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  1. Msl said new album is already done. They (re) recorded songs + new vocals in 2019. Fernando confirmed a new album is coming within 6 months. So, i guess (and hope) these new tour dates will support a new album.
  2. Why, in the first place, would Fernando contact mygnr or vice versa if TB doesn't like this so called "haters/troll forum" and the forum (most of the users) doesn't like TB. If you dont like some1, Just ignore him, right? I dont think its plausible.
  3. Zodiac sounds like the slither intro.
  4. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    What is his nick?
  5. Mofo strikes again. Silly boy Mofo😂
  6. Love this video. Axl once said the following during an interview: Rose did mention one new song that features guitarist Robin Finck doing "A really great Stevie Ray Vaughan-type solo". I always wondered if this solo from Robin is the one he meant.
  7. Nice, catchy song. Going Down was intended as a bonus track for the chinese democracy remix album.
  8. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    What I don't quite understand: warchild / mojo was (is?) good friends with msl (and took over his forum), while msl caused a lot of gnr leaks. If warchild / mojo is so concerned about countering leaks, why was this hypocritical friend of msl?
  9. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Is this racist freak also known as "Mojo" on the "truth" forum?