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  1. Madagascar

    What show?
  2. Copyright Strikes....

    Should have just tagged them in all sorts of shite. Mickey Mouse videos and the like.
  3. There will still be a few but given how long they've been touring now with still no new material out, a lot of folk just won't bother going now.
  4. I think at this point, most of the crowd is just casual fans who want to hear the hits and aren't familiar with lesser played tracks like this.
  5. Think I've got most of my melodies decided for Oklahoma. Will try and get lyrics and record over the next couple weeks hopefully.
  6. Ridiculous layered harmonies blending guttural 91 rasp with Bridge School croak.
  7. I'll try and get a crack at Oklahoma. There's been a couple of melodies in my head as I've been listening to it.
  8. I can just imagine the haunting As It Began punctuated by "YOU ARE A STUPID MOTHERFUCKER".
  9. I very much doubt we'll see anything with the band actually starring in it. At most probably one of those "lyric videos" which seem to have become popular the last few years.
  10. Think of Zakk Wylde jamming Love Spreads
  11. Feels like a slightly heavier "Love Spreads" by the Stone Roses.
  12. Hard School on GNR's setlist!

    They should just bam folk up by adding absurd choices. Dead Horse Hard School Mambo No 5 Locomotive Madagascar Breakdown Rhythm Is A Dancer Street Of Dreams Zombie Nation Riad Pure Shores If The World