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  1. 2001 for me. Song has never had the same energy since they changed from the lop sided rythym to a more generic beat. Preferred when it just had the bass and synth/key parts in the verse too. Slash trying to play Ron's verse bits just sounds messy imo and all the vocal parts are overkill.
  2. Waiting on someone photoshopping Tommy Stinson in.
  3. Just come from the bookies and stood waiting on the start of licensing hours.
  4. The Ulrich Schnauss Incident

    Believe it or not, I actually recognised the ambient parts as I had a couple of Ulrich Schnauss records after hearing his stuff as a soundtrack to Top Gear. I remember pointing it out on here at the time but most folk just dismissed it. Hope I wasn't the one that made Ulrich's people aware...😐
  5. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Randy Orton then...
  6. They're tuned a half step down from the original recording and he's still not hitting the right notes a good deal of the time. Axl was nailing the stuff in standard tuning. I reckon Brian could still sound ok if they just do a short run of shows and have the best technology available for him to hear himself without risking further damage. I'd love to hear Axl do more stuff with the band (or even something else with Angus) but at the same time it'd be nice for Beano to get a proper farewell.
  7. I'd figure it's because Myles has that radio friendly sound and image where the stuff is more likely to get mainstream exposure. Agree though that the band would sound much more exciting if Todd was doing a lot more lead vocals. Some of the Age of Electric stuff is excellent.
  8. He's singing it in a completely different key. Guessing his in ear monitors aren't working. Because he's singing it lower it's a different tone to so it just sounds shite in general. Anticipating the order from management to remove all clips of the performance from the internet before Gus see's them.
  9. Depends really. It might be just what he had on in the house and he didn't bother changing as he was just nipping out to a store.
  10. Tbh it looks like he just chucked on a pair of trackies and happened to be in an antique store where someone recognised him.
  11. Of course they would. They'll lie through their teeth if they think they might get an interview or some sort of exclusive.
  12. It's all low sugar now sadly. They ruined it.
  13. Just have bottles of Tonic/ElDorado but stick fake "Night Train" labels on them.
  14. That always reminded me a bit of Soothsayer by Bucket.
  15. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    Different key but TIL always reminded me of this. Same descending progression in the main part.