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  1. Judas Priest - 'Firepower'

    Seen folk moaning and saying they'll be asking for refunds as Tipton isn't going to be touring. What are they supposed to do? He only came to the decision last Thursday after rehearsing with the band and realising that he physically wouldn't be able to tour. Hopefully more reasonable people will go to shows and get right behind the band and support the new record that Glenn worked on.
  2. Axls guitar playing

    Probably the case that he views it as a writing tool as opposed to something he's too bothered about having a high level of proficiency on.
  3. Rumor of a new album???

    In the Paul Tobias days, yes. When 4Tus came in, he was also doing leads alongside Bucket & Finck.
  4. Rumor of a new album???

    Because like Slash, Angus is a lead player for a reason. They had 2 of the best rhythm players alongside them on their best stuff.
  5. It's the fact that his hairline is noticeably further forward than it has been in recent years. Appears to have stuck something on for appearing on the TV.
  6. Putting some Ronseal on his garden shed and then retiling his bathroom later on.
  7. Looks more ageing football casual to me. I'd assume that they were there to see a film rather than to spend time posing for cameras. Probably just by chance someone clocked that they were both there and snapped a picture.
  8. The Sleep And Insomnia Thread

    Cutting edge insight there.
  9. The UFO Thread

    I've had a couple of strange sightings where I'm still not sure what I saw. First one I can think of was 10+ years back I'd guess. Coming back from a football match through in Paisley. Was on the M80 northbound near a place called Denny probably about 10pm and it was fairly low cloud. Something caught my eye though the sunroof. Initially I just assumed it was the light of a plane coming into Glasgow airport as they usually swing round near Cumbernauld (just a few miles back down the road) if they're approaching from the Northeast. However this kept on moving. It almost looked like a lighthouse beam above the clouds that kept spinning round every 10-15 seconds. However this is miles from the coast and any sort of lighthouse. Couldn't see any source due to whatever it was being above the cloud base. My dad who was driving initally thought I was just joking but he eventually saw it too. First noticed it near Denny but was still seeing it in the sky a few mins further up the road. Oddly enough, Denny is just a short distance from a place called Bonnybridge which for some reason is a big hotspot in Scotland and the UK as a whole for odd sightings in the sky. Other sighting was maybe a year and a half ago. This was whilst sat in a pub (I'd literally just sat down with my first pint before anyone says I was pished ) in Glasgow called Three Judges. Was sat by the window looking northwest along Dumbarton Road when I saw something dark in the sky at what I think must have only been about 20-30ft above the tops of the buldings. Only saw it for a few seconds as it moved from my left to right and then I'm guessing up parallel with Byers Road. It was somewhat square shaped with partly rounded edges with a protruberance on each corner. I know this sounds very drone like but it by my estimation must have been a good 6-8ft across. I'd imagine you do get bigger drones but again I'm not sure of the legailty of using them in metropolitan areas. Thing was either dark grey or black but it was hard to tell as it was slightly overcast and there wasn't really a light source from under it.
  10. The Sleep And Insomnia Thread

    Peculiar dream last night. Was at what I believe was some sort of mountain biking competition somewhere near Newburgh (a village roughly 20 minutes drive from where I'm from). For some reason you entered through some sort of clubhouse type building but then had to crawl through a tunnel with a very low ceiling. Oddly when crawling through said tunnel, none other than Chris Jericho was coming the other way. Borrowed his phone to contact a pal who was already there and then ended up keeping it as Y2J suddenly disappeared. Took a while hunting him down to return it. Coming out of the tunnel you had to come down a massive slide which for some reason led onto a golf course. Slid down and bumped into an old pal from school who I haven't seen in years who seemed to be partaking in some sort of sponored walk. Oddly he was wearing a kilt and the 1997 St Johnstone away shirt (the teal & magenta affair) despite being a staunch Jambo. Not quite sure what to make of it tbh.
  11. Thoughts on Riad N' the Bedouins

    Besides the obvious Immigrant Song influence, musically it reminded me of Jane's Addiction musically. It'd be an interesting one to hear how the current lineup would approach it. The song is for the most part in the same register vocally too so I reckon Waxy could still make a decent go of it.
  12. RIR 2001 Dedication of RNR Star to "Mr Rose himself".