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  1. i picked 2006-7, was at MSG, weirdly I enjoyed the 2011 and 2014 shows more. better sets and better seats
  2. 07/07/17 - Paris, FR - Stade de France

    "what the fuck is going on"
  3. 07/07/17 - Paris, FR - Stade de France

    that was a really uncomfortable sounding scream
  4. What does the future hold?

    heard they were playing paris tonight
  5. 05/30/17 - Bilbao, ES - Estadio San Mames

    The clean voice sounds more powerful than it has in a long while today..
  6. Best Quality NILT bootleg?! 16/17

    there was a great audience recording of the first weekend of coachella out there, i can't remember the source, but I had remastered it and can re-up that if anyone were interested.
  7. Was it petty to give Axl flack for not going to the HOF induction?

    well..most things GNR fans do are petty.. so..