only people clamoring for new music are the dorks like us who analyze cell phone clips of The General.
  3. Yup. They could have done a 4 cd set of just the music for around $40 (less on Amazon etc) and sold a bunch to old people like me who just want the music. As it is I'm not paying $150 for the 4 cds and a whole bunch of things I'll never use. I guess Axl told us this ain't Burger King so it is what it is.
  4. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    WWE Raw is coming here to Buffalo in 2 weeks for a taping. I might go if I get free or cheap tickets. I'm more excited to go to All In which I'm lucky enough to have tickets for.
  5. I drove over 3 hours without a ticket to that venue to see Kings Of Chaos a few years ago and got in for under face. Many of the tickets are given out for free to big gamblers and they were happy to dump them for whatever I offered. I had seats on the floor a few rows back and just walked up to the barrier. Now I think the show will sell out but I also think that those who get them for free and don't care to go will once again dump them for under face value.
  6. Fly GNAIR

    Who is forcing anyone to buy anything? Tickets,the $1,000 box set etc are all wants/luxuries not necessities. They have every right to make as much money as they can just as you have the right to not give them any of yours.
  7. Fly GNAIR

    For 50 grand you can fly with the band. Axl,Slash and Duff will not be on board but now you have your chance to chill with Frank and Dizzy while enjoying the leftover bottles of ASHBA WATER( tm)
  8. They'd sell less tickets than Velvet Revolver did in their prime. Who would pay good money to see GnR without Axl? Unless somehow you can resurrect Freddie Mercury?
  9. I'm not really sure that one can be a gnr fan without being a fan of Izzy or at least respecting his contributions. I guess with the fans I know it's an age thing. Those 40 and above grew up with gnr and Izzy and the younger kids I know never got to see the AFD 5 lineup so they have no attachment to him. I think at the final gnr show in LA in 10 years we'll see the afd5 playing paradise city but the show itself will feature many of the 25 plus gnr alumni.
  10. I posted this in another thread yesterday but Fernando and Beta and Vanessa have always been cool to me especially in Australia,Buffalo and Toronto so thanks for that. A few years ago before the reunion I posted an idea on here about fans getting to vote online for a song to be played at each show similar to what Metallica does. The choices would not be staples like SCOM or WTTJ and maybe even there'd be room for a write in song. You were open to the idea so any chance of it happening? Thanks!
  11. jizzy pearl recommendation ??

    This guy has been all over Metal Sludge for like 20 years. Other than that and seeing him open once for Dizzy over a decade ago ,I know nothing about him. A ten minute walk and probably at least a $10 ticket would be too much for me.
  12. I've met Fernando,Beta,Del ,Vanessa etc numerous times and though I won't claim to know them in real life,they've always been nothing but cool to me. I'm not saying this to kiss ass just sharing experiences. The amount of nasty things I've seen said about them and derogatory terms used for Beta not just here but on other boards is sad. Again none of us know them in real life and of course Axl and Fernando would be upset reading those things. At the end of the day I don't think anyone here manages a corporation worth hundreds of millions of dollars and one that is run by a best friend/family member as Axl considers TB to be just that. At the end of the day it's just a band albeit our favorite and one we love. Nobody forces us to spend thousands of dollars or hours invested in this,we choose to do so. Of course we'd like more updates,new music ,a different setlist etc but that's out of our hands. I think sometimes we forget we are a small part of the overall GNR fanbase although very loyal and vocal.
  13. I know it's just a youtube video but where does this guy sound like a young Axl or any Axl?
  14. How does something like this surface 25 years later? A bootlegger gets ahold of it somehow and then sells it from Japan? If the point is to share it with the community why would more than one fan on here buy it? How much does the guy want? $100?
  15. Gunsandroses? Is this going to be like the time people complained there were not real fans in the front row but paid models instead? These chicks may not get to meet the band but they'll probably get to mingle with Team Brazil.