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  1. I was fully impressed and grateful that Beavan did such a long discussion that was GN'R focused. So happy that I went and bought a few 8MM songs, and to my surprise, they're damn good!
  2. What's about the life of Paul Tobias

    I saw his last show on New Years at The Joint at the Hard Rock. I remember reading that Guns and the Psychedelic Furs had made a swap of Fortus for Tobias, but I've never heard a single thing since.
  3. Axl's vocal coach who helped him get his pipes ready for the AC/DC stint is live streaming from the Guns show, right now. Axl is full rasp on WTTJ. Coincidence??? I don't think so.
  4. Axl pointed to my son at the end of Chinese Democracy in KC.
  5. I play the beginning of Jungle from Rock In Rio III for my son, River, before some of his matches at tennis tournaments. Did that just earlier today, in fact!