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  1. I bet Dom was just sat playing FIFA or something.
  2. Or we could go and support lesser known artists who work their arse off and release new material as opposed to paying silly money for something approaching cabaret. After the initial excitement of seeing a certain combination of players onstage again at the start of NITL, I've had very little interest after it became obvious that nothing creative was forthcoming. I'll jump to purchase as soon as there's something genuinely new released but if it's just endless touring and releasing stupid shite like children's books, I'll not bother paying attention.
  3. Can recall seeing them in 2005 and noticing another guitar chugging under the whammy parts. Wasn't sure if it was a tape or they had another player backstage. It'll all be tracks at this point anyway. Backing vocals and possibly even bass piped in and they just do what they can on top.
  4. Furlough makes people do strange things.
  5. Rick Beato

    Beato's stuff is excellent. Has just enough theory type chat for actual musicians but still very accessible for casual viewers.
  6. "Yeah but he sounds so much better in person. It's just phone footage that makes him sound bad."
  7. How do I directly mention someone?

  8. Even just have Fortus use a piezo on one of his electrics and it'd sound better.
  9. Assuming he's sensibly used this time to go for a piss/get another beer.
  10. A cover of Rhythm Of The Night
  11. It's just that the melody for Hard School is sung slightly higher.