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  1. Just a few months ago no hoarder had the 19 CDs that have now leaked either. Who knows what Mac Daddys the future will hold.
  2. Is the content list the same as in that old Metal Sludge article from back in the day? The one with the e-mails about Beta tricking Axl, plans to sue Zack Wylde, thoughts on dissolving NuGNR, etc.? Those descriptions were funny as hell. I remember after the 20th one or so I was half expecting one to be about Axl threatening to fire himself.
  3. To be fair, if they hadn't spent so long tinkering with those songs in the studio, UYI could've been released in 1990 instead of a few days shy of Nirvana's Nevermind changing the music scene for the rest of the decade and signaling the end of the hair-metal scene. Better timing would've made both albums sale even more copies and have an even bigger impact. But that's just my 2 cents...
  4. Lol Poland was literally a member of the Soviet bloc post-WWII and you're saying Brazil under Lula was more left-wing? This is off-topic but hilarious. I do think all this political theories about PRL are grasping at straws though. It might as well mean Perestroika Revolted Liberace.
  5. The big "Fuck Bob Ezrin" thread

    Maybe when Bob listened to the tapes and said “Axl, Nothing’s very good” he wasn’t dissing the album, he just really liked that song.
  6. The big "Fuck Bob Ezrin" thread

    Is this the real Chris Pitman writing this?
  7. The big "Fuck Bob Ezrin" thread

  8. Actual footage of Bob Ezrin listening to Silkworms with a colleague and then facing Axl Rose:
  9. I don't know. This is what Bumble said in 2011: "There is enough music for another two albums, but these are all 10 year old recordings from the Chinese Democracy sessions. Those songs are not new songs and this current band, this relevant band that contains me and DJ and Richard and Frank on drums, we have yet to get in a studio together and sit down on the floor with guitars and just start writing. We have not done that. The only music that is going to be coming out at this point that I see from G’N’R is going to be from 10 years ago with players that have been gone for 5 years and maybe alternative mixes of songs." He seems to imply that nothing was really written after 2001, at least nothing of note, and that certainly nothing had been written since he joined up to that point, as a band. It is possible individual members came up with stuff, etc., but the real bulk of stuff seems to date from those early, productive years, the same stuff that they kept reworking endlessly afterwards. I wouldn't really be surprised if very little was added to the vaults after Bucket left.
  10. No, if I remember correctly at first Brain was instructed to replicate Josh's drumming EXACTLY. He had to transcribe the full thing, painstakingly. Then, after having re-recorded those parts as they were, he was told to re-record them again, and this time he did it more following his own style... He talks about it in an interview included in the whole Chinese Whispers extravaganza. Mad stuff.
  11. Ah, yes, the hoarders of legend —many now exctint, others disenchanted, disillusioned, lost, strewn along sundry lands, barely aware anymore of the treasure they possess: the famed noodlings of a bucket-wearing hero, and perchance other madly guarded skeletal songs.
  12. You can really tell by the lack of lyrics that this one's about Slash alright.
  13. I didn't know Axl had strep throat that night. That explains the YEEE-HAW I think. I should clarify I'm no doctor. I also remember all the F-bombs during that show, which were probably intended for physically disabled children to finally toughen up a little. Did Axl himself mention he had strep-throat, or was there another source? I still occassionally watch that performance of Welcome to the Crazy, it never fails to crack me up. I do not regret them doing that gig. And I'm not super keen on Eye on You, but it's Axl singing over a guy asking who's your Mac Daddy, that has to count for something. Oddities are part of the charm of listening to unfinished demos and works in progress. at least to me they are.
  14. Zodiac sounds like sci-fi stoner rock. I'm really digging it! The beginning (after the long silence) also REALLY reminds me of the intro to Slither (before the main riff comes in), somehow. But that's probably my brain damage acting up.
  15. He's so angry at Slash in this two songs that he evidently cannot even put it in words.
  16. I cannot quite tell if you're enthusiastic or suicidal.
  17. The General was played in that party almost ten years ago, Jesus Christ. And I can't believe by 2010 Axl was still like: "You want to hear what amazing material we've been working on for over a decade now? Well, this next one's called... Silkworms"
  18. That makes sense. From 1999 to 2008 that's 9 years, which is roughly the minimum amount of time it would take to make Silkworms into a good song if your worked on it uninterruptedly.
  19. And how do you know the guy posing as Fernando for years was not actually Fernando posing as some guy posing as Fernando ALL ALONG? TB can be downright diabolical in their cunning.
  20. Wow, you can really tell there's a very strong resemblance there, especially at the beginning. Even the lyrics could be about Slash.
  21. New LA Show Sep 21

    A deepcut rant or a new rant?
  22. It's been 11 years since CD and 20 since these songs were originally recorded. Whether it's a series of leaks, an offhand comment by a producer, a member leaving, a member joining, the record company being too reticent, the record company being too pushy, a psychic saying the stars are not aligned, a Mayan prophecy announcing low sales and who knows what else, SOMETHING seems to ruin time and time again an eternally impending release. Whatever. If anything was prevented by these leaks is probably us going to our graves without hearing a batch of GnR songs that we had never heard before.
  23. I got exactly the same feeling from it, like a tiny part of Estranged made into a full song. Needs more dolphins.
  24. Surely if there is something Axl has gotten the hang of in the last 25 years is getting records done and released in a timely manner.
  25. Then again, back in their heyday not many people saw GnR and said: "I bet these guys are going to age gracefully".