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  1. I think a certain Mr Hammett was a fan of that also. You can pretty much hear the Sandman riff in there.
  2. The Shittest Songs Ever

  3. The Wildhearts

    Duff is a good lad but G is so many times the songwriter. Promoters ripping the arse just because of who he is. Actually missed out on a ticket for this run but a pal had a +1 guestie for Edinburgh so jumped on the train through on Saturday past. They're doing a show with Gun and Terrorvision later in the summer at the Kelvingrove Bandstand in Glasgow. Tempted but wonder what it'd be Iike as I'm sure it's all seated.
  4. The Wildhearts

    There's a big back catalogue of WH stuff as well as associated solo projects from various members. One band you won't regret investigating.
  5. The Wildhearts

    Mad that it takes a bunch of lads in their 50s (well Danny's not quite there yet) to put out something that sounds so vital and pissed off. You'd think in this climate that there'd be more young angry sounding punk bands about. Sadly not.
  6. The Wildhearts

    Yeah. Saw the Chutzpah tour in Glasgow. Played the whole record then a few oldies. Seen the WH/Ginger countless times over the years. New record has stuff that will undoubtedly be a mainstay in sets going forward. Makes the difference hearing that unique bass sound that Danny has again. No longer just a nostalgia act.
  7. The Wildhearts

    3/4 of the lineup from the Earth Vs record are Shields lads. Danny & Stidi are from there too.
  8. The Wildhearts

    They used to bother the UK charts fairly regularly back in the day. Never had a huge mainstream run partly due to idiotic management and also due to their own self destructive behaviour. They've always had a hugely loyal following in the UK and Japan but oddly never got a lot of exposure in the states.
  9. The Wildhearts

    Any other Wildies/Ginger fans here? New record Renaissance Men from the lads dropped at the end of last week. 10 years since the last one and now with Danny McCormack back on bass. Not a dud on it. Really loving this one. Has vibes of Powerage era AC/DC at the start then it's proper 70s Quo but heavy as fuck when it kicks in. Ginger is one of the absolute top songwriters the UK has ever produced imo.
  10. Indeed. Saul threw his toys out of the pram when Paul Tobias' parts were interspersed/put over his own playing but it's ok for him to do it?
  11. At the same time, stuff like Shackler's Revenge and Scraped have no apparent lyrical connection to their titles. Assumed they were just working titles that stuck. Certainly for SR, Bucket already played on a song with Bootsy Collins called "Shackler" so figured that instrumentally in some way, it was referencing that.
  12. Could advertise using a studio version of their Johnny B Goode cover.
  13. Donington 2006. Some absolute length stood beside us with water balloons. Thought we'd be impressed at his plan to launch them at Axl. Threatened to chin him and he ended up behaving himself.
  14. Old Axl Rose Diss Track?

    Imagine being a grown adult and releasing a "diss track"... Beyond tragic.