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  1. Best Version of KOHD.

    For me nothing comes close to this
  2. Man I’m so jealous! All these leaks but no way to hear them anywhere, but the time I look on YouTube they are already down 😰
  3. Favorite GNR Concert

    I’m from Calgary and went to the 2010 show, not many recording of it aside from what I posted on YouTube, and not a lot of hype about it but IMO was THE best show of 2010, Axl’s voice was in absolute prime condition , better than at any other show that year IMO and there was something going on in his life i suspect that made him extremely emotionally invested that night. It was magical
  4. What is your favorite GN'R rarity?

    I don’t know why this one haunts my dreams like it does
  5. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    I Love how this recording has fortus guitars nice and loud in the mix, it really showcases how strong and cool his interpretations of all of the songs in the set are. Particularly love his work in Rocket Queen. Without question the best rhythm guitarist GNR has ever had, second only to Izzy in that hiarchy in my view. So talented His guitar is nice and distorted and raunchy sounding, just as a GNR rhythm guitar should sound, unlike the lame more clean sounding work Gilby produced live back in the 90’s, for example, and better IMO than any rhythm guitar work of any of the other more recent contributors provided
  6. I would be so appreciative of a PM Gordon Comstock :-)