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  1. Purposefully never bothered getting a ticket for Glasgow as I had that recurring feeling that it'd be the same old shite. Plan is to maybe get a cheap ticket nearer the time but if nothing changes before, I might not bother at all.
  2. There has to be at least one "fuckhead in Iowa" among us.
  3. We've seen the same pattern year after year. Whatever prep he is doing before tours, if any is woefully inadequate.
  4. "We'd like to bring out an old friend of ours... Ladies and gentlemen, on the towel Mr Chris Pitman."
  5. Axl of all people referring to someone's "erratic behaviour"😁😁😁
  6. What would be your ideal GNR tour?

    Indeed. How can you miss them if they never go away?
  7. Waiting on it being delayed due to Sorum getting a Cease & Desist because of the name. I'll maybe hold off for 6 months and get it for like £3 out of The Works.
  8. Madagascar

    What show?
  9. Copyright Strikes....

    Should have just tagged them in all sorts of shite. Mickey Mouse videos and the like.
  10. There will still be a few but given how long they've been touring now with still no new material out, a lot of folk just won't bother going now.
  11. I think at this point, most of the crowd is just casual fans who want to hear the hits and aren't familiar with lesser played tracks like this.
  12. Think I've got most of my melodies decided for Oklahoma. Will try and get lyrics and record over the next couple weeks hopefully.
  13. Ridiculous layered harmonies blending guttural 91 rasp with Bridge School croak.
  14. I'll try and get a crack at Oklahoma. There's been a couple of melodies in my head as I've been listening to it.